Post-Valentine Love–$25 GC Retail Therapy!

So, how was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was pretty much go to work, go home, feed dogs, do an online “chat” session, do a little writing, blah blah blah blah. Where were the hearts, I ask you? Candy? Flowers? Men with washboard abs and maybe a flash of fang? Not at my house, that’s where.

So instead of giving away a book today, I’ll offer you a chance to win a little PVDRT–Post Valentine’s Day Retail Therapy. CSN stores is offering a Preternatura reader a gift certificate of $25 to any of their over 200 online stores. Maybe you want a piece of modern office furniture like a bookcase for all those new books, or something to put your own flowers in, or even office supplies or shoes. Browse around their sites (HUGE sites, and if you dig you can find stuff under $25). Go for it!

I’ll choose one commenter at random on my usual drawing day, Saturday, Feb. 19. Just tell me what you did for Valentine’s Day–it can’t be more pathetic than mine. As always, +1 entry for comment, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, and +1 for tweet or RT. Happy shopping!

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36 thoughts on “Post-Valentine Love–$25 GC Retail Therapy!

  1. Of course it can! I worked, went home and did nothing other than veg. At my parents house no less. My husband & cats are 200 miles away (long story). Bleh. Not even a phone call from him.
    No need to enter me in drawing.

  2. worked. Ordered pizza. Waited for pizza…for 1 1/2 hours. Said forget the pizza. Went to burger king. Watched Chuck. blah blah blah

    Gave balloons to my kids for valentines day. (and they flipped for them!) 😀 It was the best VD yet!


  3. I don’t know, mine was pretty pathetic. I mostly hobbled from my desk to the water fountain to take ever increasing amounts of ibuprofen in order to recover from my first-ever skiing experience.
    My husband and I kind of nodded at each other in the morning, as he took off for a week in LA. There might have been a smooch, I guess. But not a washboard ab and fangy one.

  4. My husband and I had a nice dinner at home and watched a move. We also celebrated on Saturday. It’s hard to have a date night on a Monday!

  5. I went to work and then came hoem and made dinner for my Mom, my boyfriend and myself. After dinner I read a book. But we are going out for dinner tonight.

  6. Same as every other Monday of my life, get up, shower, browse Internet, homework, Destination Imagination meeting, Zumba, watch Chuck, homework, write, read & sleep. It was a fairly good Monday actually.

  7. I studied. Lab report, writing assignment, test the next day to prepare for… ah, the life of a student lol.

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  8. we ordered pizza b/c its the kids favorite and they played outside and ate their candy and just had a good time.

    tcogbill at live dot com

  9. No men with washboard abs hanging around my house,either. If there were I’d ask them who they were, what they were doing here and could they please put their shirt on.

    I did make a 50 lb sandbag for strength training though.

    I’ll probably buy my wife some flowers today. I always wait for the prices to drop after Valentine’s Day. She like flowers as much as anyone, but she’s a thrifty iconoclast who enjoys them more this way.

  10. It was just an average day for me, went to school, hung out with family and did homework haha.

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  11. It was a regular work day for the boyfriend and myself, but he surprised me with a box of See’s Candy (my absolute fav!) and I surprised him with flowers. We each got a chance to text the other “Happy Valentine’s Day” from our jobs, so those nice little things made the day special.

  12. my hubby had to work so we exchanged gifts the night before. On the actual day we went over and spent time with our neighbors for dinner. We had fun but we were so tired come night time that we didn’t do what most couples do…lol I’d love a chance to win. Thanks
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  13. I spent the afternoon furniture shopping with my husband and actually bought a new chair and ottoman!

  14. I woke up to my 2 year old Valentine, my son 🙂
    And daddy went to work, so we played a lot all day, he married me a few times(the baby puts a ring on my finger, says we married, kisses me, repeat.)

    Then went for a drive at 10pm with Daddy to see if anyone was open for dinner, got tacobell drive thru, went to sleep alone.

    *whew* what a great day *rolls eyes* haha!

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  15. My wife and I ordered a heart-shaped pizza to be delivered (nothing fancy because we were recovering from a flu) and then watched a romantic comedy. It was good considering we were ill.

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