Review & Contest:: DARK JENNY by Alex Bledsoe

Happy  Sunday. Did you know that April is National Anxiety Month? Maybe that explains that jittery feeling I have…no, wait, that’s because I have so much to do this month as I start revisions on the second book in my New Orleans series. Yay! Or would that be Yikes!

Today, though, I want to talk about a new release last week called Dark Jenny, and I’ll be giving away a copy, so read through to the end of the post because you really do want to read this one. Take my word for it. First the official blurb:

ABOUT DARK JENNY: For twenty-five gold pieces a day, plus expenses, Eddie LaCrosse will take on most any case. But the unexpected delivery of a coffin in the dead of winter forces LaCrosse to look back at a bygone chapter in his past—and the premeditated murder of a dream. Ruled by the noble King Marcus Drake, the island kingdom of Grand Braun is an oasis of peace and justice in an imperfect world. At least until the beautiful Queen Jennifer is accused of adultery and murder. In the wrong castle at the wrong time, Eddie finds himself drafted at sword’s point to solve the mystery. With time running out, and powerful nobles all too eager to pin the murder on Eddie himself, he must untangle a tangled web of palace intrigues, buried secrets, and bewitching women—before the entire kingdom erupts into civil war. Murder, mystery, and magic—just another day on the job for Eddie LaCrosse.

MY THOUGHTS:  This is the third Eddie LaCrosse book but each is a self-contained mystery so no prior knowledge of the series is needed to enjoy the ride. And it’s a fun one. I love the universe Alex Bledsoe has created for Eddie LaCrosse because it’s such a unique mix of epic fantasy, traditional mystery, and urban fantasy.  You have a snarky, self-deprecating, modern-feeling sort of knight errant in Eddie (technically, in his world, known as a “sword jockey,” or knight-for-hire). You know him—he plays outside the rulebook, but has his own code of honor. Just sarcastic enough to be witty without crossing the line into annoying.

                In Dark Jenny, Eddie takes us back through a life-changing murder mystery in his past, with gallant knights, poisoned apples, and a beautiful queen who isn’t at all what she seems. 
                Bledsoe puts a modern spin on fantasy that’s a breath of fresh air after too many epic quest adventures.  There’s nothing else out there like this series, and I highly recommend it!
Want to win a copy of Dark Jenny? Just tell me your favorite knight, if you have one. If not, just tell me you want it! As always, +1 for comment, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, and +1 for a Tweet or Retweet.
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26 thoughts on “Review & Contest:: DARK JENNY by Alex Bledsoe

  1. Favorite knight? It would be impossible to choose. Can I pick the entire cast of Monty Python and the Holy Grail? 🙂

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  2. Hey Suzanne! I’ve been off the radar in the writing world for a few weeks, (darn that ‘real’ world and its distractions :), but your post came up on my fb wall and intrigued me. Glad I clicked through, this sounds like a great series! Another one of your recommendations to add to my impossibly long list! I think I’m going to demand a beach vacation (alone:) and slam out all the books I have to write then I can sit back and work my way through the huge tbr pile I’ve amassed from reading your blog!
    Good luck with edits and revisions, you know I can’t wait for the NOLA books to arrive; and another Chenoire would be nice, (hint, hint 😉

  3. This looks like a fun one. Want it! My favorite knight would be one of the knights of the round table because I love Arthurian legends.

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  4. No favorite knight from me, but Eddie sounds like he could fill that void for me!

    I’m also with Rachel Lynne, another Chenoire please!!!! I love it!

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  5. Thanks for the comments–you won’t regret winning this one!

    And thanks for the “Chenoire” comments *blushes* — you guys are awesome. I have a new story called “Intervention” that features the sexy Warin cousins from my NOLA series. Hope to post it around May 1. Stay tuned!

  6. Lancelot, of course. He was cocky but did love Guenievere. No small ego there. Dark Jenny sounds good. Eddie sounds like my kind of guy.

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  7. well does movies count? health ledger in A Knight’s Tale 😉

    would love to read this, thanks for the chance.

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  8. awesome review Suzanne! Havent heard much about this one but your thoughts have intrigued me! I’ll be on the lookout for this read… thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. No knight for me (I guess that I don’t know any apart fron Lancelot) but I’d like to be entered!

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    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  10. My favorite knight would be… Michael Knight 😉

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  11. For my favorite knight, I’ll have to go back to YA and say Tamora Pierce’s Alanna…

    I follow on twitter!