Let’s Play: Who’s Your Fictional BFF? (& Prize Pack Giveaway)

We’re all readers here, right? And we’re a tad obsessive about our favorite series and genres. So let’s play some games this week. Today: who’s a potential buddy in the books you read? Who would you like to hang out with, have a drink with? No, get your minds out of the gutters–nothing sex-related here (uh, that’s for tomorrow).

I started thinking about this and going through some of my favorite and/or regular series.

There’s the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, which is on everyone’s mind this week. I can’t see me hanging out with Payne or the Scribe Virgin. I like Beth and Bella. I could be buddies with them. Especially if I had my own brothah to…oh, wait, no that’s for tomorrow. Nah….too much temptation hanging around the mansion. Scrap Beth and Bella. Sorry, girlfriends.

Sookie would annoy me, what with reading my mind and all. Plus she has a bad habit of getting beat up, and you never know where the extra fists might fly. On the other hand, Eric might…oh, right. Tomorrow.

Anita…well, no. She’s crabby, for one thing, not to mention she’d be off having sex with someone all the time and I’d be left to wander alone beneath the Circus of the Damned. With my luck, the Mother of All Vampires would be hanging around and then I’d be dead, and for what?

Bella Swann…Uh, no. I’d strangle her within the first hour for being too stupid to live, and then Edward’s whole family would be after me.

Harry and Ron and Hermione are fun, but too young and prone for spells going awry. Plus I’m too old. First thing I knew, they’d be comparing me to old Toad-face and I’d be down in the cottage drinking with Hagrid and playing with dragon’s eggs.

Rachel Morgan would be great fun. She’s loyal and has an awesome sense of humor and likes to say “crap on toast,” which never fails to make me laugh. But….sheesh, Algaliarept comes as part of the package and as amusing as I find our favorite demon on the printed page, I just don’t want to hang with him, you know?

Mercy Thompson would be fun to hang with at the garage, but she, too, gets in too much trouble and has to have the werewolves come and save her. Plus, she’s kind of intense and I don’t want to get motor oil on my clothes.

So, here’s who I’ve picked: Harry Dresden. Harry is funny. He’s self-deprecating. He has the mad skills to get us out of whatever ridiculous situation he’s gotten us into. He has a big brave dog, and one of his best friends is a Knight of the Cross. And he has Bob the skull and a sexy vampire brother. So Harry’s my BFF.

Who’s yours? I’m looking to unload some books this week, so a random player today will win a three-book surprise pack. I would tell you what’s in the box, but then I’d have to decide right now. Heh.

So, for the BFF surprise pack, go forth and comment. +1 for comment, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, +1 for Tweet or Retweet. Friends, anyone?

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Author of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and suspense. As Suzanne Johnson, she is the author of the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series (Royal Street; River Road: Elysian Fields, Pirate's Alley, Belle Chasse, Frenchmen Street (March 2018). Writing as Susannah Sandlin, she is the author of the Penton Legacy series (Redemption; Absolution; Omega; Storm Force; Allegiance; ILLUMINATION); The Collectors series (Lovely, Dark, and Deep; Deadly, Calm, and Cold); and the Wilds of the Bayou series (Wild Man's Curse; Black Diamond).

57 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Who’s Your Fictional BFF? (& Prize Pack Giveaway)

  1. Thats a very tough question! I think for me it might be a tie between Patch (from Hush, Hush and Crecendo) because who couldn’t love a bad boy fallen angel who’s been job it is to guard you and Sam (from Shiver and Linger) because who couldn’t love a musical, deep wolf boy who has been longing for you since the moment he first saw you!

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  2. I haven’t read Crescendo/Hush Hush (Crescendo has been on my TBR pile forever!), but Sam from Shiver/Linger would be a great BFF…unless you save him for tomorrow’s game: Who’s your fictional soulmate πŸ™‚

  3. Great, great post! I laughed out loud. My fictional BFF? At first, I thought Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series. But then I realized that w/her smart mouth & my impulsive nature, that would just be asking for trouble. Plus, I’m too old. : ( Then I decided that Magnus Bane from The Mirtal Instruments could be my fictional BFF. He’s funny, cute, throws great parties(as long as you’re not turned into a rat!), and wears glitter. What’s not to love!

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  4. I’d have to go with Mercy Thompson. I think she’d be a good friend who’d stand by you and I’d be able to get my car fixed.

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  5. Well this one had me putting on my thinking cap this morning.
    I like your pick of Harry Dresden.. He would be fun to hang out with.
    Kate Daniels (Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews) would also be different.
    I believe my choice would be Jack McShane of the Savannah Vampire series by Raven Hart. He’s a good ole Southern boy who manages to get in trouble without even trying very hard, but he care of trouble when it comes his way. He’s got so many interesting friends hang out at his garage too. I’d be hoping that his lycan buddy, Seth, would drop by.

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    Thanks. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  6. I think a good BFF would be Aisling Grey from Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey: Guardian series. She cracks me up, and she cares deeply about her friend and really wants to protect them. Plus, she hangs out with all those hottie dragons…… Wait, we’re not supposed to be talking about boyfriends…. Although, having a BFF with lots of hottie boys around would be an awesome bonus.

    I also think that Persephone Alcmedi from Linda Robertson’s Persephone Alcmedi series would be a good BFF too. She’s a great witch. Persephone is smart, strong, and not afraid to speak her mind. She takes care of her own too. A negative would be that she has a lot of stuff going on in her life.

    This was a fun question to think about.

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  7. @Sandy–I did consider that perk of being Mercy’s pal. A good mechanic who won’t rip you off is a good thing to find. Her werewolf pals have such political issues, though…

    @Daelith. I’m ashamed to say I STILL haven’t read the Kate Daniels series but I will…really. I don’t know the Raven Hart series but will have to check it out. I do have a weakness for good ole Southern boys πŸ™‚

  8. I think my literary BFF would have to be (and I’m sorry, this might seem scandalous) Pam Ravenscroft or Pamela Swynford De Beaufort of “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” (the Sookie Stackhouse series). Funny, quirky,sarcastic, Dear-Abby-loving, loyal-to-a-fault, beautiful and radiant Pam. Plus, I think her suburban diva attitude would totally compliment my tomboyish tendencies – what is it that they say about opposites attracting? lol πŸ˜›

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity/giveaway! πŸ˜€

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  9. @Alyssa. I haven’t “met” Persephone yet, but Aisline Grey would be a good one! And hottie guys hanging around is a nice bonus πŸ™‚

    @Enamored Soul: Ooh, I didn’t think of Pam. Pam would be a fabulous BFF. She’s too, too funny, could protect you from anything that came along, and Eric’s always nearby…oh, wait, that’s for tomorrow. No afternoon shopping trips, though!

  10. This is a tough one. I have such an awesome BFF in my life that I’m having trouble picking one from a book that even comes close!

    I really loved Riley Jenson from Keri Arthur’s Full Moon Rising. She kicks ass, saves her brother and is a bit of a man-whore. She’d be fun to go drinking with!

  11. Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. Actually I could probably be BFFs with any of Meg’s characters but Mia especially. We’d be moan our guy troubles, write about them, see Beauty & the Beast on Broadway and finish of the night with either Drew Barrymoore flicks or a Star Wars marathon.

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  12. I think heroes would be less attractive as friends than we think they’d be. The nature of a hero to be prone to action; to not leave well enough alone; to provoke trouble. It’s not that we don’t admire these things, at least when the consequences are handled with unusual competence. But realistically these aren’t attractive qualities in an acquaintance.

    Harry Potter seems like an easygoing young chap, until you notice that when confronted he never, ever backs down. He’s the kind of guy you’d innocently walk into a pretty tame looking bar for a quiet pint with,and end up walking out with a bloody nose. Oh, you’d be in the right of course, but ordinary people know when to trade off vindication for a little peace and normality. It’s not the witchcraft that has certain people’s knickers in a twist about Harry, its his knee-jerk, inflexible anti-authoritarianism.

    Sherlock Holmes is, frankly, a creep. He has zero interest in people other than to prize out things about them they don’t know they’re revealing then to throw those things in their face.

    It is among the sidekicks and secondary characters we find the people we’d like as friends, because friendship is the reason for their existence. Their friendship and support keeps the hero anchored, however tenuously, to recognizable humanity.

    It’s Watson we’d like to have a drink with, not Holmes. Watson has the patience of a saint and loyalty of a Labrador retriever. He has to be a Titan of forbearing friendship in order to associate with Holmes and actually *like* the unbearably anti-social wight. We’re so habituated to these stories that we miss the comic element in the Holmes/Watson friendship. Time and again we see Holmes’ outrageous insensitivity, lack of consideration, apalling housekeeping, misanthropy… even drug abuse! Probably Holmes’ most infuriating feature is his sneering condescension. Yet apart from some minor grousing, Watson seems to find Holmes’ company positively delightful.

    From the Harry Potter world I’d choose Arthur Weasley, who while eccentric, gives Harry master classes in human decency. Among the younger set it is Luna who exclusively supports Harry with real empathy and understanding.

    Among the heroes of literature, I’d probably choose Amelia Peabody, Elizabeth Peters’ Victorian archaeologist/sleuth as a member of my social set. She’s a fascinating and colorful character, although she’s frankly overbearing and all too fond of improving the moral character of those around her. Again it is the secondary, somewhat-more-normal-if-graded-on-a-curve Rameses and Nefret who are most likable; certainly more attractive than the larger-than-life Amelia and Emerson, her irascible, Brobdingnagian husband.

  13. I totally want Abby from Christopher Moore’s series and Bite Me to come for a sleep over. Good times are happening then.
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  14. Ok so I am in need of a good time so I want to go clothes shopping with Pam from the Sookie Series. Not only could she make sales ladies slash prices but she is so freaking hilarious and full of great one liners. True Blood did not do Pam justice. I need a little more

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  15. I would actually take Rachael Morgan even if Al came with the package. I love all the people she hangs out with and she’s always doing something crazy. Never a dull moment with her.
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  16. @Jenn: Riley Jensen would be a great one! I’m still laughing over “man whore.”

    @Ashley. I’m like the only person on earth who hasn’t read this series–but your girl time sounds fun!

    @Matt–you’re so right. Hadn’t thought about it but the sidekicks were created to be buddies. I think of the HP crew, I’d probably like Luna too. Loyal and deceptively smart.

    @Wendy–you’re gonna risk it with Rach, huh? Remember: AL. Which means Newt can’t be far away. Newt scares me.

    @Marie-Claude. Another *hangs head in shame* series I haven’t read but have heard awesome things about.

    @Teril–oh yeah. And if I picked an author BFF instead of a character, Christopher Moore might be in the running. He has to be hysterical.

    @Kaya. Another one for Pam! Wish I’d thought of Pam. I thought True Blood completely missed the boat with Pam.

  17. Ah, Tanya…you know I had to think hard about Rachel, but have you read Pale Demon yet? Of course, if I got to lock lips with Trent Kalamack…then again, when Rachel turned herself into a mink, he put her in the rat-fighting ring. No, I think Rach is too risky for me!

  18. This one is a very hard question… When I was younger I wanted to hang out with Suzie, from Meg Cabot’s The Mediator. Funny, ready for trouble and a lover of fashion but also goot at kicking ass! We would have lots of fun together! Also Isabelle from the mortal instruments would be a great BFF

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  19. While I would love to claim Sherlock Holmes as my literary BFF, because he’s a genius after all, I fear his issues coupled with his lack of social interaction skills might hinder such a relationship.

    To keep in the same genre, perhaps Harry Bosch could be claimed as my literary BFF? He’s got less problems than Sherlock…barely, but at least he interacts with a wider range of society πŸ™‚

  20. This is a though one, because the only one that comes to my mind is Jay from The Body Finder, he is such a good friend but I also like him as my soulmate LOL.
    I have read other characters that could be my fictional BFF but I always forget about them, short term memory -.-

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  21. Now this is a question that has you thinking about all the amazing books you have read…. my mind was racing with all the possiblites of a BFF and the one that stuck out the most in my mind was Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. She is such an independent woman. I love her loyalty and her passion. I think she would make an amazing friend, besides I sure would hate to be her enemy!

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  22. I would love to be friends with Nucking Futs Nix from Kresley Cole’s After Dark series. Life would never be dull or even in the same time loop πŸ™‚ Plus she could ‘see’ any danger in time for me to run away !
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  23. @Reading Mind. Suzie sounds fun–an ass-kicking fashionista is always fun.

    @KimberlyFDR…Oh, Harry Bosch is an interesting one. Smart like Holmes but with (marginally) better social skills.

    @Ana Lucia..I haven’t read The Body Finder. You guys are putting me to shame!

    @Melissa…Katniss would work–and DEFINITEY better as a friend than an enemy!

  24. LOL I love this post! I’m so with you on this – Harry Dresden would totally be my fictional BFF. He’s the man! Actually, my love for Harry might get me into trouble with Murphy, who would undoubtedly kick my butt lol. But if I got to hang out with Harry for a day, it would be worth it!

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  25. @Diana…Rose is a good one–definitely would be loyal.

    @Lesley–YES! Another Harry lover. He’s just too cool. Murphy’s just gonna have to get over it. (And she could kick my butt too.)

  26. Hi, Suzanne, don’t put me in the contest, but my fictional BFF is absolutely my character Milagro de Los Santos. She’s fun and funny and what most readers tell me is that they’d like to hang out with her. Milagro can always find a party and some trouble and some hawt guys.

  27. @Marta–yes! Milagro would be a great BFF. She’s funny and can garden and has such a tangled love life. But only as long as she promises not to write me into a book πŸ™‚

  28. I’m walking on the lighter side. I’d take one of the witches in Linda Wisdom’s Hex series. Jazz Parks kicks butt and makes me laugh. The woman stick up for each other and aren’t afraid to take risks for what they believe is right.

    I want to get a look at those bunny slippers!!!! LOL!

  29. Shoot mixed up my characters. Linda’s story features Jazz Tremaine.

    Warning: Do not blog before drinking a full cup of coffee. Banging head against table. *sigh*

  30. What a fun post, Suzanne! My fictional BFF would have to be Mia from “Danann Frost Falls From Grace” by Joanne Valiukas. She has all of the best BFF qualities and she’s not annoying, over the top, or afraid to have fun.

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  31. Ok, My BFF would be Cormac from Carrie Vaughn’s “Kitty” series..if not Kitty herself. Who couldn’t love a werewolf named Kitty???? If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!
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  32. I’d hang out with Morpheous from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

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  33. I spend so much time thinking of who I find sexy, that I’ve never considered who I would want to be BFFs with.

    I really like Gin from the Elemental Assassin Series. She’s badass, loyal, and she’s an awesome cook! I’d definitely want to be her friend.

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  34. Yikes–you guys are awesome! I got busy at work and fell behind with my comments!

    @elaing–LOL. I seem to be the only one worried about Al and Newt, but you’re right. Jenks would be great fun.

    @She…I like a BFF who enjoys a good meal, now that you mention it πŸ™‚

    @Gabriella..Oh, thank you. I was thinking “Jaz Parks” and wracking my brain to fit her to Linda Wisdom. It’s okay. Caffeine will do that–LOL.

    @Theresa–I don’t know Mia or that book *makes note* another one I need to check out.

    @Autumn…Cormac! Love love love him. But I don’t want to be his friend if you know what I mean. Uh, right. That’s for tomorrow. Kitty would be fun.

    Mariska–*sigh* Okay, I’ll let you have all three of them. They’re kind of a package deal, aren’t they?

    @Jennifer and @Llehn…two more I don’t know, although Elena got another vote. I dunno, Llehn, Morpheus sounds kind of scary.

    @Danni–come back tomorrow for Who’s Your Fictional Soulmate! But I agree about Gin–a friend who can smoke a good pork butt is a good thing.

    @donna–another JD Robb fan!

  35. I’m torn between Simon from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare or Christian form Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead!They are not a primer hero character, more like second best, but my heart goes deep for them LOL.

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  36. Hard questions!! but if i had to narrow it down..my literary BFFs would be Gin Blanco and Finnegan Lane from the Elemental Assissan series by Jennifer Estep. They seem like they would be dangerously but fun company.

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  37. For me, it’s definitely Bartimaeus from The Bartimaeus Trilogy & The Ring of Solomon. He’s a sarcastic djinn so both of us can enjoy mocking each other (and other people). Plus he could change his appearance so it’ll be nice to hangout with (unless he showed up as pygmy hippo in skirt). He’ll be my BFF as long as he doesn’t plan to eat me…

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  38. This is definitely a hard question. At first, I thought Cat Crawford from the Night Huntress series. But she’d kick my ass because I lusted after her man, so that wouldn’t work. I’d have to go with Peabody from the In Death series as well – I could get close enough to Roarke to get occasional glimpses while keeping clear of the steely-eyed Dallas.

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  39. If I would choose who to be my BFF would actually choose Vee Sky of Hush Hush, the fact that she is always behind Nora all the time, even if they have arguments she still understand what Nora is going through, for that I want Vee as my own BFF she is one true friend that I would want to have and would totally true. One more thing about Vee is that she is very outspoken and knows Nora very much that even if she frankly tells Nora stupid things, Nora would just agree just because its ridiculously true. I would want that same trait for a real BFF.

    Thanks for another great giveaway you got here πŸ™‚
    I just love joining every contest that you have…
    and if I could make a request about the book to be given away… I would more likely want Goddess Test by Aimee Carter been hearing lots of good things about it, just suggesting hope you don’t mind… but if you do… please ignore this.

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  40. Well, I have such a great real life best friend…but we always want to hang out with the Weasley twins. I mean, they don’t get themselves in a ton of REAL trouble, just hilarious pranks. It would be good times for all. (I know, I really like Harry Potter.)

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  41. Tiny Cooper of Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. Hands down. Never had a gay friend irl and I’d totally love to hang out with him. He’s this super funny and honest pal. Even most people who have read the book would agree that Tiny should have a book of his own. He is THAT awesome.

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  42. I like Rachel as a BFF too. She is pretty awesome! Also, Wanderer from The Host would be a super awesome story teller and she seems loyal once she is humanized a bit. Claire from Morganville Vampires too. Oh, and Tally from Uglies. Ok, this list could go on an on.

    Thanks for the contest!

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