Scene Snippet Sunday (& W*nners): The Greater Mississippi River Nympths

Welcome to scene-snippet Sunday! Today, I have a bit of a scene from RIVER ROAD, which comes out November 13, although you can preorder it, you know 🙂 and if you were to do so and email to let me know, I might just send you one of my nifty new double-sided bookmarks 🙂

Anyway, a lot of RIVER ROAD has to do with the various water species that have moved into New Orleans since Katrina (plus some who were already living among us), including the nymphs, who have become loosely organized under the moniker Greater Mississippi River Nymphs. They’ve just opened an, um, escort service and massage parlor near the French Quarter. DJ has to go and check them out: 

     A small sign on the door of the renovated double said, complete with exclamation points: Greater Mississippi River Nymphs! Escorts and More!!! It looked like every other house-turned-business in this gentrified neighborhood: cute and Victorian, with lots of gingerbread.
     The large front window had been covered with a mural of a river scene. At first glance, the brown river winding through the center of the painting appeared to be surrounded by banks covered in thick trees and brush. Closer inspection showed that among the trees and brush cavorted dozens of nubile young things in various stages of, uh, activity. I was tilting my head and trying to unravel a particularly confusing tangle of limbs underneath a nicely painted live oak when the door opened.
     “Oh my Zeus, you scared me!” A little blonde bombshell with painted-on leggings and a sports bra squealed as she ran into me.
     “Are you Muffi?”
     The bombshell giggled. “Oh no, Muffi’s inside at the front desk.” She looked at me with vacant blue eyes and a tiny frown creased her perfect brows. “We don’t get many women customers, but that’s okay. Muffi can talk to you about our new male escorts.”
      Yeah, I’d be talking to Muffi about a lot of things once this case was done. I had a feeling the nymphs were not going to mainstream well.
       I stepped inside the cool, dark entry filled with old wood and the cloying smell of incense and flowers. A small fountain to the left of the door, behind the mural, added a tinkle of water to the air-conditioned quiet, and a staircase rose behind the single desk in the room. A parlor to the right was filled with heavy sofas, oversized chairs, and a few contraptions with handcuffs attached to them. I didn’t want to know.
       Another petite blonde sat at the desk, smiling.
       I smiled back. “Are you Muffi?”
       “Yes, and we have just the thing you need—I don’t know how you found out about it so quickly but it’s going to be great,” she said with a chirp. Before I could interrupt her, she picked up the phone.
     “No—wait. I don’t want an escort.”
      She frowned. “Are you sure? They’re satyrs!”
      Good Lord. I was so going to shut them down when I had time.
And now…for the weekly winners as chosen by! First, I’m woefully behind with mailings and swear to catch up this week, so if you’re owed something from me please be patient a little longer. If you see your name here, email me HERE with your mailing info. Onward….
CECILIA83 won James Treadwell’s new magical YA, Advent. This is for a print copy.
ROGER won Chosen by Sable Grace. This is for a print copy.
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KAYLA BECK won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest–she chose Incarnation by Emma Cornwall. This is your choice of ebook or print.
Congrats to the winners! Take a deep breath, because tomorrow’s Reader’s Choice list is gonna be HUGE!
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