Wanderings: JK Rowling, iPad Lust, Author Rants

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Odds and ends from my bookmarks…

I came across author Prioleau Alexander a year or so ago when his book You Want Fries With That? came out. He’d gotten a case of burnout in the ad industry and walked out one day. The book follows him through a snort-inducing assortment of minimum-wage jobs at fast-food restaurants, ice-cream parlors, and home-improvement stores.

Prioleau (who went to Auburn-War Eagle!) found his experience as a published author–the trip-to-Mecca for all writers, after all–wasn’t quite what he expected. So he decided to write a book-length, first-person account of his eye-opening experiences in the world of queries, agents, publishers, and the art of getting published. (“They don’t call it the submission process for nothing,” he says). Read it for FREE online at Author Rants.

It’s obviously people richer than me standing in line to buy the new iPad. I still haven’t embraced ebooks, and probably never will, but all Steve Jobs has to do is trot out a new Apple product, and I’m drooling. I WANT ONE. But at $500+…well, sheesh. I still cart around an early-generation video iPod. But 300,000 units sold the first day alone, plus a quarter-million eBooks from the iBookstore. That’s good…But do you know how many real books I could buy for $500? Any iPad users out there yet?

J.K. Rowling was puttering around at the White House Easter egg hunt last week and, thankfully, said she had no plans to add any to the Harry Potter series. Don’t get me wrong. I loved ’em. LOVED ’em. But it’s wrapped up. Move on. She does plan to have another book in the next year or so, but no details. Talk about expectations. What do you think? Would you like to see a Harry spinoff?

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5 thoughts on “Wanderings: JK Rowling, iPad Lust, Author Rants

  1. Haha, my husband is eyeing that iPad too… but like you said, we can get a lot of other things with $500. I’m consistently reminding him (…okay, okay, and myself) that if we wait a little while, we can get another generation for about the same price with the improvements that are bound to be made… and we’ll have time to save up too! lol.

    PS I agree, I don’t think I’ll ever switch to ebooks… I love the feel of the pages in my hand way too much!

  2. Pdfs on the computer work for me. No need for someother contraption to read stuff on.

    Although, we might consider one for our Autistic child. We’ll see as he moves through school.

    Glad to hear JKR is willing to let the series go and not indulge in more stuff for money. There are times you see movies and go why did we need that sequel.

  3. I have and iPod Touch and a Sony Reader, so I don’t really need and iPad, and even less at that prize! Glad Rowling isn’t going to write another Harry Potter, although maybe it would be interesting if there was a spin off 50 or 60 years later and with different characters.

  4. Oh, I can just see it now–Son of Harry: The Series! (We hope not.)

    And I can’t make that expensive iPad jump either. Maybe when the Kindles and iPads start a war and drop the prices down to, like, $100? Of course I might die of old age by then. Heh.

  5. The iPad looks so cool. I really want one but I just want a dedicated reading device right now and I don’t think the iPad is it.