Opening Lines in Urban Fantasy: A Quiz & A Giveaway

I’ve been wrestling with the first paragraph of my WIP for days (well, okay, months). I’m not happy with it. I’ve rewritten it at least thirty times. Opening lines are important. 

So, without further ado, a quiz for you today: Match the following opening lines with the author and book. I’ll post the answers tomorrow morning, and choose among the entries (you don’t have to get them all right, but at least try!) for a copy of the most awesome urban fantasy anthology I’ve seen in a while: Songs of Love and Death: All Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love, with new stories from the likes of Jim Butcher, Jacqueline Carey, Neil Gaiman, Yasmine Galenorn, Marjorie M. Liu, Linnea Sinclair, Carrie Vaughn…the list goes on. It was released on Monday, Nov. 16.

1. Willie McCoy had been a jerk before he died. His being dead didn’t change that.
2. I’d been waiting for the vampire for years when he walked into the bar. 
3. I heard the mailman approach my office door, half an hour earlier than usual. He didn’t sound right.

4. I didn’t realize he was a werewolf at first. My nose isn’t at its best when surrounded by axle grease and burnt oiland it’s not like there are a lot of stray werewolves running around.
5. Private eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and none of them look like television stars.
6. I stood in the shadows of a deserted shop front across from The Blood and Brew Pub, trying not to be obvious as I tugged my black leather pants back up where they belonged. This is pathetic, I thought, eyeing the rain-emptied street. I was way too good for this.
7. There were only two kinds of people in our town. “The stupid and the stuck,” my father had affectioinately classified our neighbors.
8. I remember lying in the snow, a small red spot of warm going cold, surrounded by wolves.
9.  I sat at a table in my shadowy kitchen, staring down a bottle of Boone’s Farm Hard Lemonade, when a magic fluctuation hit.
10. If I had been a rational human being, I would have had a normal job and I never would have gotten involved with any of them.
11. I don’t like what Operation Iraqi Freedom has done to me. I went to the war a soldier. I came back a vampire.
12. Gil brought lawn chairs to the cemeterynot stylish Adirondacks, not even semi-confortable camp chairs (the ones with those handy little cup holders). No. He dug up some cheap plastic folding chairs, the kind that burrow into your leg flesh like leeches.
13. Had the man in front of her not already been dead, Chess probably would have tried to kill him. Damned ghosts.
A. Kim Harrison, Dead Witch Walking
B. Ilona Andrews, Magic Bites
C. Mark Henry, Road Trip of the Living Dead
D. Laurell K. Hamilton, Guilty Pleasures
E. Stacia Kane, Unholy Ghosts
F. Jim Butcher, Storm Front
G. Marta Acosta, Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
H. Patricia Briggs, Moon Called
I. Mario Acevedo, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
J. Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Creatures
K. Simon R. Green, Something from the Nightside
L. Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver
M. Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark

Go forth and answer! As always, an extra entry if you’re a Twitter follower @Suzanne_Johnson, yet another if you RT the contest, and another if you’re a blog follower.

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8 thoughts on “Opening Lines in Urban Fantasy: A Quiz & A Giveaway

  1. Okay, here you go. Everyone else can just stay at home. How fun was this contest? I found a couple that I haven’t read, but are now on my TBR list. Cool!
    2. M.
    3. F.
    4. H
    5. K.
    7. J.
    8. L.
    9. B.
    11. I.
    12. C .
    13. E.

  2. I really shouldn’t even try, since I’ve only read…hmm…*one* of those (but boy, you should see my TBR pile!).

    2. M

    And I tweeted!

    But I’ll come back tomorrow to get the answers because so many of those sound great I know I’ll want to add them to my pile. *sound of groans* Really, desk, you can handle a few more books, right?