Up For Grabs: One Lightly Used Kindle Fire

Yep, I’ve upgraded again. My spiffy new Kindle 8.9-inch HD arrived yesterday, and I swear it was just for work purposes—you know, so I could use a Bluetooth keyboard and have a mini-computer when I travel. Really. Had nothing to do with how much prettier my copies of National Geographic would look. *checks mirror to see if nose is growing*
So, now I have this extra first-generation Kindle Fire sitting around, unloved and rejected and in need of a good home.

Here’s the catch. It’s not me giving it away, but my alter-ego Susannah Sandlin. So if you want to enter to win, gotta go to her website. While you’re there, check out a couple of blogs I’m visiting today for extra entries.

Also RADIO ALERT! I’m doing a live Blog Talk Radio half-hour interview tonight with Kriss Morton and Bewitching Book Tours. It airs live at 11 p.m. Central Daylight Time (yawn), so pop in if you’re still up. You can call or email questions in about either Suzanne or Susannah. Somehow, we’ll both be there.

See ya!

4 thoughts on “Up For Grabs: One Lightly Used Kindle Fire

  1. WOW! A Kindle Fire HD, what a wonderful upgrade. These readers are just getting better and better. Kind of forgot the stories on my kindle are a part of my TBR pile.

  2. ^^ to be honest so far for me a kindle is a kindle i don’t see a real difference ( but it’s also normal because from amazon.fr there is no as many model or we get your ” new” edition years later

    Though i’m really glad you have the best to work with ( and if in free time it get to be played with it’s just a big bonus^^;;)