Did You Win a Book This Week?

Happy Sunday! You know what time it is 🙂
A brief preview of what’s coming up next week. Tomorrow, we’ll have a lollapalooza of a Reader’s Choice contest as we look at all those new releases coming out this week. And there are a pile of them!

I’ll also be reviewing some newish books, and one day—you’ll have to check back and see which one—will be doing another multi-book “housecleaning” giveaway. I’m drowning in books over here! If you hear a crash from the vicinity of Auburn, Alabama, it could be the Auburn U football team crashing and burning, or it could be me, being crushed beneath towering piles of books.

Did you win a book last week? Here are our weekly winners—lots of books going out this time. Email me at suzannej3523@gmail.com with your snail-mail info if you see your name.

Congrats to LISAILJ for winning the five-book YA housecleaning gift pack.

Congrats to KULSUMA for winning the week’s Reader’s Choice contest. She picked Beautiful Chaos.

Congrats to FERRETVAMP14 for winning Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Insider.

Congrats to KRISTA for winning Kylie Chan’s Dark Heavens trilogy.

 Congrats to JenM for winning Scott Tracey’s Witch Eyes.

Don’t forget to comment for the big YA giveaway!

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7 thoughts on “Did You Win a Book This Week?

  1. Excuse me while I dance around the room. WOO HOO!!! I am very excited about winning the YA 5 Pack. I LOVED Die For Me, and now it shall be mine. Not that I am not excited about the other books, cause I AM! I just e-mailed you my info.

    To imagine what me dancing around the looks like, think the Peanuts theme song and me hopping around and doing the Peanuts Dance.