Review & Giveaway: Vampire Uprising (Skinners) by Marcus Pelegrimas

In keeping with our march toward Halloween, let’s talk about a new horror book that’s coming out next week from Eos Books: Vampire Uprising by Marcus Pelegrimas…and at the close of the blog post, a GIVEAWAY (open to international entries). Read on…

THE PLOT:A legendary Skinner has passed. Among the articles he left behind are runes, potions, and powerful weapons to aid in the ongoing war against the unspeakable creatures that prowl the shadows outside normal human consciousness. But there is something else: the remains of a terrifying beast no other Skinner has ever encountered. And it isn’t dead.

Skinners, partners, lovers, Cole Warnecki and Paige Strobel are well armed with the tools the late Jonah Lancroft provided. But even his best weapons may not be enough to defeat the monstrosity they now face. A new terror has risen up to infect them both with its virulent malevolence, even as Paige confronts the secrets of her astonishing past. The purest evil walks the world again—the First Deceiver, humankind’s darkest nightmare, the self-proclaimed King of the Full Bloods.

THE SERIES:  In the first Skinners novel, Blood Blade, we met Seattle video game designer Cole Warnecki as he took an extreme vacation to British Columbia and ended up becoming a Skinner, a sort of supernatural cop hunting nasty werewolf-like Full Bloods and crazy vampires with the ability to infect people with spores that steal their souls. He eventually teams up with fellow Skinner Paige and they become lovers as books two and three of the series progress. Vampire Uprising is the fourth Skinners novel by Pelegrimas, an author from Nebraska.

MY THOUGHTS: No sparkly vampires or romance figures here. This is a horror novel, and the vampires and wolves are scary and have big teeth. And lots and lots of teeth. Cole and Paige are great, ass-kicking anti-heroes working in a bleak, dark version of the Midwest, but Pelegrimas works in lots of humor and camp between the violence and gore. And did I mention teeth?

I have to admit I came at this book cold and hadn’t read the first three in the series, although now I’m curious enough to go back and seek them out. So while it can be read as a standalone, the learning curve is higher. Still well worth a read if you’re a fan of dark, dark urban fantasy/horror.

THE GIVEAWAY: On Saturday, I’ll draw for a copy of Vampire Uprising, which is due to be released by Eos Books next Tuesday (Oct. 26). There are lots of urban fantasy, sci fi and fantasy both for adults and YA coming out next week. Check out the full list, including Vampire Uprising, in‘s Fiction Affliction columns for October. Scroll down for October releases in fantasy, urban fantasy science fiction and Young Adult paranormal. November releases will be up soon.
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5 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Vampire Uprising (Skinners) by Marcus Pelegrimas

  1. I’m glad that Tor is actually publishing some vampire horror. I’m tired of all of the vampire romance that’s been coming out.

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  2. I love vampires! Whew, feels good to say it out loud! I’ve never heard of this series, but now I’m definitely gonna have to check it out! Thanks for this contest. And my absolute favorite horror novel (and horror movie, actually) is IT by the master, Stephen King…oh it’s so scary good!

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    That’s 3 for me!

  3. This is definitely not a romance, Sandy!

    Jamie–yeah, I love vampires too. The ones in this series are nasty things, though 🙂 And I’m with you on “It”–love that book!

  4. I’m not sure if it counts as horror, but The Shining by Stephen King scared me to death…even in broad daylight. 🙂