Scene-Snippet Sunday (and Weekly W*nners)

First, thanks to everyone who joined in for Fiction Week last week. It was fun to trot out the Sentinels stories from the past year. I’ll leave them up here for another few days, then they’re gone until I write some new ones!

Thanks to these folks who commented during the week: Each of you has won your choice of: Royal Street, either US or UK edition, or digital; River Road, either US or UK edition, or digital; an “Honorary Sentinel” t-shirt (all are XL size); or, from Susannah Sandlin books, Redemption (print, digital or audio), Absolution (print, digital, or audio), or a “Property of Penton Vampires” t-shirt (all are XL). OR you can pick a book from the Book Horde tab, above. (No, it’s still not the full list yet.)

Winners are: Timitra, Jen M, Christina K, and Lorrie0729. Send me an email and let me know what you’d like!

Today, I have a short, short, short scene-snippet from Elysian Fields, which has taken up the majority of my time over the holiday break (preventing me from all the other things I’d planned to get done!) as the final revisions are made. I came across this sentence last night, which had a note from my editor that said: “Oooooh.”

LOL. It’s a really cruel snippet, I realize, so I’ll apologize for being such a tease….

Okay, so here’s the setup….I can’t tell you much about this scene because it’s too spoilerific. I think the plot of this book must be tightly woven because I’ve been having trouble finding scene-snippets to run–that’s probably a good thing! Let’s just say DJ is in a world of trouble here, the people she has traditionally relied on for help are not available for one reason or another, and…she’s outside in a strange place in the dark. There. That’s all I can say:

I pondered questions that had no answers and, shivering, burrowed closer and sought warmth from the wrong man. — Elysian Fields, Chapter 30, Manuscript Page 276.

Mean. I’m just mean.

4 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday (and Weekly W*nners)


    D.J. in a world of trouble & sought warmth from the wrong man. I don’t even know what to say. Who is the wrong man? What trouble? August is too far away.

    Thanks Suzanne, I think.