TBR Tuesday: What I’m Reading

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So, my buddy over at Wastepaper Prose sent me a copy of Annette Curtis Klause’s YA werewolf novel Blood and Chocolate in her latest attempt to lure me over to the dark side I mean Young Adult bandwagon. It was released in 1998, so it’s been around a while.

I have to admit I’m enjoying it. I like a good werewolf story, and while this one doesn’t break new ground (well, okay, it might have in 1998), it’s well done. It has a lot of what I tend to consider both the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the YA I’ve read.

On the strong side, the characters are amazing and I care about them and their relationships. On the weak side, the emo can be a little overwhelming and angst-filled at times.

If you’re a YA fan, what is it you like best about the genre?

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4 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday: What I’m Reading

  1. I read this book 2 years ago and I liked it then. In YA, I feel like the characters have less responsibilities and get in trouble a lot more because they don’t realize the consequences of their actions and I like that.

  2. This book was definitely a case of that–Viv gets in SUCH trouble. I just finished it and ended up really enjoying it.

  3. i actually like them, i started reading them to make sure the ones my 13yrop pick was “ok” to read and took to loving readin them myself on my own, and actually look for those when im chekin out book at stores LOL

    im a new follower
    and sent a facebook freid request

    i really like to get the swag , well the 10$ gc aint bad either !