Report from Authors After Dark–Friday (& W*n a Cool NOLA Paperweight)

Another rainy day in New Orleans, but it’s a kind of wind-down day for me. We have a luncheon and then a book signing this afternoon, and I’m going out with local friends tonight instead of doing the AAD reception. Sadly, that means I’ll miss out on free books (which I really, really hate to do), but since tomorrow’s the drive home, it’ll be my last chance to visit with folks.

So, Friday was another busy day for us. I started off at 9 a.m. taking another group on the Katrina site tour and we managed to mostly dodge the rain this time, and get back for a luncheon hosted by AAD Director Stella Price. She and her staff do an AMAZING job with this con, with so many authors and great events and fans. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun and really hitting the French Quarter after the day’s events are over. I’m sort of over the FQ after living here so long, and I rarely drink, so the bars and crowds of the quarter don’t hold much allure for me. Yeah, an old party-pooper, that’s me.

After lunch, I sat on a panel talking about humor in urban fantasy and romance with some great authors, including Dakota Cassidy, Judi Fennell, Damon Suede, Mari Freeman and Boone Brux. Boone and Mari and I kind of got swept along in the wake of Dakota and Judi and Damon, who are really gregarious and absolutely hilarious. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of that.

Then came the urban fantasy panel, and I barely managed (very barely) to not go all fangirly over Jeaniene Frost. I did tell her about this blog and you guys convincing me I HAD to read the Night Huntress series and how much I loved it. I was definitely the new kid on this panel, from L-R: Jess Haines, Kelly Gay, me, Jeaniene Frost, and Kristen Painter. Fun panel though (and yes, Jeaniene did reference a “ten-foot penis,” although I don’t think she was referring to Bones specifically–LOL).

On the way out, people were gathering for the Steampunk Tea. Cool costumes! Here’s author PJ Schnyder.

Yikes! It’s 5 p.m. and time to get ready for the Masquerade Ball. I knew everyone was going to be doing the corsets and ballgowns so I decided to be completely goofballs and go as the Ghost of Mardi Gras Past. There were photos made; I’m in the process of getting them destroyed. But you’ll get the idea. Yes, there’s a rubber chicken hanging from the end of a spear. Jester hat. Beads. You might find this hard to believe, but I’m a very, very reserved person. So this was totally out of character for me.

Here are some shots from the ball. Big crowd, nice meal.

Gratuitous food shot of the day–the leek and brie soup, which was amazing. Rest of dinner…meh. I could have baked chicken and roasted asparagus at home, and thought they should have done something more Louisiana-themed.

Photos from Table #2. My author co-host was Boone Brux, doing the elegant thing in black. Why everyone got zombie white-eyes, I don’t know.

Wish I could tell you who everyone is, but without the nametags I was hopeless.

LOVED the witch outfit, but never did catch who it was.

Leanna Renee Hieber was her usual elegant self. She does a fabulous YA series, but also has recently signed a deal with Tor Books, so we’ll be publishing-mates. She always wears these gorgeous steampunkish costumes, even for regular events, and is totally cool. Also a lovely person.

A view of Bourbon Street from hotel balcony. Wall to wall drunk people on a Friday night? Uh, no. You couldn’t pay me to go out in that madhouse!

So, in honor of all the rain we’ve been having this week, today’s giveaway is a gorgeous glass paperweight of New Orleans’ historic water meter covers. The real ones are ancient and made of metal, of course, but they have the Crescent City symbol (NOLA is the crescent city because the Mississippi River winds through the middle of the city in a crescent shape). It’s a really pretty piece. Just leave a comment to be entered. What would you have dressed as for the Masquerade Ball?

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17 thoughts on “Report from Authors After Dark–Friday (& W*n a Cool NOLA Paperweight)

  1. I think Masquerade Balls are cool. I sadly have never been to one though. I think I would love to go in a steampunkish outfit. I know that thats what everyone is doing but I love the style and have always wanted to dress up that way. Who know maybe I will put something together this year to wear when I take my son out on Halloween.

    Thanks for the pictures and updates. Really makes me not feel so left out because I’m not there.

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  2. I would have tried to cobble together something steampunkish. Don’t know how creative it would be though. My office dresses up for Halloween, so I’ve got some ideas…

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  3. Looks like a lot of fun was had. I am not a dressing up kind of girl.I probably wouldn’t have dressed up.

  4. AAD sure looks like a fun event! especially the costumes ๐Ÿ˜€

    i’m not sure what i would wear, i’m not good at dressing up :p

  5. I don’t really dress up (I’m doing good to get out of jeans and athletic shoes) but I always enjoy seeing other people in costumes. Thanks for sharing, your picture of the soup bowl made me hungry!

    elewkf1 at yahoo dot com
    (and I am a follower of your blog at well)

  6. Lovely costumes, thanks for the pics Suzanne! I have my very own witchy costume which I wear to fantasy fairs and such. I like dressing up.