(I Should Be) Committed

First off, the winner of Sunday’s giveaway is Tara over at the 25 Hour Books blog–thanks for commenting! Up this week: A $10 GC from Amazon to feed your habit. Details at right.

Committed. That’s a scary word. You can be in a committed relationship (or have a fear of one). Or be committed to your work, which is a good thing. Or be committed to an institution (not such a good thing, although there have been times when lounging around on zombie drugs and playing games for a while sounded pretty attractive but, still, I’d rather do it in the comfort of my own home).

Then, there’s being overcommitted, which is how I felt last week as I fell behind on crits I’d promised to other people, on keeping up with multiple online workshops, on blogging, on doing some overtime on the day job, on maintaining some vague semblance of a “real” life, etc. When a redneck in a jacked-up pickup almost mowed me down in the JC Penney parking lot on Saturday and I thought being hospitalized for a while might be relaxing…well, let’s just say I realized things were a little out of whack in my life.

Note to self: LEARN TO SAY NO.

What fell behind in all that flurry of activity? My own writing, of course. I added a whopping 125 words on the work-in-progress in the last seven days. Yet I still claim I will finish the first draft by June 1. *snorts coffee over keyboard*

Oh well, enough grousing for now. I’m almost caught up. Got any tips for managing your time and commitments?

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5 thoughts on “(I Should Be) Committed

  1. Time management and LOTS of lists! Also, learning to say no. Write a list of everything you have to do and then put a number to the side of each item in order of priority. Draw a table listing the days of the week along the top and times along the side. Fill it in with MUST DO’s like work, laundry, shower etc and then any empty space you can fill in with the other stuff you have to do.

    My god, why am I NOT following my own advice?! LOL

  2. LOL, Debbie–you’re out of my price range. Will you work for chicken snacks?

    And Lynsey–you’re right. I have to prioritize, and writing’s got to make it on the list. It’s just so much easier to SAY than to do…

  3. Suz.I’m not worried about you making the time. I know you’ll do it, I’ve always had faith in you. It’s the same with my paining. I keep trying to make time and other stuff keeps filling it up. And Arf!