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A quick bit of news: Make sure you stop by the blog next Tuesday for my—gasp—cover debut. Yep, I’ll be rolling out the cover for Royal Street, and I can’t wait for you to see it—woot!
Today, though, I’d like to welcome a terrific author, Kathryne Kennedy, whose new fantasy romance, The Lady of the Storm, was released August 1 by Sourcebooks Casablanca. Think masterful worldbuilding and Elven Lords. Sigh. I’m always fascinated by how authors build their worlds and the creatures who populate them. I’m especially interested in elves. (And read through to the end for a chance to win one of two copies we’re giving away today!)
Creating the Mythos of the Elven Lords in The Lady of the Storm
Thank you so much, Suzanne, for having me here today!  I’m looking forward to talking with your readers!
Whenever I think of elves, I always picture the Sidhe of mythology, the race of tall beings with extraordinary beauty and magical powers…not the little Keebler guys. Thank goodness for the Tolkien books and movies, which featured an elven race, because it made it much easier to explain my own characters (and Legolas became my very own muse) to people who were not avid fantasy readers.
I started with the established, basic mythology of a race of beings living in a world parallel to ours, but who had disappeared, closing the doorway between worlds behind them. But the similarity ends there, and I let my imagination run wild with “what ifs.” What if the elven closed the door because the elven race had advanced to a peaceful people, and they decided to leave humans to their own devices and evolution?
This closed off the magic from their world of Elfhame. The elven feared that humans had enough difficulty finding their own path to peace without it. Unfortunately, they had not completely eradicated the ‘madness’ (as they viewed it) for war, power, and chaos from their own people. Seven elven stole powerful scepters and somehow used them to open the doorway to earth once again. I gave each of the scepters a particular power, tuned to the mad elven and their dragon-steeds. (I am often asked why I create things the way I do. I can only say that it develops organically for me.) They conquered England, where the most powerful doorway still existed, and divided it up into seven sovereignties. With their own particular magic, they changed the landscape with their powers. And pitted humans against one another in battles, like chess on a grand scale, with the king of England as the trophy.
And humans and the half-breed children of the elven began the Rebellion for England’s freedom.
In the first book of The Elven Lords, THE FIRE LORD’S LOVER, the sovereignty of Firehame is introduced, and we meet the elven lord who rules it, and experience the changes to London that resulted from the invasion. In THE LADY OF THE STORM, I had the opportunity to really introduce some of the other lands when my hero, Giles Beaumont, and my heroine, Lady Cecily, set off on a quest to find her missing stepfather. They leave Dewhame, a land of waterfalls and fountains and rain, and travel to Firehame, with its flame trees and fiery palace. They venture into Stonehame, where the elven lady had called up mountains of quartz from beneath her land, and created gemstones never before seen. My hero and heroine also discover the Seven Corners of Hell, where all the magics meet in a forest of chaos, and answer some important questions to aid the Rebellion.
There are more lands to discover, and more mysteries of the elven lords to uncover, and I’m looking forward to finding them out as I write. I would love for readers to share their own favorite mythos. I look forward to the comments!
My Magical Best,
            Giles is bound to protect her…In a kingdom viciously ruled by warlike elven lords, village blacksmith Giles Beaumont reluctantly swears to protect the half-elf, half-human Cecily Sutton, never dreaming that he will fall under her enchanting spell.
            But duty soon turns to desire…When Cecily’s father disappears, Cecily and Giles set out to find him. But, as their journey unfolds, duty is quickly replaced by desire—and the search for Cecily’s father leads to a magical destiny that could end the rule of the elven lords forever…
Kathryne Kennedy is an acclaimed, best-selling, award-winning author of magical romances. She welcomes readers to visit her website where she has ongoing contests at She’s lived in Guam, Okinawa, and several states in the U.S., and currently lives with her wonderful family in Arizona, where she is working on the next book in The Elven Lords series, The Lord of Illusion (February 2012).
Thank you, Kathryne! Want to win a copy of The Lady of the Storm? Tell us your favorite mythos—vampires, werewolves, elves, trolls. (Okay, if you say trolls I’m going to wonder about you.) You know the drill: +1 for comment, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, and +1 for Tweet or Retweet. Play those harps!
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  1. I would not say troll…ugh..I’m not into the zombie craze either. I love vampires , fallen angels and fey. I actually had not read anything with elves until Kim Harrison’s Hollow series (Trent Kalamac) He was one hot elve 😉 Thanks for the contest and I can’t wait to see your cover Suzanne =)
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  2. I actually like non greek/roman mythology. Norse, American Indian etc. looking foward to the cover reveal Suzanne.

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  3. Ooh, elves! I don’t know if I have a favorite mythos. If I had to choose, it would probably be the Greek gods. I actually majored in Classical Studies in college. 🙂

  4. I keep trying to convince my undergraduate student worker that Zombies are the new Vampires, but she really doesn’t buy this…or care. Frankly, I’m kind of human-centric. I think Zombies and Vampires would be too chilly to cuddle up with, and Were-anything might be kind of stinky.

    Maybe Mermen…granted, they might be a little chilly, but they would always smell of the ocean and you could drag them up on the sand to warm up in the sun a bit…

  5. Kathryne,

    I’m so glad you were able to put the first book in this series up as an Amazon Free Read, at the same time as my book was posted there.

    I ‘discovered’ you that way, and look forward to the next book in the series.

    Love your blended old England, and who doesn’t love elves? I pictured one of Legolas’ elf cronies, can’t remember his name, in the hero’s role.


  6. Sounds like quite a magical and fascinating world! I like mythos in my stories and vampires are right up there as my favourite. They a classic and with good reason, I hope they stick around for a long time.

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  7. I love the Korean myth about the Gumiho, a fox spirit.

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  8. For years, my answer would have been vampires, without hesitation. A couple of years ago, though, I read a couple of books featuring elves.. and I loved now. Now my favorite is elves. Ask me, again, in a few months, and I’m sure my answer will be different! LOL

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    Tracey D
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  9. My favorite is definitely elves, although I would really like to see more stories about sprites! Thanks for a great review and giveaway:)

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