30 Days, 30 Giveaways Continues–Leather-Bound Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales

The Howlin’ Holiday giveaways continue–one every weekday till Christmas Eve! Read on for how to win an amazing leather-bound copy of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales. Y’know, all those Grimm’s Fairy Tales got sanitized for the Disney set–the original tales, most of which I never heard as a kid, are very dark and were told for adults. Also, read on for the winners of the Writer’s Tote and the big Carrie Vaughn giveaways!

Why the Brothers Grimm? Because I arrived at my niece’s house in Atlanta for Thanksgiving yesterday to be greeted by her 8-year-old son, who wanted to show me the seven books he’s written! He’d written them painstakingly in pencil on lined notebook paper, included a title page and an author bio at the end that went something to the effect of “Samuel is a boy, and he likes people to read his stuff.”

Well, if that doesn’t just sum it up.

The books are a series involving a family of pugs (and, no, he doesn’t have a pug–I have no idea where that came from except he thinks they’re cute). My favorite is “Zombie Pugs in Space.” OMG. “The Pugs Save Christmas” was pretty cool too.

So, in honor of Sam, I’m offering The Brothers Grimm today–because “Zombie Pugs in Space” isn’t ready for distribution yet.

Comment below to enter. You don’t have to tell me, but I’d love to hear your favorite story as a kid. I was a big Peter Rabbit fan when I was very young, then The Secret Garden became my all-time favorite. As always, one entry for the comment, +1 for following @Suzanne_Johnson on Twitter, +1 for blog follower, and +1 if you tweet the contest or RT one of my tweets. Thanks, y’all! (PS — Open internationally!)

Finally, congrats to KATE for winning the writer’s tote and to MARISKA for winning the Carrie Vaughn set. I’ll be emailing you shortly.

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18 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Giveaways Continues–Leather-Bound Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales

  1. My earliest memory of a favorite book is FERDINAND THE BULL, though BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL was right up there on the list. My tastes have matured a bit since then, but I still love to share these with my nieces and nephews. I cannot say I have *a* favorite book, now…there’s too many! πŸ˜‰


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  2. My favorite story as a kid and still is “A little girl with matches”. It’s less known tale of a poor, motherless girl who sells matches her father makes on the streets on Christmas Eve and freezes to death by the morning. Sad I know but oh, so symbolical and just beautiful.

  3. Okay, this is a tough one. I think my favorite would have been Alice in Wonderland. The colorful world her mind created reminds me of the world that’s lived in mine all these years. I tweeted this for you and look forward to more great blogs!!!
    Rachel Firasek

  4. OMG, I bet your heart just melted when your nephew shared his work with you. I’m sure your success inspired him.

    Hope you had a great turkey day.

  5. My favorite story as a kid? There were two that really stood out. The first would be Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Tinder Box”, where a discharged soldier obtains a wicked witch’s magic tinder box. If he strikes it once, he gets a huge dog with eyes the size of teacups, who can bring him copper. If he strikes it twice, he gets a dog with eyes the size of mill-wheels, who brings him silver. If he strikes it three times, he gets a dog with eyes the size or round towers, who brings him gold.

    Now the whole “eyes as big as” business is meant to tell us that each dog was larger than the last, but somehow in my imagination they were all three large mastiffs about the same size, say four feet at the shoulder, but with monstrously huge eyes bulging out of their faces. That was even *more* terrifying than a properly scaled dog who was big enough to have eyes the girth of round towers (say 10 – 20 feet in diameter).

    The second candidate would be the Grimms’ “The Valiant Tailor” — you know “seven at one blow.” This is the best of one of my favorite genres: the adventures of a comically unlikely hero.

    Both these stories are about perseverance; using your wits and trusting your luck in the face of overwhelming adversity. They’ve stayed with me; I’d say they’re probably *still* my favorite stories.

    @Firetulip — “The Little Match Girl” is another Hans Christian Anderson story. Until fairly recently, there haven’t been any really good translations of Andersen into English. I highly recommend Erik Christian Haugaard’s 1983 translation, “Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories”(ISBN 13: 978-0385189514). Terry Pratchett also does a hilarious but poignant send-up of “The Little Match Girl” in his satirical fantasy, “The Hogfather”, in which the Grim Reaper gives us a heart warming story about “the unreal meaning of Christmas.”

  6. my favorite fairy tale was “The Snow Queen”. I loved how after the children returned from their adventure, they were too big for the little chairs they used to sit in. The whole story was an allegory on growing up and making the right choices. I still think of it when I see my 2 teenager’s little white rocking chairs. *sniff* My 3 year old sitll fits in hers, but I know it won’t be long until she grows up, too.

  7. I still have the first book I read entirely by myself…Morris the Moose Goes to School. It’s awesome! Morris can’t read or count, so the many at the candy store takes him to the local elementary school and basically shoves him off on the poor teacher, who is already obviously woefully underpaid and underfunded. I love it!

  8. I’m not sure whay my earliest favorite story was, but I liked the legendary heroes such as Zorro and Robin Hood.

    +1 for (recently having begun) following your blog.

  9. A hard choice since I did not read much as a kid. Lazy eye, thick glasses, etc. but I will always remember a kindred spirit with THE UGLY DUCKLING. In high school, I grew tall, thin, and wore contacts!

  10. Probably the earliest books I can remember reading were all the Dr Seuss stories !

    I still enjoy them.

    I don’t have any leather bound books in my bookcase but I would love to have one. They are soo cool.


    Carol T

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  11. Unfortunately, I’m not on Twitter. But I’ll still tell you about my favourite book as a child – Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. I adored it and would begin re-reading as soon as I finished it. I still have tattered original copy on the bookshelf.

  12. Maybe it’s kind of lame, but I really liked The Poky Little Puppy when I was a kid because I related to him.

    +2 for blog & twitter follow

    Thank you!

  13. Thanks so much! I’m so excited for the writers tote! My favorite story as a kid was, well I loved so many. I really got into reading with this series called the Thoroughbred Series, which is about horses. I love horses and I love this series, it really got me into reading. I think I started this series in third grade and I have been reading them ever since. I remeber getting in trouble in 5th grade for reading it under my desk. πŸ˜‰ There are 72 in the series and there are a couple side series and I’m only on 32! Still a lot to go but my goal is to finish all of them! Thanks for these awesome Christmas giveaways!

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  14. MY favorite Childhood story was “The little Lame Prince”. It was a short story in a collection of stories in my “Shirley Temple Story Book.” And yes, that dates me to the at least the monlythic age. TLLP was a terribly sweet story about a boy prince who could not walk because he was dropped by his nanny as a newborn. His fairy godmother gave him a magic cape that allowed him to travel from the tower his parents locked him in. It is particularly dear to me becasue I am in a wheelchair myself, having been badly hurt as a young girl. I am actually working on an update version of the story. Hope that wasn’t too much info for you but, jeez, I am a story teller. πŸ™‚