Seven-Sentence Sunday (and Did You Win a Book This Week?)

 Happy Sunday!

First, thanks to Constant Reader Roger for letting me know that Royal Street is a “Top 12 for 2012” pick by Abigail over at the wonderful All Things Urban Fantasy blog–how cool is that?! You can see it HERE. Also, the blog is collecting votes as part of its annual cover awards, and Royal Street is one of the “Sneak Peek” nominees–I hope you’ll go over and vote! The link is HERE
I’m not really organized enough to officially join the Six-Sentence Sunday project—authors sign up early in the week with a link to their blog sites, where they run a six-sentence excerpt on Sunday: from a work-in-progress, a published novel or short story, whatever. If you want to see the official site, you can check it out here.

Since I’m not an official participant, I’ll go with a Seven-Sentence Sunday instead. Today’s sentences are pulled from the first chapter of my debut urban fantasy, Royal Street. Junior wizard DJ, has pulled her first big assignment three days before Hurricane Katrina hits: catching the undead pirate Jean Lafitte, who’s been summoned by a “sixth-senser” human, and sending him back to the Beyond. She’s met him at a secluded cabin near Delacroix, outside New Orleans. He thinks they’re going to have a romantic rendezvous. She might have slipped him a little immobilization potion:

Lafitte poured himself another drink and relaxed in one of two old wooden chairs we’d retrieved from the cabin’s dusty interior. “I know you do not want to betray your mentor, Jolie, but…”

He frowned and set the wine glass on the table, flexing his fingers and looking at them as though they belonged on someone else’s hands. “Something is amiss,” he muttered, and cast a suspicious glance at me.

I backed away, just in case he could still move when he figured out Jolie had caused his sudden loss of dexterity.

Within seconds, he’d lost use of his hands and feet. He stared at me in outrage.

Now, on to the business of the day. Did you win a book last week? Here are our weekly winners—and remember the Gently Used Kindle giveaway continues with your last four chances to win next Friday.

Email me at with your snail-mail info if you see your name.

Congrats to BRINDA and ELAING8 for winning Terry Spear’s Dreaming of the Wolf.

Congrats to BUDDYT for winning the week’s Reader’s Choice contest. She chose Broken Blade by Kelly McCullough.

Congrats to MIDNIGHT for winning Jane Kindred’s The Fallen Queen.

See you all tomorrow for a HUGE Reader’s Choice! (I mean REALLY huge.)

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