Mermen and Weregators, Oh My! A Free Read from the Royal Street World

Head over to the Heroes and Heartbreakers website today, where my updated story “Chenoire” is running as part of the 13 Days of Halloween. It’s not a scary story, but is one I really love, and it’s set in the world of ROYAL STREET and the Sentinels of New Orleans series.

“Chenoire” (pronounced shin-WA) is set primarily in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, and features Rene Delachaise, a major character in the upcoming series second book, RIVER ROAD. And there might be weregators.


Head on over, take a look at the story, and please take a minute to leave a comment if you like it.

Hope you enjoy “Chenoire”!

11 thoughts on “Mermen and Weregators, Oh My! A Free Read from the Royal Street World

  1. Thanks for the story. “shin-WA”. A re-read for me as I read it once before on your web site. Thanks again for the updated version. Enjoyed!

  2. Oh my gosh. I loved this short story you did. I read it a long time back when you first put it up. I really enjoyed Rene and I’m happy to hear he’s going to be in your next book. Very cool.

  3. @Eli–it’s an alligator! Similar to crocs, but only a couple of places in the US have crocodiles–gators are much more common. Alligator trivia: they were almost extinct in the 1970s and became a protected species. The population rebounded so vigorously that now, at least in Louisiana, one month per year a controlled amount of alligator-hunting is allowed to thin the ranks.