Jean Lafitte and Will Ludlam…Together at Last

I was going to spend today’s “Shop Talk” railing at Internet piracy after finding my Penton series at a pirate site yesterday where more than 1,700 people had downloaded free copies–don’t they realize that every stolen copy means a reduced chance that the author will make enough sales to warrant the publisher buying more books?

But that’s a hopeless cause. Most of the pirate sites are registered outside the U.S., which conveniently allows them to ignore copyright laws.

So, instead, I’ll invite you to a special interview I’m doing today with Steph at Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust. DJ came along, although she was in a bit of a pout over something, and so did Jean Lafitte, who’s always ready to run his mouth. And Will Ludlam of Penton, who’s also always ready to run his mouth. Somehow, that meeting was awkward and the undead pirate and the vampire seemed wary of each other. Can’t imagine why! Head on over….there are giveaways!

I’m also at Manga Maniac Cafe today, answering questions about Storm Force–fun things like what Kell would never have in his house, and what Mori would never be without…and there’s a giveaway!

And thanks for the spotlights at Cover Reveals and Fae Books today, for Sentinels and Storm Force, respectively.

If you missed any of yesterday’s stops, hop over to my author site to find the links and comment for chances at a $10 book gift card, as well as any giveaways being offered on the sites.

And to the Internet pirates, the Undead Pirate of the Gulf Jean Lafitte says, “Bah!”

3 thoughts on “Jean Lafitte and Will Ludlam…Together at Last

  1. all done and the interview with Jean and will was too fun^^, they could become goopd partner in crime for poker^^

  2. Did the hop. Would love more of Will and Jean together. I’d love to hear their opinions on something like speed dating or eHarmony. What a hoot that would be!