Weekly W*nners & Scene-Snippet Sunday

It’s Scene-Snippet Sunday time! There’s a scene snippet from alter-ego Susannah Sandlin’s vampire paranormal romance, Redemption, over at that blog. Find it HERE. I have a snippet from River Road, the followup to Royal Street that’s coming in November, over at my “official” website HERE.

And just for really long-term tease, here’s a snippet from Elysian Fields, book three in the series. It won’t be out until August of next year, so enjoy the snippets!

In this scene, near the beginning of the book, DJ has been accompanied to central Louisiana swamp country to settle a weregator-merman dispute, with Jake Warin as backup. They have finished their work and gone to dinner.

     A hostess led us into the main dining room of Clementine’s in New Iberia, plunking our menus down with a perky smile. I’d never experienced a perky day in my life.
     A painting of early 19th-century pirate Jean Lafitte hung on the gold-painted wall facing my chair, eyes glittering with amusement as if pondering a new round of mayhem and thievery. 

    I couldn’t escape the pirate, even with him in New Orleans reigning as the city’s most famous member of the historical undead and me four parishes and a hundred miles away. The historical undead were formerly famous humans given immortality by the magic of human memory; I’d be dealing with the pirate for a very, very long time. 
      “You gonna stop staring at your pirate boyfriend and sit?” Jake plopped in a chair directly beneath the portrait. 
     Great. I could see both of them without turning my head. Two sexy men with whom I’d enjoyed monumental flirtations but harbored little hope of a future. Jean was technically dead, and Jake had tied himself into such an emotional knot he posed a bigger risk than the unpredictable pirate.
Okay, I know why you’re really here, my pretties. It’s contest-winner-announcement time! If you see your name here, please email me HERE with the appropriate info. Okay, here goes…
AIMEE SNOW, you won an ebook of Laura Kaye’s fabulous West of Want. You don’t need to do anything; I’ll pass your email addy along to Laura!
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That’s it for now. I’m determined to further pare down my TBR piles this week, and you know what that means, so stop by every day to see what’s up for grabs!

2 thoughts on “Weekly W*nners & Scene-Snippet Sunday

  1. I’m glad she’s having dinner with Jake. Although I’m kinda worried Alex might be jealous. Jean won’t be. I mean, he might be, but that’s probably a good thing, undead pirate and all. Can’t wait to see how she got to this point…