Q&A with #fantasy Author Juli D. Revezzo (& W*n a Copy of The Artist’s Inheritance)

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Now! Today, I welcome author Juli D. Revezzo to the blog. Julie’s book The Artist’s Inheritance is the first in a new Antique Magic Books series that has elements of fantasy, paranormal fiction, and mystery in it. Read on to learn more about Juli and comment to win a digital copy of the book! You also can learn more about Juli at her website. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST’S INHERITANCE: Settling into their new home in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Caitlin finds strange changes coming over her husband Trevor. He seems obsessed with a beautiful chair he’s carving….When the nightmares deepen and ghosts begin lurking—she knows something’s not right, and not just her newfound precognitive abilities. It’s the damned chair, she’s sure. Could it be just what it seems: a mundane piece of furniture? If so, why is it attracting dark forces—the forces she suspects drove Trevor’s siblings to insanity and suicide?… Before the same happens to Trevor, Caitlin must convince him to sell his art. But armed with only a handful of allies, and little experience of the supernatural, she must proceed with caution against the hellish forces besieging her family. If she succeeds, she will break the ancestral curse. If she fails, she may lose forever the one thing she cares about most: her beloved Trevor.

Welcome, Juli!
Give us your elevator pitch:
Trouble only a witch can solve… Settling into their new home, changes come over Caitlin’s husband Trevor. He’s obsessed with a beautiful chair he’s carving, a passion that smacks of his familial curse. Armed with little experience of the supernatural, Caitlin must proceed with caution. If she fails to break this cycle of damnation, she’ll lose forever the one thing she loves most: Trevor.
What is your favorite scene in the book?
The scene where Caitlin is first taken over by the Civil War soldier’s spirit.
Hardest scene you’ve ever written:
There are a few: when Caitlin deals with the gods in book one and when she first encounters her brother-in-law’s spirit (in book two).
What’s on your nightstand or top of your TBR pile?
Right now? I’m reading Tournament of Chance by S.G. Rogers. By the time you post this, who knows? 😉
Favorite book when you were a child:
I hate to admit this but as a child, I wasn’t a big reader, until high school came around and I found Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melniboné. I was hooked ever after. J
Your five favorite authors:
Michael Moorcock, Melanie Rawn, J.V. Jones, Virginia Woolf, and Jolene Dawe.
Book you’ve faked reading:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Well, I hate to say I faked it. I don’t know if I can recall ever faking reading anything (maybe something in college but I’m taking the fifth on which book it was), but with HP I think I skimmed more than actually read it. I didn’t really get into the series until a later date. 

Book you’re an evangelist for:

I can’t pick a singular book but now, an author. That’s a different story. To that, I say, Moorcock. Anything Moorcock. Especially the first six Elric novels, and the Von Bek novels.
Book you’ve bought for the cover:
I know this is going to shock the heck out of cover art evangelists, but I don’t buy based on cover art—except in the case of the work of Robert Gould. I adore his work. I’ve done what I can to seek out every cover he’s ever done for (wait for it) Moorcock. 🙂 If it looks like a Gould, it’s an auto-snag for me.
Book that changed your life:
I hate to be a broken record but Elric of Melniboné by Michael Moorcock. After him, I’d Isaac Asimov’s Robots of Dawn, and Ruins of Ambrai by Melanie Rawn kicked me in the behind to get serious about my work.
Favorite line from a book:
There are so many. But the first one that comes to mind is from my novel The Artist’s Inheritance:
“Why so blue?” he teased.
Caitlin looked down to see her hands stained a deep indigo. She swore and rubbed at the ink stains.
“Spend all morning with a new guy?” he teased. “Don’t tell me—he’s a baker, and is fond of blueberry pies? Or you were roleplaying. What, though? That’s what I can’t figure out.”
“Very funny.” She grimaced, but nuzzled into him when he kissed her cheek. “No, I almost took a sledgehammer to a certain stubborn printer.”
“Ten’s fritzing again?”
“No, I mean Calvin,” she teased, perusing the break room fridge.
That last line. *giggle* Poor Calvin. But he really is a PITA to Cait. Well, she’s got bigger things to worry about. You’ll have to read to find out what!
Book you most want to read again for the first time:
Well, a few years ago I re-read Elric and yep, just as good. J So, next on the list would be Corum or Warhound and the World’s Pain by Michael Moorcock
Most horrifying moment while reading a book:
Gotta echo my friend Marsha A. Moore here. There’s a certain ending to Melanie Rawn’s Mageborn Traitor that shocked/annoyed/miffed me and I’ve been waiting years for the next book to come out to find out what happens next. That was a total tap on the shoulder that said, “Don’t do this to your readers.”
Favorite book about books or writing:
I enjoyed Virginia Woolf’s diaries, and as far as technical books go, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King.
What’s next?
I have a new title out now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, called House of Cards, and my next novel in the Antique Magic series, (tentatively titled Drawing Down the Shades) should be out sometime next spring. If you’d like to read The Artist’s Inheritance in the meantime, it’s available too at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwordsand in paperback from Createspace.
Thanks for having me here today, Suzanne! J
Thanks, Juli! Want to win a copy of The Artist’s Inheritance? What would you like to inherit from one of your relatives? I always wanted this antique mantel clock my parents had…and when I was in college it got knocked off and broke into a bazillion pieces. Oh well. Don’t want it now! Up to five entries possible: +1 for comment, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow, +1 for a Tweet or RT about the contest, +1 for a Facebook follow. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday.

12 thoughts on “Q&A with #fantasy Author Juli D. Revezzo (& W*n a Copy of The Artist’s Inheritance)

  1. Thanks for hosting me, Suzanne. What would I want? Believe me, nothing like the curse my poor character inherits from his family! Just about anything would be better than a curse, wouldn’t it? 😉

  2. Hmmm.. My mom has a collection of plates & cookware from Poland. They’re pretty gorgeous. She’s collected stuff for years.. and we used to shop together for more dishes to add to the collection. OR.. my dad has an awesome vinyl record collection. I have good memories of him making mix cassette tapes from those records. 🙂

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  3. Juli, this book looks AWESOME! If I don’t win it, I’m buying it. 🙂

    I am a lucky girl! I’ve already inherited the two things I wanted – the tapestry that my great-great-grandfather painted, and my grandmother’s antique wood Virgin Mary figurine. Neither of them appear to be cursed… knock on wood!

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  4. Celeste, thank you for your kind words. Your great-great grandfather pained a tapestry? How awesome! 🙂 I should guess the Virgin Mary would be safe from any curse, so I wouldn’t worry about that. That tapestry though.. Let’s hope not! BN, yes, I think inheriting a house might be nice so long as it’s not haunted. 😉

  5. I want to inherit my parents property but hopefully not anytime soon. It was the only place I lived growing up and I really love the land. Other than that I want the cedar chest that my mom has. It has alot of the family history in it including my grandmother’s wedding dress from the 1920’s.

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

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  6. Rachel, a wedding dress for the 1920s! I can just picture how lovely that must’ve been. I’d want to see that passed down too. 🙂