A Quick Report from RT Booklovers Convention

It’s been a mixed bag for me this week so far at the RT Booklovers Convention. The people are great. The venue has some issues (getting to meetings often means changing elevators twice and finding an escalator–figuring out which elevators go to which floor; the bellman…well, we won’t even go into that).

I’ve missed a lot of the sessions because of day-job deadlines that, unfortunately, came with me. So I arrived on Monday night and worked until 2 a.m., then worked until after 2 a.m. Tuesday, crashed early at 12:30 a.m. last night, and have been working for six hours this morning. So I’m REALLY familiar with the hotel room–LOL.

What I have had a chance to do….

The authors from Montlake (my Penton series-Susannah Sandlin) had a “scavenger hunt” on Wednesday, and gave away a lot of books as well as a Kindle Fire. Fun stuff.

Had a chance to go to an agency party to help TERI ANNE STANLEY celebrate her upcoming romantic suspense novel with Entangled–congrats to her!

Went to a Cover Model Gala, wherein some guys who’ve been past Mr. Romance winners/cover models were honoring longtime model CJ Hollenbach.

And now I’m off to foist swag on people at the “Club RT.” What kind of swag am I picking up, along with my own? Because you KNOW there will be RT swag packs that I’ll be giving away here on the blog next week. You knew that, right?

MEANWHILE….I do have some appearances around the blogosphere this week. If you have a chance to visit…

Will is interviewing Aidan about the Penton vampires over at Fang-tastic Books.
I’m doing an “Army Ranger versus Shapeshifter Throwdown” over at Cloey’s Book Reviews today.

I’ll be in sessions and on the road the rest of the week and through the weekend, but will be back to the regularly-scheduled programming with a new Reader’s Choice contest and some catch-up prizes on Monday!

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4 thoughts on “A Quick Report from RT Booklovers Convention

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t enjoy the convention fully , i had hped it was going to be a real break from day job…. i do hope the following day will be better for you ( i’m sure i would have been lost^^;; with so many elevators)

    take care and have fun ^^ then we will enjoy your return and the surprise because yes we do enjoy after convention too ( especially those of us who are looking at it from afar^^)

  2. The swag and free books are a lot of fun. I almost needed another suitcase to get everything back home last year. Hope you are able to enjoy the rest of the conference!

  3. Wow that is so not fair that the day job is intruding on your free time. I wish you lots of fun at RT Susannah!