Let’s Play Again: Who’s Your Fictional Soulmate?

Welcome to day two of Preternatura fun and games. Let’s talk about dark and dangerous alpha-male heroes. You know you want one. Question is, which one is your soul mate? You know, because chances are when you say “forever,” chances are in these worlds it means literally for-evah. (And read on for the contest.)

This is a tough one for me because I generally have someone to crush on in any series I read, which is admittedly pathetic and probably goes a long way toward explaining things I’d rather not think about.

So, let’s look at some candidates. I always start with the Brotherhood. Hm…Ah…Hm…Well, okay, my favorite brother is Vishous but I really should have thrown V in for BFF possibilities. He has too many issues for soulmate status, and talk about mother-in-law problems. Oy! I have too many of my own insecurities to handle Z; we’d be pathetic. Phury is too nice, although I’d like to play with his hair. Butch is too…Yankee..and if he likes those Chosen types, well, we aren’t going to work. Wrath would scare the crap out of me. John Matthew and his buds are too young. I haven’t figured out where Tohr’s going to end up and he’d always be thinking about the one who died. So if I had to choose a bhrother, I’d go for Rhage, dragon curse and all. Hey, I can chain the man to a bed and give him antacids as well as the next girl. So Rhage stays in the candidate pool.

Harry Dresden’s already my BFF, so I can’t take him seriously as a soulmate. Wonder what an evening with Harry and Vishous and a bottle of Grey Goose would be like? I’m thinking FUN. I’d even watch baseball.

Eric Northman from the Soookie Stackhouse series,ย  who even though I prefer the books to the TV show, will now and forevermore be played by Alexander Skaarsgard. *drool* Eric would be fun but his favorite person would always be Eric, and that would get old in foreverland, so Eric’s off the table. Vampire Bill is a wuss. Alcide has to, uh, sow his seed around for the good of the pack too often. Quinn….I loved Quinn…Quinn had purple eyes…Nah, his mama’s nuts and his sister’s a brat.

Adam Hauptman. Oh yeah. Adam’s could be in the running. Although, on second thought, he has a seriously bossy streak and Mercy would beat me with a tire iron. So, I’m going to reluctantly, foot-draggingly pass on Adam.

Kisten would have been right up toward the top of the list but we know what Kim Harrison did to that daydream. Witch.

Who have I forgotten? I know I’ve forgotten someone major. But I can’t think offhand of who that might be, so…

Soulmate: Rhage.

Play day contest is for another three-book mystery prize pack–no, not the same one as yesterday. Just tell meย  your fictional soulmate to enter:ย  +1 for comment, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, +1 for Tweet or Retweet. Soulmates, anyone?

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41 thoughts on “Let’s Play Again: Who’s Your Fictional Soulmate?

  1. Ohh what a great game!!
    I like how you consider all the possibilities before deciding! I’d do that…but thyen my comment would be horrendously long.

    I think my fictional soulmate would be Ash, from the Night World Series. He’s so arrogant and sarcastic, which I love, but ultimately undearneath he’s vulnerable and sweet. Plus he’s a vampire, which is HOT. Yep, I’d definitely go for Ash!!

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  2. Awesome! So lets see here. I would totally love having Vishous as my soulmate but then hes not as cool as Wrath. So Wrath is for me. He doesn’t scare me at all. ๐Ÿ˜€ Then comes Eric from the sookie stackhouse series. Then Damon, because he is such a hottie bad boy (Vampire Diaries) And from my current reads I’d choose Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake series he is such a romantic and that voice he has makes me swooon and sigh at the same time! Oh boy. That man is sexah! I have more but that’ll just fill up your comment box! Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Ok so i’m totally torned between Jace Wayland of The Mortal Instruments Series and Ethan Wate of The Caster Chronicles Series… as far as I know I totally looooove Jace for the fact that he is just that dreamy guy that you would totally want anytime I mean he’s sarcastic, very witty, and totally hot blonde guy that you would totally die for! as for Ethan Wate I really admire how he cares for Lena the fact that he will do anyting for Lena even to die for her is an admirable trait, well not that Jace won’t die for Clary but I can feel Ethans emotion and love for Lena for that I really love him for that… and now to pick who my Soulmate would be? Hmm I honestly can’t choose but if I really have to… uhmm well I actually can’t choose… they both have quality that really stands out that I totally admire to them. Jace is Jace and Ethan is Ethan. Equally loved but definitely different.

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  4. Ha! This one’s harder, isn’t it?

    @Cait–great pick! I love Ash too. Been a while since I read that series but I remember him ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Naj–Okay, girl, Wrath it is. Eric would be a great fling. Ah..Jean-Claude. Seriously sexy. How did I forget Jean-Claude? Mr. Leather and Lace.

    @Jenn–Jack Norton’s another great one! And thanks for the URL–that is hysterical!

    @Jay Jay–*sigh* Okay, I will let you have both Jace and Ethan, but you have to figure out how to divide your time up between them–LOL.

  5. Ok, so I could’ve totally picked Kisten, but since he’s not an option (sigh) then I’ll have to go with Jericho Barrons from Karen M. Moning’s Fever series.

  6. Kisten…sigh <3 He would have been my pick. I'd take numerous lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter like Aeron. Right now I'm going to pick because he's fresh in my mind, Dante Baptiste. He is from Adrian Phoenix's The Maker's song series.
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  7. I did something like this on my blog a few weeks back only is was a very involved process that took over a month as I judged every male protagonist in every book I own. The final 5 were incredibly hard but in the end I was left with Michael Moscovitz from the Princess Diaries. (My room is overloaded with chick lit).

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  8. Yay! Fun blog post! This was surprisingly easy for me. My choice is Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. He’s hot, totally devoted to the woman he loves (for the moment, let’s forget about Cat), can kick major vampire butt, and have you read Chap 32 of One Foot in the Grave? The man is GIFTED!!! Yep, Bones’ll do it for me.

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  9. Fred Weasley from the Harry Potter books. And he’s not dead. I refuse to accept that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thanks for the giveaway, Suzanne!

  10. Another difficult. There are different characteristics I like in fictional soulmates so I don’t have just one. But I have a #1: Bones!! from Nighthuntress series, he is sexy as hell!! my oh my.
    But I also like the romantic ones (not corny) and chivalrous and of these there are many!!

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  11. Oh yum Adam and Eric were great choices, I would take either in a heartbeat.
    If they were taken I would find my soulmate in Adam from Jaye Wells Sabina series. He can kick arse and snark like wild. Good times abound in that one.

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  12. I’d pick Zayvion Jones even if I’m not sure he’s quite in the land of the living right now.

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  13. Oh, I don’t know who to pick! To be honest, even though I picked Harry Dresden as my fictional BFF, he’d totally be my soulmate for the very same reasons. I was going to try to pick someone else – Adam from the Mercy Thompson books came to mind – but it seems like so many fictional heroes are such alpha males. My soulmate might be an alpha, but he also needs to be in touch with his inner dork. And Harry Dresden definitely has a geeky side, which makes him that much cuter IMO.

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  14. Goodness there are so many to chose from and some great oneโ€™s have already been listed.
    Fun thing I never considered Jean Claude. He just never appealed to me in that way despite how sexy. I was more drawn to Asher. But not as a soulmate.

    I mention Seth yesterday from the Savannah Vampire series. I have a soft spot for fictional law men. But still not there as a soulmate. Just donโ€™t know enough about him yet. Iโ€™m hoping he gets his own book or better yet, series.

    Curran of the Kate Daniel series has a lot of appeal. Talk about sexy bad@ss. But I think heโ€™s got too much on his plate as Beast Lord.

    Lucivar Yaslana and Daemon Sadi of Anne Bishopโ€™s Black Jewel series. Candidates for sure even if they are both scary.

    I think Iโ€™m going to have to stick to one of my all time favorites who I fell for many, many years ago though. Finn from Shape Changers ( the Cheysuli series) by Jennifer Roberston.

    Funny that I have some many shape shifters when I usually prefer vampires. I just canโ€™t think of one particular vampire that I would consider as a fictional soulmate.

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  15. >>Let’s talk about dark and dangerous
    >> alpha-male heroes. You know you
    >> want one.

    Golly, Suz, I had no idea. I guess you learn something new every day.

    I suppose I should play the game. I’ll take spunky, brainy, classy Dale Arden from the Flash Gordon series. Here are a couple images: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ming-defeated.gif , http://flashgordon.wikia.com/wiki/Jean_Rogers . Note her timeless fashion sense. I don’t see what she sees in that lunkhead Flash, who dresses like a chorus boy from the Ruritanian revival of *The Producers*.

    While I’m at it I guess I ought to add up my bonus points too:

    +1 Devilishly handsome
    -2 Outrageous liar

  16. @Chelle & Tanya. Kisten. *bangs head on desk* I don’t think KH is ever gonna live that one down.

    @Ashley–good pick! What a fun idea for a series of blogs, too.

    @Andrea & Ana Lucia–I was waiting for Bones to show up. I have the whole series on my TBR pile and still haven’t gotten to them.

    @Artsybookishgal–Poor Fred. He might come back.

    @Teril–another series I haven’t read. I’m making notes.

    @Sandy–Uh oh. See note about Fred Weasley.

    @Leslie–I agree, Harry’s a catch. I probably shouldn’t have DQ’d him, but I got caught up in the fantasy of drinking Grey Goose with him and Vishous ๐Ÿ™‚

    Daelith–so many choices…And I don’t know Finn! Another one to check out.

  17. Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely the total package!!

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  18. @Matt–*Suz coughing where she choked on Diet Coke from your bonus points tally* She does have really spooky fashion sense. I think I saw that outfit at the Oscars recently. And Flash is looking a little Broadway, isn’t he?

  19. @Diana…Hm. Carlisle would work–I think he’d be the only one of the Twilight guys who might work as soulmate–although I did like Emmett. Sorry, but I’d have to drop-kick Edward ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I have to agree with a couple of people here and go with Curran. I’ve just finished reading the series and can’t wait for the next one.
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  21. OMG you totally should read this series, I have to confess I’m only on book 2 (by lack of time) but I’m a HUGE fan, Jeaniene Frost is a genious.

  22. Another really fun question, Suzanne. I’d never really thought about it before.

    This is really hard. There’s sooo many guys to choose from, but they all have some kind of baggage to deal with.

    Hmmmm…. I guess my candidates for soulmate are….

    Drake Vireo from Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey: Guardian series – He’s the green dragon wyvern and totally hot. Drake is quite a bit overprotective, but I think I could handle it like Aisling does.

    Ethan Sullivan from Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampire series – He is a blond, green-eyed hottie vampire, who is the master vampire of Cadogan House. Being the Master of Cadogan House might make it a little difficult to have a relationship with him, since he’s soo busy.

    Jacob from Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalker series – He’s a tall, dark, handsome Earth Demon. His job is being the Enforcer. If any of the demons start to go crazy and go after a human, Jacob has to step in and deal out some punishment. It’s hard on him having to punish his own people.

    Man….. Such great candidates….. I don’t know who to choose…. If I have to choose, I pick….

    Drake! Yummy! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  23. Bones from the Night Huntress series. No question.

    If I couldn’t have him, I’d take Wrath from the BDB…but I’d always be disappointed that he wasn’t Bones. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  24. Lots of interesting guys in the books I read but for one reason or another, even though is younger than me, I would choose Jace fro TMI. He is not only handsome but he cares about Clary and his friends, he is loyal and brave, he can seriously kick some asses and he can say “I love you”. He is also willing to risk his life for Simon cause he is Clary’s friend. And I love his humor!

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  25. Soulmate? That would be hard. So many to choose but I would probably choose Ethan Wate from The Caster Chronicles or Matthias from Heavenly series by Jennifer Laurens. Both guys are cool and not a bad boy type of guys. =)

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  26. I know he’s really young, but I just adore Peeta from the Hunger Games trilogy!!

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  27. Oh Kisten….tear….I’ll never forgive her. One day I need to show you a picture of the t-shirt I made to wear to her signing. Soooo……since it can’t be Kisten I would have to say…..
    1.Trent Aloysius Kalamack from The Hollows
    2. Adrian from Vampire Academy
    3. Ian O’Shea from The Host (though he might not be considered a bad boy)

    Thanks for the contest!

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  28. I’m late to this post, but I couldn’t walk away without answering, late or not.

    I have a huge, ridculous crush that would never work in the “real” world on Nick Gautier from the Dark Hunter series. I think if I actually had to deal with him day-to-day he’d make me crazy, but as a reader I’m in crush.

    I’m a little in love with Acheron from the same series, but truthfully he’d scare the snot out of me in real life, so…no.

    Sam Merlotte (as he’s portrayed in the books, not the tv series) is my fictional husband. Love that guy so much.