Live from New Orleans, It’s River Road

Home again! Home in NOLA, that is. First, if you’re in the New Orleans area, I hope you’ll head over to Maple Street Books’ Bayou St. John location tonight at 6 p.m. I’ll be there talking about Jean Lafitte, everybody’s favorite pirate, and reading from River Road. If you aren’t sure of the location, I have driving directions today at my WEBSITE.
We have a brief respite today from the book tour, but check back tomorrow for more tour stops!
Okay, so the books in the Sentinels series feature the names of New Orleans streets, and also have a double-meaning. Royal Street is, of course, a major street in the French Quarter, but it’s also a nod to the New Orleans “royalty” who appear the book, including Jean Lafitte, Marie Laveau, Louis Armstrong, and the former Gov. Huey Long.
River Road refers not only to the story’s plotline revolving around the Mississippi River, but also the real River Road, which follows the twisting, winding river from New Orleans all the way west into the river parishes. So I am planning to take a spin along River Road this morning, and put up the photos I take. If you see a single placeholder image here, it means I haven’t gotten them uploaded yet, so stop back by this afternoon!

Well, okay, so plans change–LOL. A few photos below, plus click on the Video Tab at the top for my SHAKY experiment in driving and shooting video at the same time. Yikes! In the background of the first three you can hear one of my favorite musical artists David Jalbert and in the last one, Zachary Richard.

Okay, photos….Click on the photo to see it enlarged. 

The first one is taken from Magazine Street where it takes a 90-degree turn and turns into River Road. What you see dead ahead is the Mississippi River levee, so it gives you a feel for how far below sea level you are.

Next is a shot taken at what locals call “The Fly,” short for “The Butterfly.” It’s actually a section of riverfront behind Audubon Zoo where you can drive up on the levee and get to the river–not many places right in the city to do that. The Fly is where DJ and Alex go running in the early chapters of River Road, so DJ can get river water samples…only Alex ends up doing it. The river’s very calm and blue today. When it’s stormy, it’s brown and very choppy and swift.

Next is a house that I used to model DJ’s house after. It’s actually located on Carondelet Street, but in the books, I set it down on the corner of Nashville and Magazine. It’s a Victorian camelback built in the 1870s with a broad front porch. Sad things can happen on that porch.

Finally, for no good reason except I wanted a photo of it, is my home of almost 15 years. It was recently repainted in a drab color. When I lived there, I had it painted a salmony-pink with burgundy trim and it looked like a doll house, although it goes way back and is bigger than it looks from the street. It’s a modified shotgun style house and the house Alex buys is patterned on mine.

Stop back tomorrow for new tour stops!

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  1. More River Road pictures from NOLA, great. Will stop back latter for sure.
    FYI: River Road cover at Bitten by Books still first with 43%.
    P.S. Voting open thru Sunday 11/18 if anyone is interested in voting for the Cliff Nielsen cover.

  2. i will come back fo the pictures yes^^

    you can also recommend absolution and or river road for the best books of 2012 at vampires book club