‘A Walking Psychotic Episode’

That’s my new title, donated graciously by No. 1 crit partner Wastepaper Prose.

Technically, I haven’t earned the title yet but it’s bound to happen before the week ends. In the meantime, I’m just a Walking Psychotic Episode Waiting to Happen. Just call me Psycho for short.

I almost got there today. Between Auburn Magazine going to the printer amid barely controlled chaos, the contracts due on my desk any freaking minute now, my editor at Tor down with the flu and delaying the revision letter another couple of days…well, it’s just a matter of time.

It won’t be pretty, but there are positive things:
1. I do not own a gun.
2. I do own a bountiful supply of Xanax.

From today’s playlist, Warren Zevon’s “Porcelain Monkey.” Har-har-har-har. Best Line (hint: it’s about Elvis): “Hip shaking-shouting in gold lame–that’s how he earned his regal sobriquet.” How many rock songs have the word “sobriquet” in them? I mean, really.

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One thought on “‘A Walking Psychotic Episode’

  1. You will survive. My job as your crit partner is to drag you out of the muck and hose you down once we get clear of it. You may be wet, uncomfortable and sporting more than one battle scar, but hey, scars are just tatoos with better stories.

    Now breathe…