Where Are the Pets in Paranormal? Meet Trish McCallan and win FORGED IN FIRE

Today, I’d like to welcome author Trish McCallan to the blog. Trish has a new, hot series inspired by some of our favorite immortal warriors (you know–the ones with nhames like Rhage and Zhadist). The first, Forged in Fire, was released last month–and Trish is giving an ebook away to one commenter today. Read on for details!

Take it away, Trish!

A Big THANK YOU!! To Suzanne for hosting me today.
I had this blog all figured out last night.
I was going to talk about sexy warrior brotherhoods and the bonds between alpha heroes. I was going to delve into the emotional make-up between the warriors of various series. Like the vampire warriors of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, or Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed. Or the shifter brotherhoods of Lora Leigh and Marjorie Moore. Or the special forces brotherhoods of Suzanne Brockman, Stephanie Tyler and Christy Reece. 
And then I was going to segue into my own debut paranormal romantic suspense, Forged in Fire, and how those same bonds of warrior brotherhood played across the series. Yep, that was my plan.
Until I made an off-the-cuff comment to a friend yesterday, which started my mind on a whole new train of thought. And the more I thought about this off-the-cuff comment, the more profoundly disturbing it became.
This is what happened. My friend was complaining that she couldn’t think of anything to guest blog about. So in the interest of helping out I started firing off topics and without even thinking about it, I lobbed this—“Or you could do a blog exploring why there aren’t any pets in paranormal romances.”
Whoa, back up a minute. Yeah, come to think of it, where have all the animals gone???
The pets I mean. The dogs. The cats. The odd monkey or horse or goat. What happened to everyone’s pets?  The only series I could think of off the top of my head that has pets is Ward’s BDB. But everyone knows that Boo and George aren’t your average everyday animals. No way. There is something suspicious about those two. Think about how fast Boo welcomed Wrath into Beth’s apartment, and how George charmed Wrath so completely and so quickly. I have golden retrievers–yeah, they can be charming. But Wrath was the biggest, baddest vampire in the house and George had him twisted around his tail feathering in under a second? I don’t think so. There is more to Boo and George than meets the eye. They’re probably the Scribe Virgin in disguise, or some transformed fallen angels. But whatever they are, no question they are more than your ordinary dog or cat.
But even then, even with George and Boo—what about the rest of the paranormal books out there? What happened to those pets? And it isn’t just books. Think of the popular televisions shows like Vampire Diaries, or Moonlight. And what about popular movies like Twilight.
Where have all the pets gone?
Since I have a disturbing mind, I began mulling this question over. And a couple of immediate possibilities leapt to mind.  Both of them rather. . .okay, the only word for it is disturbing. (so sue me, I like that word) We know that shifters become both animalistic and territorial when they morph into their inner wolf, tiger or werenot. They also often become ravenously hungry and give in to the impulse to hunt and eat…..yeah, just saying. I mean it would make sense why you don’t see many dogs or cats around shifter residences.
And then there are all those “Good” vampires—the ones like Stephan from Vampire Diaries or Edward from Twilight who are constantly struggling against their inner demon and survive by sipping squirrel or deer blood. Maybe they snacked a bit too close to home and drained FiFi or Rover by accident.
Right now I am almost done with Cynthia Eden’s Never Cry Wolf, and there is nary a pet in sight. There wasn’t in the last dark paranormal romance I read either. 
What about the rest of you? Any of you read a paranormal romance lately where the hero or heroine had a pet? One that didn’t suddenly up and disappear? 
Drop me a comment for a chance to win a free eBook of Forged in Fire—my debut paranormal romantic suspense—which, come to think of it, doesn’t have any pets in it either . . . .
Thanks, Trish! I loved this column–I’m such a dog lover. I’ll throw a couple into the mix: In the Dresden File series by Jim Butcher, Harry Dresden has a cat, Mister, and later gets a magical dog. And in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, Mercy has a cat but I can’t remember his name offhand. My series heroine, DJ, adopts a Katrina dog named Gandalf in the first book, and also ends up with a cantankerous Siamese named Sebastian.
ABOUT THE BOOK: Beth Brown doesn’t believe in premonitions until she dreams a sexy stranger is gunned down during the brutal hijacking of a commercial airliner. When events in her dream start coming true, she heads to the flight’s departure gate. To her shock, she recognizes the man she’d watched die the night before….Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters comes from a bloodline of elite warriors with psychic abilities. When Zane and two of his platoon buddies arrive at Sea-Tac Airport, he has a vision of his teammates’ corpses. Then she arrives—a leggy blonde who sets off a different kind of alarm….As Beth teams up with Zane, they discover the hijacking is the first step in a secret cartel’s deadly global agenda and that key personnel within the FBI are compromised. To survive the forces mobilizing against them, Beth will need to open herself to a psychic connection with the sexy SEAL who claims to be her soul mate.
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35 thoughts on “Where Are the Pets in Paranormal? Meet Trish McCallan and win FORGED IN FIRE

  1. I think, especially in the case of were-whatevers, that the characters ARE their own pets. I mean, who needs a pet pirahna when you can become one at high tide? And yes, I do realize that pirahna are freshwater species. But you get my point.

    And it’s pretty tough to take care of a pet when you have to rush off and save the world every couple of hours. Unless they can clean their own litter box and have one of those auto feeder things.

  2. Ha, good points, Teri! I feel like my books are full of animals…it’s just that they walk upright sometimes. Plus, if you have a werewolf as a significant other (or you are one), that cat probably looks mighty tasty at least once a month. Maybe all the paranormal pets got “et.”

  3. But Teri,

    It’s so hard to cuddle with yourself, even in were-form. ROTFLMAO But yeah, they are so busy saving their heroine, the pack and the rest of the county, any pets would have to fend for themselves. If they weren’t eaten first. (snicker

  4. Suzanne,

    It does seem like the DPR are full of animals- just not sure I’d call them pets. More like heroes or heroine’s, or villains. lol

  5. I read mysterys and it seems like they have a lot of pets. But I can’t think of too many paranormal books with pets. I suspect that all of the pets either get eaten or leave for a safer home.

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  6. Sookie Stackhouse had a cat, for like 2 seconds before it was murdered in the first book, so sad. Completely agree not enough pets in books! Teen book White Cat by Holly Black also has a cat, but it too disappears after the first book. Wow this is something to think about!

  7. I enjoyed this blog post! My YA fantasy, The Waiting Booth, is one with a pet character. Mia has a cairn terrier named Biscuit. I am quite fond of Biscuit and feel he offers much to the story. 😉

  8. @Krista…That’s right–I forgot about Sookie’s dead cat. Also, her witch friend Amelia accidentally turned her boyfriend Bob into a tomcat, but I don’t know if that counts.

    @Brinda…terriers are naturals for fiction because they’re so smart and devious (I own one, so believe me, I know). Also thought of another one: Angie Fox’s Demon Slayer series has a Jack Russell named Bandit who plays a big role.

  9. Kim Harrison’s the Hollows series: Rachel has a church cat [Jenks’ kids tease it a lot]& Ivy has/had owl’s in the attic.

  10. Really good points. Lara Adrian’s Breed series does have a pet dog in the early books. But thats just one. And I have seen them briefly appear but then leave in others. Like a quick mention. But it seems like dogs and shifters would not get along, there can only be one Alpha. And Ive seen some mixed relations between cats and vampires, although Im not sure why they would have issues. But they are definitely few and far between.

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    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  11. You know, that’s an interesting thought. I wonder if the lack of pets is because the shifters might take offense to keeping another animal as a pet? That would be the case in my worlds. On the other hand, if Jim Butcher’s Wizard has a cat, that makes sense. Familiars and all.

    But you know, now that you mention it, there really don’t seem to be too many out there… Not that I’ve run across.

  12. Your right…there are not a lot of books with pets. I did just read Christina Henry’s series Black night…Mad had Biz who is a gargoyle and he’s like her pet. She is very protective of him. Oh!! Vampire Empire by Clay and Susan Griffith. At the end Adele gets a cat from the Greyfriar…I was so teary eyed. Loved that pet. Thanks so much for the giveaway.
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  13. The biggest problem with pets in PR is that the hero and heroine are always running around. Hard to care for a pet. But, Jeaniene Frost takes care of it brilliantly in her Night Huntress series. The heroine has a cat. I’ve also added a cat for my heroine in my co-written book. So, it can be done, just not so easy.

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  14. Loved the blog! LOL! I had never thought about it, but I guess having pets would tie the characters to daily routines they don’t have time for. But it would make them more “human”, 😉


  15. I know in the Anita Blake Series Jason makes a comment about adopting a dog and Anita tells him what a bad idea that would be. The dog can sense his inner wolf, or something like that.

    Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but isn’t there a pet in Christine Feehan’s Drake Sisters?

    I think in most books there is just too much going on to keep track of a pet. Especially if you have to feed and walk it.

    Thanks for the awesome interview. Great topic.

  16. Krista,

    If I were a cat, I think I’d avoid dark paranormal romances or urban fantasy. It sounds like they have a bad habit of disappearing.

  17. Brinda,

    Biscuit, what a cute name for a terrier. They really do add alot of personality to books. All animals do. But terriers are such alot of personality in such a tiny package, I can easily see one becoming a main character in a series.

  18. Roger,

    An owl in the attic. That almost sounds like a title in itself. I can actually see where an owl would be really cool pet for a character in an urban fantasy. Kind of a wild pet.

  19. Donna,

    I remembered Harvard (he named the dog after the nickname they’d given Chase, right?) right after I sent the blog to Suzanne. But then I got to thinking that you never really read about the dog anyway. He seems to have disappeared.

  20. Julianna,

    I hadn’t thought about them not wanting to keep pets because it might hit too close to home. But that raises another question. When the H/h are in were-form, I wonder if they could communicate with their pets. *bg

    If someone were to to do a light-hearted shifter series, I could see alot of funny moments attached to something like that.

  21. Tina,

    I think adding a pet to the mix would add some extra depth and dimension. I’ve had pets in every book but Forged in Fire. I didn’t even notice there wasn’t one until I started thinking about this blog.

    There definitely needs to be a pet in the second book in the Forged series.

  22. Rebecca,

    I would make the characters more human. It would also give the reader a quick way to connect with them. And having a pet would bring the “other world” into this world. I can see big advantages. It would also add another layer of responsibility for the hero/heroine making them even more accessible.

  23. Danni,

    Yes, probably what it boils down to is that the author doesn’t want to have to keep track of a pet. Where it is, who is taking care of it. I mean think how bad it would reflect on the H/h is they had a dog in the beginning and then had to go on the run and the dog was never mentioned, never worried about. I’m sure it’s just easier not to have one.

    Which is why I am going to have to include one in my next book. lol

    I love a challenge.

  24. Congratulations on your debut, Trish! Your story combines two of my favourite sub-genres of romances, that is paranormal and romantic suspense.

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    Cambonified (at) yahoo (dot) com

  25. Now that you mention it, there really aren’t a lot of pets in paranormal romance… but I do have to agree with a commenter above in that it’s hard to have pets around when the hero and heroine is always on the go and busy somewhere and are hardly ever at home. That’s why I’ve come to appreciate and like Boo and George in the BDB books!

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  26. a pet? no. recently i didn’t have time to read. the last one would be harry potter and his pet owl hedwig XD

    witchvela at web dot de

  27. Thanks Na,

    Sounds like we have very similar tastes. Paranormal and suspense are my two favorite sub-genre’s too. When I can find them combined, yeah- it doesn’t get any better. *g

  28. Winnie,

    I love Bo and George in the BDB too. It’s so cute how they all fight over who gets to cuddle with the cat during their movie nights. lol

    Or when the brothers are playing pool. Just like it’s so cute how Rhage is with the popcorn machine. It’s those little touches that make the series so great!

  29. Yto,

    An owl as a pet has been mentioned for a couple of books now. Personally, I would love a wild owl as a pet. lol

  30. Jennifer,

    I suppose the hero has enough to protect, doesn’t he?

    This thread has given me an idea for the next book though. *bg