Jean Lafitte Discovers Modern Plumbing (& Did You W*n a Book This Week?)

Welcome to Scene-Snippet Sunday!

Every Sunday, I share a snippet of a scene from one of my books–a different one for my various sites. Over at the Susannah Sandlin blog today is a scene snippet from book two in the Penton Legacy series, Absolution. At my official website is a scene from the second Sentinels of New Orleans book, River Road, wherein the undead pirate Jean Lafitte talks on a cell phone. And in this scene, also from River Road, he waxes enthusiastic over modern plumbing.

DJ has been wading through the swampy land near the mouth of the Mississippi River, looking for murder clues, and has gotten filthy. She’s in rushes taller than her and keeps hearing noises, so she’s jumpy. Finally, Jean comes looking for her and finds her crawling in the mud.

     Jean grabbed an arm and hauled me to my feet, raising his eyebrows as I turned to face him. He held his bulky pistol in his right hand. “I was searching for you after hearing the call of a cocodrie.”
     “Holy s*hit.” That grunting noise was an alligator? I needed to go home and have a drink.
     Jean frowned. “You should not use such language, Jolie. It is not befi tting a young woman. And why are you coated with mud? You must avail yourself of a . . .” he frowned as he sought
the word he wanted “. . . shower. There is a room in my hotel suite in which water comes from the wall and one may bathe standing up.”
     Imagine that.

See you tomorrow…oh, wait. That’s right…it’s time to announce this week’s winners. Silly me.

And…here we go! I’m firing up

If you see your name, please email me HERE with the appropriate information. I’m a little behind with my mailings but determined to catch up this week. Any prize unclaimed after a couple of weeks is fair game to be thrown back in the giveaway pile…

MARIE-CLAUDE won the two steampunk books by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, from their Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series. These are print books, so I will need a physical mailing address.

Okay, here we go with the “Towering TBR Thursday” winners. Each winner wins a four-book grab bag in the designated genre:

SPAZ won the “Towering TBR Thursday” science-fiction grouping, which includes space opera, techno punk, steampunk, time-travels, alt history, etc. I need a mailing address, plus if you have specific subgenres you like, let me know. I might or might not have what you like.

SANDYG won the “Towering TBR Thursday” urban fantasy/pararom grouping. Ditto on the mailing address, and if you prefer UF or PNR, or a mix.

GALENA won the “Towering TBR Thursday” YA grouping. All of these are paranormals, and all print, so I need physical mailing address.

SUSAN won the “Towering TBR Thursday” Fantasy grouping. Again, need the physical mailing address.

SARAH ELIZABETH won the Amy Kathleen Ryan YA books, Glow and Spark. These also are print books, so I need the physical addy.

DISINCENTIVE won the week’s Reader’s Choice award and chose The Unquiet. This is choice of print or ebook, so let me know which you prefer and, if ebook, the format.

5 thoughts on “Jean Lafitte Discovers Modern Plumbing (& Did You W*n a Book This Week?)

  1. Congrats to the winners =) Thanks for the Jean Lafitte clip…I can’t wait for book 2. I miss all the characters….absolutely loved book 1.

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