Scene-Snippet Sunday, Weekly W*nners, & More

A late post for me today. I just returned from the Montgomery area where I had fun with some great authors and readers yesterday at Murder on the Menu, hosted by the Friends of the Wetumpka (Alabama) Library.

Among the authors there were Dean James (who writes the Cat in the Stacks murder mystery series as Miranda James)–did you know that Charlaine Harris named Sam’s shapeshifting dog after him in the Southern Vampire series? Yep, that Dean. I also had a chance to catch up with my friend Lexi George, whose new book Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar will be out on Tuesday–and she’ll be here on the blog with a hilarious guest post and a big giveaway!

Next, my dark parnormal romance-writing alter-ego Susannah Sandlin will be kicking of a 30-day tour for Omega tomorrow. Stay tuned for the chance to follow the tour, win lots of prizes, read silly posts, and more. I’ll be posting links here as well as at

My friend, author Carole Remy, is starting up a new website, and she was kind enough to give me a great nod today. If you have time, I hope you’ll hop over and visit her new site and say hello. Carole lives in Mexico and, as is the way with our technological world, we’re able to chat more now than when she actually lived here in town. So it goes. You can find her HERE.

Also, I’m analyzing Rachel Morgan’s love life over at Heroes & Heartbreakers today. Check it out, and tell us who you’d like to see Rachel end up with, or if you’re okay without her getting a significant other before the Hollows series ends.

Next (lots of news today!), Note the ill-fitting but adorable Fools 4 Luv Blog Hop button at the top of the righthand corner? Click on it, follow the blog hop in February, and you can win all kinds of cool things. On February 9, a certain undead French pirate will be blogging. I’ll post the link when it goes up.

Next, here’s a snippet from Elysian Fields that might whet your appetite (which, unfortunately, can’t be satisfied until August). Backstory for this scene….Let’s just say DJ’s in a world of trouble, and it’s getting worse by the nanosecond…

     I rolled to my side on the floor and stilled, panting. Sebastian crouched under the sofa table a foot in front of me, surrounded by blood, his crossed blue eyes wide and dazed. An ax lay next to him, its blade red with blood and hunks of chocolate brown fur. I scanned his head and paws, which all seemed accounted for, but… 

     “You chopped off my cat’s tail! You sick son of a bitch. Why would you do that?” 
      Still clutching the staff, I struggled to my feet, snatched up Sebastian, and ran toward the stairwell with him tucked under my arm like a blood- and fur-covered football.
Sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind. Well, or so singer Nick Lowe once said.

Finally, winners! If you see your name here, please email me with your mailing info at suzannej3523 at gmail. I’ll hang on to prizes for thirty days before adding them to the Book Horde (tab above):

RACHEL V won her choice of this week’s review books or a Book Horde book. The review books include: any of the books from Caris Roane’s Ascension series (winged vampires in leather kilts-sigh); one of Linda Robertson’s Persphone Alcmedi series; or a digital copy of Cathy Yardley’s Temping is Hell.

STEELERLADY2379 won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest and chose Kim Harrison’s Ever After. (Goooood choice!)

Stay tuned for some fun stuff this week, beginning with tomorrow’s Reader’s Choice contest!
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8 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday, Weekly W*nners, & More

  1. Someone cuts off Sebastian’s tail!!! What the heck… You have teased us before but this is the tease of all teases. Sick S.O.B. is right.

  2. Sebastian is really into shock since he accepts to be carried by DJ … poor thing…and i’ve an idea of who did this and if i’m right arggg i’m furious^^

    glad you had supporter at yesterday event! I’m far away but always with you in thoughts^^