From the Royal Street Photo Album and Last Call for Entries

My giveaway announcements have moved to SUNDAYS so just a reminder today that you can still enter this week’s contests. Read on for the links (and if the links don’t work for some reason…like I messed them up…you can always keep scrolling down).
First, a couple of photos from my Royal Street photo album. My characters live in New Orleans, and the story takes place just before and after Hurricane Katrina. My heroine, DJ, is a junior wizard sentinel. She lives in the Uptown area–I will show you the inspiration for her house another time. Today, we’ll look at the area where she grew up and where her boss and mentor, Gerry St. Simon, lives.

It’s a residential area just north of downtown New Orleans called Lakeview. (New Orleans is a city made up of more than 60 distinctive neighborhoods, and Lakeview is sort of between Mid City and Lake Pontchartrain.) I lived in Lakeview when I first moved to New Orleans, in a rental house that was on Bellaire Drive (later, I bought a house located Uptown). I loved the house on Bellaire, which had a big, upward-sloping backyard that backed onto the 17th Street Canal levee. 
So when I wrote Royal Street, I gave Gerry my Lakeview house, not just because I knew the interior well enough to envision it as I wrote, but also because it was only a few blocks from the big 17th Street Canal levee breach after Katrina, one of the breaches that eventually filled up the city of New Orleans with water from Lake Pontchartrain like it was a big soup bowl. 
I’ll show a picture of the actual house later, but here’s the scene that greeted DJ on Bellaire Drive when she came back to New Orleans two weeks after the storm and went looking for Gerry. He had stayed at his house in Lakeview during Katrina and went missing shortly afterward. Needless to say, she had to have a boat to get to his house (and a good story to slip past the National Guardsmen posted to keep people out).
A few weeks later, the street looked like this, and she needed shrimp boots to get through the muck. 
I’ll be posting more pictures from the Royal Street Photo Album from time to time. Some of them won’t be this grim. A lot of the photos will be from my own photo albums, but these aren’t–as a regular citizen I wasn’t allowed back into the city until six weeks after the storm. Bellaire looked pretty much like this except all the mud that coated everything had dried and cracked like alligator skin.

Now for the giveaways!
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  1. I love New Orleans =) I’ve never had the opportunity to live there, but we go and visit. Do the touristy thing 😉 Thanks for sharing.