My November Wish List & "Reader’s Choice" Giveaway

There are about 80 new urban fantasy, paranormal romance, sci fi, and YA paranormal titles coming out in November–woot! If you want to check them all out, go to my Fiction Affliction columns over at — keep scrolling down for the full list, organized by genre. (YA will go up about 6 p.m. Eastern today so check back). 

Here’s the “Reader’s Choice Giveaway.” Go to the Fiction Affliction link above and pick the title from the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Epic Fantasy and (late today) YA titles. Come back here and comment on which one you’d most like to have. I’ll pick a winner on Thursday, Nov. 4 and send you your pick as soon as it’s released.

Here are the ones I especially want to read. So, Santa, if you’re reading, take note:

The Shifters, by Alexandra Sokoloff (Nov. 1,  Nocturne)
Charged with overseeing the shapeshifters of New Orleans, Caitlin MacDonald has her reasons for being wary when charismatic bounty-hunting shifter Ryder Malloy blows into town claiming to be on the trail of a horde of malevolent entities called Walk-Ins. But as tourists start dropping dead from supernatural possession, Cait must team with Ryder to navigate his shadowy, ephemeral world.

Marked by the Moon, by Lori Handeland (Nov. 2, St. Martin’s)
In the ninth Nightcreature release, Alexandra Trevalyn is a werewolf-hunter going rogue after killing Julian Barlow’s wife. Except that Julian takes the most devious revenge imaginable—by making her a member of his pack. Now, she finds him not only evil, but irresistible.

Afterlight, by Elle Jasper (Nov. 2, Signet)
Savannah’s most unconventional tattoo artist, Riley Poe goes over the edge when her younger brother is taken by a sinister vampire cult. Her only ally is hot-tempered vampire Eli Dupre, attracted to Riley’s beauty and rare blood type. In the first of a new Dark Ink Chronicles series, Riley races to save her brother from certain un-death.

Black Wings, by Christina Henry (Nov. 30, Ace)
In this new fantasy series set in Chicago, Maddy Black is an agent of death who really needs to get a life. Escorting souls into the afterlife leaves Maddy little time for socializing—until devilishly handsome Gabriel Angeloscuro agrees to rent the empty apartment in her building. But when demons start appearing on Maddy’s front lawn, she realizes there’s more to her new tenant than meets the eye.

The Greyfriar, by Clay & Susan Griffith (Nov. 2, Pyr)
The first in a new steampunk-noir Vampire Empire series finds war brewing in 2020 in a world reconfigured by an 1870s vampire plague. Millions died, storied cities were taken over by powerful vampire clans, and the remaining humans fled to southern climates where the vamps can’t stand the heat. Now it’s time for payback as the clans target Princess Adele, heir to what’s left of the old tropical British Empire, and she must rely on the mysterious fighter The Greyfriar to help her save humankind.

The Flock, by James Robert Smith (Nov. 9, Forge)
A remote Florida swamp has been targeted for theme-park development and the swamp’s inhabitants are none too happy. They’re a flock of intelligent, prehistoric, dinosaur-like birds that have managed to avoid extinction within their secret world where humans have no role. It’s mercenaries versus the Flock as nature fights greedy corporate America.

The Human Blend, by Alan Dean Foster (Nov. 23, Del Rey)
This near-future noir thriller―first in a new trilogy―takes place in a world where criminals are punished through genetic engineering and bodily manipulation. Given his name because radical surgery and implants have reduced him to preternatural thinness, Whispr is a thug whose random murder of a Savannah tourist puts him in possession of a mysterious thread with dangerous powers. All he wants to do is get rid of it, and he’ll need Ingrid, a savvy human physician, to help.

15 thoughts on “My November Wish List & "Reader’s Choice" Giveaway

  1. Your blog just looks so beautiful, Suz! I haven’t been by in a while. I’m ashamed to say.

    Totally digging your Tor column as well. Do you still find time to write your own books with all your amazing blogging?

    Went over and checked out the November releases. Here’s the one I zoned in on the most:

    Vicious Grace, by M.L.N. Hanover

    Big Hugs & Happy Blogging,

  2. I don’t even have to look. I’m know I’m waiting for Matched by Alyson Condie. I kept trying to win an ARC, but it didn’t happen!

    Afterlight sounds cool.

    I’m hosting a Halloween Haunting at my blog “Substitute Teacher’s Saga” if you want to join in. There are prizes!

  3. Thanks, Kerri–I redid the blog a couple of weeks ago. And, no, I’m not finding much “real” writing time right now 🙂

    Theresa–that Ally Condie book sounds awesome! Consider yourself entered!

  4. I’m going to have to vote for “Devil at Midnight” by Emma Holly. I know I should try something by someone I haven’t read, but I just love EH’s stuff. So give me an “F” for origniality, but I’m okay with that.

  5. So many great books. I’m going to go broke, I just know it. LOL

    I’d love a copy of In Dreams Begin by Skylar White.

    Thanks for opportunity, Suzanne.

  6. If the giveaway is open worldwide, I would love to be entered.

    As to the book I choose.

    Well my husband is a great Scifi/epic Fantasy lover and I know he would really want Towers of Midnight, the ending to the series. I would love to surprise him with it !


    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  7. i hope it’s open internationally ! coz i’d love to win : Bitten in Two, by Jennifer Rardin.

    thanks 🙂

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  8. If I won the lottery I would buy the list. Until that happens, the ones I most want to read are Matched by Ally Condie, and Virals, by Kathy Reichs.