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Those of you who’ve been reading Preternatura for a while know we’re all big fans of the Hollows series around here, so it’s a huge pleasure for me to welcome author Kim Harrison to the blog today. Her new collection of stories, Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond, came out yesterday with HarperCollins, and I can’t wait to dig in! You can win a copy for yourself as well, so read on…

About INTO THE WOODS: Kim Harrison explores the Hollows more deeply than ever before in Into the Woods, her first collection of short stories. Rachel is here, as are Jenks the pixie, elven tycoon Trent Kalamack, and an unholy host of vampires, demons, shapeshifters, ghosts, and other assorted supernatural beings, friends and foes. Into the Woods combines original work, including a new Hollows novella, as well as all of Kim Harrison’s previously published short fiction gathered together in one volume for the very first time. No true Hollows aficionado will want to pass this up.

Welcome, Kim! As a big Hollows fan, I’m excited about this collection of stories. How is the experience of writing novellas and short stories in your Hollows world different from crafting a novel? 

Thank you, Suzanne! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Every writer tackles novels, novellas, and short stories in their own way, but for me, it all starts out the same–with a pencil and unlined paper. Short stories need just as much thought, if not more, in the crafting, but unlike novels, we get to see if our plotting holds true to the end a lot faster. Most of the new material in Into The Woods is not based on the Hollows mythology, and therefore required new magic systems and characters. Though that’s where a lot of the satisfaction comes from, it does take a lot of prep time. With the Hollows based stories, the difficulty lies in making sure I hold to established rules and more importantly, mesh the emotions with what had come before.

Do the stories take place in defined time periods (between certain novels) or need to be read in a certain order? I know there’s a combination of new work and previously published stories. 

I’ve tried to arrange the Hollows shorts and novellas in order of the Hollows timeline, but there’s no need to read them sandwiched in among the regular novels. The shorts and novellas are more supplemental to the series, not required reading. I’ve had a lot of people tell me the shorts do answer a few questions, though. There are spoilers if this is the first time you’ve read anything from the Hollows, but it’s a long-running series. It’s going to happen.
     And yes, almost half of Into the Woods is new stuff, never seen before. I took the opportunity to develop three long-standing ideas into novella-length work. I might develop them further, or I might not.

Do you have a favorite story in the collection? What might surprise your readers? That’s a hard question. I enjoyed getting into Trent’s head in “Million Dollar Baby,” but being able to develop a new idea into a story comes so rare when you’re locked into a series that I think “Grace” or “Spider Silk” has the potential to be my favorite in the long run. I think Trent’s story will surprise the readers the most. I know it did me!

Your work encompasses adult novels, YA, graphic novels, and short fiction (and let’s not forget the ah-mazing Hollows Insider). Is there a genre or format you haven’t tried that you’d like to? Do you have a favorite? 
I will always love the wide-open feel of urban fantasy where it’s acceptable to bring in so many other genres such as mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy, SF, crime-solving, PI, romance, and the like. I think using magic to tell a story resonates strongly in the human experience from when we were telling tales around the fire to now, and I can’t imagine a time when I would write without some sort of supernatural theme.
     But having said that, I will probably be writing my next novel with a noticeable different feel. If I can’t continue to grow as a writer, then what’s the point? 

I have to ask…my blog readers would expect it of me…do you still have people giving you a hard time about Kisten? (Sorry!) 
Not so much anymore, no. I think it was a shock when it first happened as a lot of my readers then were coming from the romance shelves. Now, a lot of my new readers now are coming from a more mainstream readership where it’s acceptable to kill off a main love interest, and those still joining us from the romance shelves are being warned even as their friends introduce them to the Hollows.

Ever After, Hollows #11, comes out in January. I’ve heard the series will end at either twelve or thirteen. How long have you known how the series would play out? 
I’ve known for a while how I wanted to end the series, and for a long time, I thought that would be at twelve. It’s only been recently that I stumbled onto a concept that I wanted to explore enough to pull me into that thirteenth book. We’ll see that new idea in book twelve, and the ending to the series remains pretty much the same. I’m doing the rough draft for thirteen right now, actually, though it won’t be out until 2015. I like working far ahead of my schedule.

Has the world of the Hollows grown larger and more complex than you initially envisioned it, or did you do all the world building beforehand?
Holy cow, it’s definitely grown larger than I had intended when I wrote Dead Witch Walking. Back then, a three-book series was all I was hoping for. I did not do the world building ahead of time, and I wish I had taken better notes. What helps keep it looking smooth is partially due to me being able to work ahead of my schedule, but mostly it’s because I tend to spend a book developing the vampires, and the next on the Weres, and the third on the demons, and so on. My formal studies are in the sciences, and I try to keep the magic systems as logical as I can mostly so I can remember them better.

What’s the hardest thing about writing a long series over a period of several years? The easiest thing? 
For me, the hardest thing about writing a long series beyond trying to keep the rules straight is allowing your characters to grow in a logical way and still keep coming up with new challenges for that character to surmount. The temptation to do something wild, such as make a character suddenly become a new species or unfold a surprise in the past that causes the character to respond is easy. Much harder is to look at what happened in the previous book and extrapolate forward into a new complication stemming from it. Oh, you can still do those wild, exciting things, but it’s far more difficult and effective to have them arise naturally from other complications, not the other way around.
     The easiest thing is that when done right, you know your character inside and out. Having the emotions and personality down allows everything to flow.

Do you have a favorite character? Do you ever get tired of your characters? My favorite character changes from story arc to story arc. Rachel will always be my favorite, but when I look at the supporting characters, whoever is changing the most is my newest best friend. For a long time, it was Ivy—until she began making better, healthier decisions. Al was my next favorite, and he still holds a close second, but right now I’m working with Trent. He has my ear, so to speak. He’s changing the most, evolving, and that is always attractive to me.

Are you at liberty to talk about what’s next for you? I am, but since I’ve not really had the chance to talk with my editor at length, I don’t want to say much beyond the fact that there will be thirteen books in the Hollows, and after that, I’m on to something new. A few of my ideas for what might come next are showcased in Into the Woods, but what’s dearest to my heart is usually the last thing I share. I already have a new manuscript in my cabinet that makes my eyes light up and my fingers light on the keyboard, and that’s probably what will come after the Hollows. But who knows? If one of the stories in Into the Woods strikes a chord with readers, I would not be adverse to developing it further as well.

Thank you so much, Kim! 
I’m going to make today’s giveaway easy–no jumping through hoops. Just leave a comment to be entered for a copy of Into the Woods. In your comment, tell me your favorite Hollows character or, if the series is new to you, just say so! This is an international contest. And just to kick things off, my favorite character for a while has been Trent Kalamack, because you all know I love a morally ambiguous character and Trent has taken us on quite a ride over the years! Now…your turn.
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  1. Hey, Kim, Thanks for visiting Suzanne today…I’m a relative newbie to your books, taking the long way from Cincinnati to Way Down South with Suzanne (where we read Dead Witch Walking in Book Club) and back to the Tristate
    *waves from beautiful Clifton*.
    I really enjoy your characters and recognizing the settings!

  2. Love, love, love The Hollows books! My favorite character has got to be Rachel, with Jenks a close second. Jenks never fails to make me smile, and I cried at his loss (don’t want to spoil something if someone has not read all the books).
    Also, Cincinnati is almost another character in Kim’s books. Reading The Hollows books actually helped me when I took my North American Destination Specialist test, since I was familiar with Cincinnati via her books 🙂

  3. My favorite character in the Hollows series is Jenks, no Ivy, no Jenks, or both. Jenks just makes me laugh out loud sometimes. Would buy him some honey anytime. Thanks to Kim for the Q&A. Suzanne thanks for those questions. Received my signed copy of Into the Woods yesterday from Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor, MI. Have not had time to start it yet. Going to read Grace first!

  4. I’m addicted to the Hollows. Although I love most of the characters, I have to say Trent,Rachel,Al and Bis are my favorites.Alice should get credit here somewhere.
    Good review.
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  5. Can’t wait to read Into The Woods!

    I’m another one whose favorite character is Al. (Okay, after Rachel my fav is Al.)

  6. How exciting to see an interview from Kim, she is by far one of my favorite authors and I love her series.

    Favorite character, I actually love Algaliarept. Yes he’s a demon and yes he is scheming, conniving and lying but he also has a in your face truthful quality. And I find his obsession with Rachel cute.

  7. I’ve been stalking….umm I mean reading Kim’s books for years. Great interview and looking forward to the next book. My favorite character since book one is Jenks. Absolutely love him and his unique brand of pixie snarcasm.

  8. I love Jenks!

    “Plan B?’ Ivy said. ‘What is plan B?’
    Jenks reddened. ‘Grab the fish and run like hell,’ he muttered, and I almost giggled.”

  9. I love Ivy best of all because she is searching for what she already has. I do love Jenks for his language though. Tinks a Disney wh*re!

  10. I love this series! I think that, after Rachel of course, Trent would be my favorite character. He has come such a long way from the controlling bully that he was in the first novel!

  11. Wow…which ONE??! I am so not sure… I think It would have to be…AL….then Jenks… then Rachel…LOL My husband and 2 daughters also read the Hollows series….so far I have re-read them 4 times… I just can’t get enough of them! I have have mixed emotions with the 13th and last one coming up in 2015…its not so far away! I love Kim!!!!
    Cindy Emery

  12. Of course Rachel is always the favorite. Trent has always been my favorite though. I love how he’s so bad but you always see a glimmer that makes you hope, maybe just maybe he’s not so bad.

  13. I have been reading the Hallows series for a long time and always look forward to the next book.
    Al will always be my favorite character. He is just plain fun and has a wicked sense of humour.

  14. I have read the Hollows from the beginning, I remember buying the first book my freshman year in high school. I love Kim and I’m glad she introduced me to Jenks!!! Also, thank you Kim for introducing me to Suzanne Johnson and her blogspot! <3

  15. Wow…which ONE??! I am so not sure… I think It would have to be…AL….then Jenks… then Rachel…LOL My husband and 2 daughters also read the Hollows series….so far I have re-read them 4 times… I just can’t get enough of them! I have have mixed emotions with the 13th and last one coming up in 2015…its not so far away! I love Kim!!!!
    Cindy Emery

  16. I love Trent. He is a bad guy that is not always bad. Sometimes these are the best characters!

  17. Pick? A favorite character?? Nooo! I can’t! I love them all to bitty pieces. Of course, Rachel reminds me most of me. She’s the passionate one whose passion gets her into trouble. Jenks just cracks me up. Trent’s like that boy in school who always teased you & you hated him for it…until you found out he “liked” you. I could go on! Great interview. Can’t wait to read Into the Woods (and Ever After).

  18. My favorite character?? I have to pick just one??! Yikes! What makes the Hollows series such an amazing journey is loving EACH character and appreciating them for who they are, how they’ve grown, and what they bring to the series. That said, I did name my African Grey parrot Jenks! His fierce loyalty and hilarious attitude has made me spit my coffee out in public. Ironic that the tiniest character is the one with the biggest heart. Team Jenks! I’m a Hollow Head for life. 🙂

    • I’m a long time reader…fell in love with Dead Witch Walking. From the start, my favorite character is Jenks. His development has been great, and I am especially fond of his swearing style: Tink’s tampons!

  19. My favorite character is Al. 🙂 It used to dip between Trent and Jenks but, after book 2, Al started to wind his way in a little deeper and he’s just stuck there in my brain. :p

  20. My favorite character?? I have to pick just one??! Yikes! What makes the Hollows series such an amazing journey is loving EACH character and appreciating them for who they are, how they’ve grown, and what they bring to the series. That said, I did name my African Grey parrot Jenks! His fierce loyalty and hilarious attitude has made me spit my coffee out in public. Ironic that the tiniest character is the one with the biggest heart. Team Jenks! I’m a Hollow Head for life. 🙂

  21. Thank you for the interview. Rachel is my favorite character, but more important than the characters are the relationships. The friendship Ivy & Rachel have is the most important. Rachel’s & Al’s relationship is also vital to the stories.

  22. hi, I’m a long time fan of Kim but new to this blog, my favorite character would have to be Al… God I love that demon 😉 the more we see of the more exiting it gets, the dialogs are always smart funny and have a little something that draws you to the character and the series in general… In second place I would put Kist, he used to be first.. but we see less of him and more of Al 😀

  23. My favorite characters are Rachel, Al, and Trent. I get excited when they come into the scene. You never know what they will do or say. It is always something unexpected. For example in the beginning; Al and Trent was after Rachel but now they want to protect her. As for Rachel; she has grown a lot.

  24. Favorite character is a tough question. 🙂 Of the main – I have to pick Jenks

    But then I love Matalina … and I have always wanted to know way more about Keasley … I think he might be my favorite under-used secondary character.

  25. A huge fan of Kim’s writing. Pick a favorite? It’s going to have to be Al. He is such a fantastic character. Wonderful interview!

  26. I found The Hollows recently in one of my groups in GR and I’m happy to say I’ve already read them all and am waiting anxiously for Ever-After! I love Rachel, Trent, Ivy and Jenks but my favourite is Al. Weird right? But he’s such a complex character! It’s wonderful to read all his scheming!

  27. I really like this interview. Although I’m a little torn my favorite series might be ending at 13. :'(

    I think my favorite character might be Trent. He’s done a lot of bad things to make things less evil for others. Also, he has completely adopted the father role.

  28. I have been a Hollows loyalist from day one, waiting with baited breath between books!

    From the first book I have always considered Jenks my favorite character. Kim gave him so much life as a partner, his family, his loyalty….she gave such a ‘small’ character more history and just as much emotional depth as Ivy.

    I cried when Matalina died and we saw Jenks through his mourning.

  29. It’s hard to choose one,because you fall in love with all the characters. I’d have to go with Trent Jr grows on you once you see the Elf underneath the man!

  30. Love this interview – now I most definitely have to read Into the Woods (like it was a choice?) to find out about the next books after the Hollows!

  31. Hi,

    I’ve been stal— umm reading Kim’s work for quite a while now. She has become my all time favorite author and I post in the Drama Box nearly every day.

    From “Dead Witch Walking”, Jenks has always been my favorite character. He is proof that great things do come in small packages.

    Jenks covers a wide range of emotions and has man roles in the books. He’s a loving husband,devoted father, loyal friend and a fierce protector of his family and friends.

    He also isn’t afraid to think outside of the ‘pixie’ box. He often tries new ideas that traditional pixies would never think of. He’s helped other pixies defend their territory, gone into business for himself and even learned to read. He even has his own cell phone. 🙂

    I could go on and on but if you’ve read the books, you already know Jenk’s story.


  32. Love the Hollows series. Jenks has to be my favorite character just because he has so many funny comments.

  33. always love reading about the writer’s perspective…fascinating glimpse into their heads 😉

    Started reading KH right from the beginning and just as devoted now as when we started all those years ago in a dive-y bar. I’d say I’m still most fascinated by Ceri

  34. I have been a Hallows fan from day one of the series. Kim is my favorite author, even have her burning bunny insignia tattoooed on my kneck. You asked who your favorite character is, this is a question in which I really can’t answer. Kim is such a great writer that her characters are all memoriable. I honestly can not pick just one. I cry every time I read of Kistens and Matalinas death, I laugh til I cry when Jenks uses Tink as a cuss word, I curse Racheal for the emotional crap she puts Ivy through, and want to slap Trent for the indecisions he has. I will be sad to see the series go, but I am glad to know Kim is expanding her writing skills with other series.

  35. I love this series. My best friend and I constantly trade the books back and forth to read over again and discuss. It is wonderful to hear about it from KH as well.

    I think Jinks has to be my favorite character. I am always in love with his sass and his ability to keep everyone together.

  36. I love the Hallows! My fav changes every time I reread the series;) I’ve finally gotten my daughter to start the series. Can’t wait to see/read what you do next.

  37. I love the Hollows, Kim is a great writer!
    My favourite character is Rachel, I see myself in her XD, but my second favourite is Trent. I hope they end together. Love that naughty elf 😉

  38. I just started on the series a few weeks ago and am currently reading White Witch Black Curse. I like Ivy because is is so conflicted but I also find myself liking Al, I’m not sure why.
    All of the characters are well written and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  39. Great Q & A! I love this series! My favorite character has always been Jenks (LOVE his character), but Trent has become one of my favorites as well 🙂

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  40. WOW!!! – 59 comments and it’s only noon! Caroline said “dive-y bar”, The Blood and Brew Pup from Dead Witch Walking. Reminded me, I have always thought that story should have started: “A Witch, a Pixy, and a Vampire walk into a bar…”. LOL

  41. It’s hard to choose a favorite character because different books means different one that shine! I like the supporting one too.

    GFC: Na
    Twitter: @fieryna

  42. Favorite? Gah! So many of the characters are my favorite, truly! First & foremost, Rachel, because it is her story. But I love, Love, LOVE Jenks and Ivy and Trent and Al!

    Lovely interview, ladies. And thanks for the giveaway chance. (My poor budget won’t stretch ’til next month, so I’m crossing my fingers EXTRA HARD that I win… LOL)

  43. I can’t say with certainty which one is my favorite character of all time since each book shows how great they all are in their uniqueness.
    But, if I had to pick one, it would be Rachel Morgan, that girl has gone through sooo much and she still keeps going.
    Hope you continue writing, it’s so much fun and love all of your books.

  44. I’ve know about this series for some time, but I haven’t started reading it just yet. I’m looking forward to reading it soon. 🙂

  45. So I love the Hollows and it is really hard to pick a favorite but I think that after Rachel is Jenks he is always there for her and he is hiliarous he always makes me laugh I also love Al!!

  46. Kim, love your books! My brother-in-law had them and I asked if I could read them. LOL, he never got his books back and I’ve been hooked every since! Favorite character for me is Al with a very close tie being second with Ivy and Jenks. Al has developed so much as a being throughout the series. I love the self discovery he has journeyed through. Ivy, also, has gone thru a self discovery of her own and it’s really wonderful to see her and Rachel’s close relationship develope and grow. Can’t wait to read the upcoming books! Thank you for your creativity and want in sharing witht he masses. 🙂

  47. Algaliarept is definitely my favorite, The relationship he shares with Rachel at times strongly reminds me of Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling. The way they speak to each other between a circle resembles the way Hannibal and Clarice spoke when Hannibal is in his cell. Rachel is very clever but Al is always thinking on his next move as well. My favorite still is The Outlaw Demon Wails, I’ve been completely hooked on the series since.

  48. I haven’t read the last couple books (bad girl!) but my favorite character is probably Al. He’s gotten so much more complicated over the books.
    Thanks for the awesome interview!

  49. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! (And a special thanks to Kim for doing the Q&A!) Keep them coming 🙂

    After saying I liked Trent best, Al has been haunting me. He does that kind of thing, you know. So, yeah, I really, really love Al as well. I like characters that always surprise me and I never know what kind of horror Al will come up with next!

  50. My favorite character is probably Jenks. I love almost all the characters, but Jenks is awesome on a different level!

  51. I’m at a tie between Rachel and Ivy. They both have learned so much about themselves and how to love and trust others. I will be so sorry when the series ends.

  52. I haven’t read the last few either. My favorite character is Jenks. Geez, hope hes still around. Anyways, I wanted to let them build up so I could read more than one in a row. It believe its time to catch up! If I win this one I can buy the previous one and jump back into this awesome world!!

  53. Wonderful interview thank you so much Kim for coming and of course Suzanne for inviting her.
    13books^^ magical numbers too
    i think my favorite charater is Jenks, i’m touched by his loyalty and he makes me laugh, Trent is really near because he see him changing slowly and i like that i can’t wait to see it’s story ion this book i want it i want it!!!

    thank you a lot also for the precision about how it should be read i was wondering that part when i learned there was some stories that have been published before ( and now i need only this book not all the antology in which there was one novella only) thank you

    +1blog follow


  54. I love all of Kims characters, but I would have to say other than Rachel (of course) I really like Quen. I think of him as Trents “secret ninja” bodyguard – probably because he usually has on an easy to move in/hard to spot black outfit of some sort. We don’t see much of him in many of the books (some not at all) but he has become a more complex character throughout the glimpses Kim gives us of him. I have read all the books several times but not in any specific order after the first time reading. I plan to have a massive Hollows marathon right before the final book release and reread them all, in a row, in order and finish it up with the last one.

  55. I love Trent, and I have from the first minute he stepped onto the page.


  56. I have loved the Hollows and I tend to reread them before the next one comes out –

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    +1 RT

  57. I must confess I am a newcomer to The Hollows although I’d still like to win a copy of the new story collection. Please throw my name in the hat.

    I’m not very hard to find, just email me at: carlscott(at)prodigy(dot)net(dot)mx

  58. I’m a long time Hollows reader (I picked up DWW on accident at the book store a month after it released…such a good accident!), but this is my first time at this blog.

    My favorite Hollows character is a hard choice! It tends to vary between Rachel, Trent, Al, and Jenks. I also really love Ceri and Kisten, but they’re not as favored as they used to be.

  59. Right now I’m torn between Al and Ivy. I’ve always loved Ivy (I read her short as my introduction to the Hollows) but Al really grows on you. Kim, you give me hope as a amateur writer. Thanks for the inspiration and the great reads.
    Mindy S

  60. Of the 86 comments so far, the results are:

    1st] Jenks [29]
    2nd] Al [25]
    3rd] Rachel [22]
    4th] Trent [13]
    5th] Ivy [6]

    In that order.
    Including second and third choices.
    Interesting / Fun.

    • LOL, Roger, I was just thinking I needed to tally and see who’s winning 🙂

      It doesn’t surprise me that Jenks is at the top. It does surprise me that Al is higher than Rachel (barely)!

  61. I enjoy all the characters in the Hollows series, although I find myself missing Al and Trent if they are quiet for too long. Jenks makes me laugh out loud. And Kisten, well, I can’t say much without ruining it for those who are new to, or still catching up with the series. It killed me, and I’ll leave it at that. Kim Harrison books are some of the very few I’ll buy without reading first. I love her voice and the way she tells a story. I’m never disappointed.

  62. Since Rachel is a given i´d have to say Trent *happy sigh* I´ve had a soft spot since he put Rach in the rat cage =D

    best wishes, Linda

  63. Kim, I have been a reader of The Hollows from the beginning and as sad as I will be to see it come to and end I am beyond excited to see what you will do next. When you are done with Trent he can always come to my house YUM!
    Trent has always been who I figured Rachel should be with I just love him.
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  64. I love the Hollows! My favorite characters are Trent and Jenks, especially together! I love how they interact together!

  65. Linda said: Since Rachel is a given I´d have to say Trent *happy sigh* I´ve had a soft spot since he put Rach in the rat cage =D
    Suzanne said: LOL, Linda–that scene is when I fell in love with this series. And with Trent 🙂
    My take on that scene: That scene made me really mad at Trent. Treating Rachel like that. Think I’m still pi**ed at him, not sure I’ll ever get over it. Not the cage as much as the fights that followed! Oh, then she meets Nick, didn’t see anyone think he was a favorite!
    Think Linda’s comment: “Since Rachel is a given…” is very true. I think a lot of us have Rachel as our favorite then think of the secondary characters. I said Ivy & Jenks. But agree Rachel is a given, wish I would have thought of that.

  66. Love author interviews and it’s always strangely interesting when you’re not very familiar with their work. I think it’s the craft that I’m enamored with. Thank you Suzanne! And thank you Kim for sharing!!

    (And I respectfully request not to be entered into the giveaway. Much better for this to go to a fan!)

  67. This will be a new book by Kim, if i won 🙂 since she’s a new for me author. really like to know her work , please…

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  68. Of the 105 comments so far, the tally is:

    1st Jenks [32]
    2nd Al [27]
    3rd Rachel [25]
    4th Trent [20]
    5th Ivy [9]

    Also:Kisten [4] Bis [3] Ceri [2] Quen [1]

    Included second and third choices into the count.

    Enjoyed reading all the comments.
    105 @ 7:00 PM Very Good!

    P.S. I will pass on the giveaway as I have two copies of Into the Woods. One signed by Kim.

    Thanks Kim and Suzanne, great fun.

  69. OMg I actually realy love most the characters so much! One of my faves though would have to be Newt because she is so unpredictable…kinda like Rachel in some ways 😀

  70. So do you hand write your stories? Or type? I got to meet you when you came for a book signing in Houston, Texas. My favorite character is Jenks. I must say I am very interested in Quen, Tren and Al. Oh and the old man across the street from the church. Can’t remember his name. I am really interested in the development of Tren. **Spoiler** Especially after he kept Rachel’s soul while she healed. So will Rachel have a HEA ending? Keep writing so I can keep reading. Thank you, Mary Roya. roya-clan@sbcglobal.net

  71. I just started reading this series but have already purchased most of the books because Im loving it! Jenks is definitely one of my favorite characters. The image of him dancing with the dashboard hula girl makes me laugh every time I think of it. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway!


  72. Hm thats tough. I loved Kisten, but I’m really starting to desire a Trent&Rachel pairing. I don’t really love just one character I love them all! Its what makes this series so fantastic. Ivy, Rachel, Trent, Jenks. Bring em on! Really could do without Nick though xP UGH.

    Incase you need <3

  73. I remember picking up the first hallows book when I was 15 everytime I open the next book of the series. This is the best series ever! I love all the characters….I cant just pick one! It will be the saddest day ever when I read the last word of the last book but I must say I cant wait to see how it all ends!

  74. Hi Kim,
    Must say I love(d) Kisten but Trent and Jenks are definitely in the race, for very different reasons….

  75. My favorite is definitely Jenks. He’s like the Jonathan Livingston Seagull of pixies, so out there compared to all the others, but hopefully making the pixie (and fairy) world a better place.

  76. I really love Jenks, especially after reading a short story recently in Unbound. I really love this series, and am perhaps one of the few not sad for what happened to Kisten. He just was not right for her at that time.

  77. I’ve been a fan of the Hollows since the beginning, and though I love Ivy and Rachael and Jenks, Trent Kalamack is my favorite 🙂 I always love it when the bad guy turns out to not be so bad after all. I knew he had a thing for Rachael from book one!Can’t wait to see how the relationship develops from now on!

  78. This series is new to me but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. It is definitely going in my tbr pile. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  79. This series is new to me but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. It is definitely going in my tbr pile. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  80. Rachel and trent for me. Love both of them, I can’t make up my mind!

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  81. This has been one of my favorite series since I stumbled upon it when Amazon recommended it to me. It was way back after book three had been published! Jenks is probably my favorite character, but Trent is one of my favorite book boys. I love that devilish elf!!

  82. My favorites are 1) Rachel and 2) Trent….I have enjoyed watching them both change and grow throughout the series (even as Trent ticked me off sometimes). I have been hooked on this series since the beginning and the anticipation of the next book has me finishing it within a day or two of getting it then sighing because the wait begins again lol