Scene-Snippet Sunday, Winners and Other Exciting News

Happy Sunday! Before I get to the snippet and the winners, get your voting shoes on!

First, you can vote daily in Paranormal Haven’s Best of 2012 Awards, where everybody’s favorite undead pirate, Jean Lafitte, is nominated for Best Supporting Character of the year. Mais oui! You can vote HERE.

Next, the awesome folks at Grave Tells have several “Best of 2012” Reader’s Choice Awards categories. Will Ludlam of the Susannah Sandlin Penton Legacy series has been nominated for Most Memorable Sidekick. And (drumroll)…The nominees for Most Promising New Author are being announced today, so you might want to see if there’s a familiar name on the list! I’m not sure what time the site is updated, so you might have to check back.

Voting at Grave Tells begins on Friday, December 21, and runs through Friday, December 28. Yeah, I might be running a reminder or two 🙂

Finally, in the announcement vein, I was really excited to see that reviewer Paul Goat Allen, in his Barnes and Noble column, named Royal Street to his Best Paranormal Fantasy Books of 2012 list. Just to be in the company of some of the authors on this list is humbling and mind-boggling all at the same time. Read his column and leave a comment if you’re so inclined!

I’m spending the next three weeks working on final revisions for book three in the Sentinels series, ELYSIAN FIELDS. While I think it’s easy for a reader to pick up River Road and have it make sense without having read Royal Street, I’m not sure that will be the case for Elysian Fields, although I’m trying. It picks up three weeks after the last scene of River Road.

I’m really, really loving this book. DJ, Alex, Jake, and even Jean Lafitte take some huge emotional risks, and new neighbor Quince Randolph finally shows his hand in a way that I think will blow people’s minds. The elves also become major players in the power struggles with the wizards, and the vampires are about to be forced into choosing sides. Rene Delachaise is back, as is Louis Armstrong. So it is a wild, wild ride.

The plot in the book is so tightly woven I’m having trouble pulling snippets that make any sense without spoilers. So let’s try this one. In it, DJ has had something really, really bad happen. She hasn’t told Alex about it, and doesn’t want to tell him until she’s figured out how she’s going to handle it. Alex is a step ahead of her, however….

       In my dream, a man called my name, softly at first, then in a shout. He needed a big serving of shut-the-hell-up. 

       I cracked one eye open, discerning a bear-shaped hulk standing in my bedroom door. The elven staff was in my hand and pointed toward the bear without my realizing I’d grabbed it. 
       “DJ, put the staff down.” The bear spoke in Alex Warin’s deep baritone. 
       Groaning, I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Even my freaking eyeballs hurt. Then the horror came back to me. What the hell was I going to do?
        As soon as I stuck the staff back in its holder—a vase that had begun its life in the late 1800s as a pattern glass celery dish—Alex stepped inside the room and looked around. Seeing nothing amiss, he walked to the bed and looked down at me, a suspicious frown etching a little worry line between his eyebrows. His unkempt dark hair—always on the shaggy side—made me suspect he’d just rolled out of bed himself. He had the makings of a scruffy 10 a.m. shadow, which pushed my sexy-as-hell buttons.
       He pinned me with a decidedly unsexy glare. “Well?”
       Loaded question. He looked like a man who’d arrived here with a purpose, but surely the need for an update on a crime scene wouldn’t have put that intense look on his face. “What’s up? I was sleeping. How’s Denis Villere?”
        Denis was the most cantankerous merman I’d ever met, and he liked me almost as well as I liked him, which was not at all.
       “Denis sends his love.” Alex sat on the edge of my bed. “But I’m not here about that. Jake called.”
       Oookay. Time to tread carefully. “What did Jake say, exactly?”
       “Not a damned thing. ‘DJ needs you at the Gator.’ Nothing more, and then he hung up on me. I get to the Gator and Leyla says you left a note for her to open up and run the bar as usual.”
       Alex stretched across the bed, propped on one elbow. Those long-lashed eyes that could simmer like melted chocolate and turn me into mush—not that I’d admit it to him—hardened into squinty orbs as he gave me a once-over.
       He reached out and put a hand on my left shoulder. The warmth of his skin seeped through my thin sweater. At six-three and at least 240 of solid muscle, he had ample body heat to share even without his shapeshifter genes. I’d like to think he was getting romantic, but I knew better. He was trying to intimidate me.
Heh. Don’t you wonder what that’s all about? I know. I’m a mean, cruel woman.
Okay, last but not least…I’m waiting to hear the big tour prize winners from the River Road virtual tour–thanks again to those of you who stopped by and especially those who followed along for the whole tour! There were more than 4,400 entries for the tour-wide prizes (holy cow), so it might take a couple of days for the tour organizer to get everything to me. I’ll announce them here and on my website, however.
In the meantime, the final Book Horde winners (your choice of a book from the Book Horde to be found by clicking the tab above, or one of the hundred or so books I haven’t entered yet if you want to live dangerously and let me pick for you) for commenting this week are: ASHFA, ROGER, and MIKI (I think I OWE you guys a whole horde of your own now!).
TIMITRA won Cynthia Eden’s Angel in Chains (or the first in her Fallen series, if you prefer).
JEN R won this week’s Reader’s Choice, and she chose Foretold by Jana Oliver.
If you won, please contact me with your choice of book (in the case of the Horde winners) and your snail-mail address.
If you’re waiting for books from me…I mailed out twenty packages last week and hope to get another pile out this week. My goal is to get caught up by January, so hang in there!
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9 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday, Winners and Other Exciting News

  1. That was a great snippet! 😀 Thanks for sharing!! You are in excellent company on that B&N reviewer’s list.. but Royal Street & River Road certainly deserve to be there!

    Congrats to the winners! 🙂

  2. LOVE that excerpt. Also, totally mean of you;)) But in a good way!

    Congrats on being nominated and making the list!!

    That is AWESOME!! You deserve it:)

  3. thank you a lot!! ^^ I’m trying to vote every day like it’s permitted for Jean^^

    Elysian fields is getting even more intriguing after this snippet ^^ i mean how could Alex know something… and what exactly^^ ( poor DJ keping a secret with him is more than hard)

    ^^ I will perhaps wait a bit until the book horse list is completed to choose thank you!

  4. Jean says “merci” to everyone for their votes! I’ll have more info on the Grave Tells voting as it gets closer!

    I know River Road just came out but I’m really excited about Elysian Fields 🙂

  5. Suz, I am SO happy for your success in this past year…It’s been so awesome to follow your progress. I don’t have any idea how you find the time to do everything you’re doing besides writing…do you have a room full of pirate ghost writers?