Super Bowl Town: Behind the Scenes with River Road

The daily commercial message. Be sure to check Susannah Sandlin’s website today for another Omega tour link to win the tour prizes (big prizes, guys), and an announcement that’s sort of quasi-official.

In honor of the Super Bowl, I thought today’s blog could offer a bit of a tour of things in the Sentinels of New Orleans series that 49ers and Ravens fans might encounter while they’re in NOLA. Of course, they think they’re experiencing Mardi Gras as well, but they aren’t. The two-week Mardi Gras parading season was split this year, with half of the parades held last weekend, and the other held next weekend, culminating on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 12.  There will be beads, drinking, and ridiculous crowds in the French Quarter, however, so they’ll never know the difference.

They might, however, visit (or even be staying in) the Hotel Monteleone, which is located on Royal Street.

On the lobby level, they might sit in the Carousel Bar (which slowly turns like, you know, a carousel), where DJ is sitting when River Road first begins.

They can look at the massive grandfather clock where she counts the moments until she has to go up to see Jean Lafitte. (to get a feel for scale, realize that’s a grown man standing next to the clock)

Someone is no doubt staying in the Eudora Welty Suite, not realizing that it’s the modern-day home of the undead pirate Jean Lafitte. They could enjoy Jean’s living area, where he tells DJ about the problems with the merpeople.

Or they could be sleeping in Jean’s bed, which DJ gets a look at in Elysian Fields (but my lips are sealed).

They might wander down to the Old Coffeepot for breakfast one morning. In Elysian Fields (coming in August), DJ and Jake stop in for some breakfast in one of the opening scenes.

 Jake has very rare steak and eggs, but DJ gets a local favorite, pain perdu, or “lost bread.” It’s a deliciously evil concoction of French toast deep fried and smothered in syrup.

Or they might walk a few blocks over for a drink at the Napoleon House, which is where DJ and Jean first reached their quasi-truce in Royal Street. They can sit in the courtyard and ponder the steps to the second-floor gallery where the banquet room lies in which DJ set her first fire with Charlie the staff. She was aiming at Jean and his brother Pierre and missed them both.

If our football fans are brave, they will elbow their way through the crowds on Bourbon Street and visit a bar at the corner of Bourbon and St. Louis called the Cat’s Meow. It’s actually a karaoke club but in the Sentinels series, it is the Green Gator, the bar belonging to Jake Warin.

There’s also a Bourbon Street Cam outside the Cat’s Meow, so you can check in anytime, day or night, and see what’s happening around the “Green Gator.” Come back and look at it Sunday night after the Super Bowl. I predict it will be in-SANE.

So those are a few of the things this weekend’s football fans might find on their Sentinels Tour, um, I mean Super Bowl visit!

And now…for our weekly winners….If you see your name, please email me at suzannej3523 at gmail with your mailing info.

LIZ S won a copy of Kim Harrison’s Ever After. Choice of digital or print.

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MIKI won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest, and chose Kim Harrison’s Ever After.

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11 thoughts on “Super Bowl Town: Behind the Scenes with River Road

  1. Thanks for the tour of New Orleans, “Sentinel” style. Could use some “lost bread” right now. Sounds great. Congratulations to all the winners.

  2. I miss New Orleans. I love it there. Also that is the coolest web cam ever…makes you feel like your right there. I think I will check it out tonight ..there will be people galore there. I wish now I had went in hotel Monteleone :/ what a cool bar.

    • I went on the site with the webcam last night when I was posting this blog and–holy cow–it was wall-to-wall people. It’s going to be crazy this afternoon and then tonight after the game.

  3. Thank you so much!!! I finally won the reader’s choice for once and it’s for a book i really want with no hesitation so it’s so perfect!! thank you

    Congrats to all winner and especoally Roger. i hope you will tell me what you think of Lexi’s Book!

    • oh i forgot what i wanted to said before becoming so happy i can’t stay on my seat.
      Seems like we don’t have the same recipe for the “pain perdu”. Here we take older bread ( thus the name since it was created to save the bread too hard already before it was lost ) we put them in milk a little ( as long as necessary in fact) then we put the bread in a bolw with eggs we mixed ( like if we wanted to make an omelette, but of course the eggs are not cooked)

      them we put the bread in a pan to make it roast a little ^^
      to eat with ourt national Cassonade ( or simple sugar for those unlucky to not have access to cassonade)

      ^^ delicious^^

  4. Yummm…That sounds awesome, Miki! Not too different. This also is made with day-old bread. It’s dipped in a mixture of milk and egg (sometimes with cinnamon added), then instead of being roasted it’s either grilled or fried in oil, then topped with powdered sugar or syrup. So…similar. All good!

    • ^^ perha^s just a little more healthy since we don’t use oil ^^. you could try it this way, it’s quite similar ^^

      thank you once again

  5. Enjoyed your tour of NOLA very much. Looking forward to the next book in the series! Also I just realized I won Ever After! Yahoo! Thank you so much!

  6. I didn’t realize the Cat’s Meow was the Green Gator. How’d I miss that? lol So I ventured out on Bourbon Saturday before the Super Bowl, and what a mess. I ended up spraining my ankle walking on those cobblestone streets. Oy.

    And I love that Clock, Suzanne. I have a great story idea that I hope to use in my books one day.


    • That clock is awesome, Dawn–it would be great in a story. Hope the ankle’s better–I saw some Bourbon St. shots from Saturday and it looked like Mardi Gras night. The crowds were crazy!