Desperately Seeking Reviewers

First, here are today’s stops on the River Roadvirtual tour. 

River Road is being spotlighted at On the Broomstick today as well as at Cherie Reads. These are the last “official” tour stops and will give you a chance to enter for the tour-wide prizes as well as commenter’s prizes. (See column at right.) 

Tomorrow’s unofficial, special stops will have different giveaways. These will be really fun stops, so be sure and come by to get the URLs.
Now…would you like to write short book reviews for Preternatura? I’m starting a new department to run once or twice a week called “Readers Write.” Don’t worry if you’re not a writer—I’m looking for reader reviews of books you love (and besides that, I’m an editor on my day job). You can review only once or on a regular basis—whatever you like. If you are a writer or blogger, you can add a short bio at the end with links to your books or website. 

(If you’re an established reviewer and would like a regular gig one day a week, or once a month, emailand let me know.)
If you read something you’re really excited about and would like to share it, here’s the place to do it! In exchange for your review, you can pick a book from the Book Horde list on the tab above (which I really will be finishing over the holidays, although it will get continually updated as I receive new books).
I’d like to focus on books you’d rate either 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. I think it will be a great way for us all to learn about some new books—and get an endorsement that they’re worth our seeking out and reading. I’d like these to be fairly recent books but they don’t have to be…just whatever you’re reading now. Whoever gets a review to me first on a particular book, gets the review spot. If you’re unsure about a book and want to see if I’d be interested before writing a review, email me!
Here’s the format I’d prefer the review to be in…
Title, author
A Scene I’d Read Twice: A general description of one of your favorite scenes in the book and why you like it.
I Didn’t Quite Buy: Anything that bothered you about the book or you thought might have been stronger.
The World:A brief description of the worldbuilding and what you liked about it.
The Characters: A brief description of the main characters and what you liked about them.
General Thoughts: Anything you’d like to add about the book in general.
The fine print: Genres I’m looking for: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, traditional fantasy, science fiction, YA paranormal, or any variation of those genres. Authors may not review their own books. As with my review policy in general, my apologies but due to sheer quantity of releases, I’m not considering self-published books at this time.
So…what are you reading? Share it!

15 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Reviewers

  1. Oh good, unofficial special stops with different giveaways. More Sentinels fun. My count of the stops so far, in the unofficial contest with Miki: Miki 26 & Roger 27.

  2. ^^ you can be happy ^^ let see the unofficial now we were promised some fun so i can’t wait^^

    i could try to see to make a review for you i will see if i can manage

    • I hope you think they’re fun! Something different, at least 🙂

      I’d welcome any reviews you’d like to do if you have time. i know you have a busy schedule of classes!

  3. This is going to be fun 🙂 I am looking forward to reading more reviews here. I am too busy with my own book blog and reviews to make very different ones for Preternatura, but I love reading reviews.

    • Actually, I’d be happy for you to do some reviews. Doesn’t matter that you’re international, and perfecting English is what editors are for (and my day job is as an editor). So email me if you’d like to give one a try: suzannej3523 at gmail.