Is That a Werewolf in Your Stocking? A Shopping Guide

Yesterday, we looked at vampire shopping…but what if you like a little more fur than fang? A little body heat instead of cool comfort? A little…okay, you get the picture.

In response, here’s your werewolf shopping guide for the 2011 holiday season…and just to spice it up, I’ll draw one commenter for a nice, wolfy prize. Most of these items can be found at Etsy, which has to be the coolest site on the web. Read on….

1. The “Are You a Werewolf” Game
To play with those hairy friends you just aren’t sure about. Touted as “a game of deception,
 paranoia, and mob rule.”

2. The Wetworks Werewolf Action Figure
Think all WWs look like Alcide? I got one word for you. Ewwwww.
3. The Werewolf Pinata
Because there’s nothing to liven up a party like bashing a big old monster full of candy. 
Spotted on Etsy.
4. Werewolf Soap
No, it’s not MADE of werewolves. The maker says this is “a sexy, animalistic fragrance” that 
includes ground loofah to give it a bite. Heh.
5. Were-head Warmth
I love this Etsy find: a Werewolf Hat from the folks at BeastWares. I mean, this is so hot, it’s cool.
6. DIY Werewolves
So, send this artist a photo of your significant other, and get a pillow with him or her as a 
werewolf. Makes you want to howl, yes?
7. Always Be Prepared
Just in case your Saturday night date goes furry on you, whip off these silver
 bullet earrings, and pop ’em in…well, guess you need a gun, too.
8. Werewolf and Monster Salt and Pepper Shakers
Because nothing picks up the appetite like having something hairy on the table. 
9. Hot Stuff
Do werewolves ever get cold feet? Of course not. Here’s why.
10. Well, you know.
So, what’s your favorite? Seen any other good werewolf stuff? I’ll pick out one commenter to get your choice of the werewolf earrings or the soap. Hmm. Choices, choices. You know the drill: one entry for comment, one for blog follow, one for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, and one for Tweet or Retweet of the contest. Howl!
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26 thoughts on “Is That a Werewolf in Your Stocking? A Shopping Guide

  1. Trying to explain to co-workers why I am cracking up. The Werewolf Pinata just made me lose it. Too funny! Also, I love the last photo, thanks for putting that one it.
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  2. Husband: “Honey, you got a package in the mail!”
    *Wife runs over and begins tearing off tape, and pulls out a big fluffy pillow with her husband’s face on a werewolf body*
    Wife: “Sweetie, you’ll be sleeping on the couch from now on. I no longer have use for you.”
    lol That’s the funniest thing ever!

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    Total: 4 entries

    Awesome giveaway. Those earrings are too awesome. I could see someone like Selene (Underworld Trilogy) wearing them. Gimmie-Gimmie! 😀

  3. Alcide! I love all of these gift ideas. The earrings aren’t only fun but pretty too.

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

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