Cover Reveal and Scene Snippet for Jean Lafitte’s Jackson Square

Hello, my pretties.

Don’t you wonder what our favorite undead pirate, Jean Lafitte, gets up to between Sentinels books? Stay tuned for the novelette Jackson Square, coming June 24, and find out.

[And thanks to Kim Killion and Killion Designs for the awesome cover!]

And a snippet:

     Jean Lafitte pulled out his pocket watch for the third time in a half hour. His little wizard was late, but “late” was the normal state for a woman, was it not? Certainly for this woman.
     He’d been attempting to charm the wizard’s sentinel of New Orleans for three years, since the hurricane named Katrina had renewed their previously contentious acquaintance and torn down the borders between the modern world at the preternatural Beyond. Indeed, the great privateer Jean Lafitte, in either his human life or as the city’s most famous member of the historical undead, had never spent so much time pursuing a female.
     Drusilla Jaco had proven uncommonly resistant to his charmes d’amour.
     This evening, apparently, she had come to her senses, calling the telephone in his suite at the Hotel Monteleone and asking to meet him alone. He pulled open the curtains to allow the glittering lights of the city to help the single lamp illuminate the room in sensuous shadow and replenished his decanter of good brandy. All was ready.
      Jean grinned at the sound of a firm knock on the door. At last his ardor would be fulfilled—and his need for a perfect business ally as well.
     He straightened his indigo tunic and opened the door, stifling a flash of disappointment that Drusilla had not attempted to please his eye by donning clothing more feminine. Indeed, she had a distressing habit of dressing like a farm laborer in what she called jeens, but, given time, he could improve her sense of fashion. And with her blond tresses and eyes the color of the clear waters of the Caribbean, she was lovely despite her regrettable attire. Her smile promised everything he desired.
     “Please come in, Jolie.” He stepped aside so she could enter, but couldn’t resist catching her hand in his and raising it to his lips. “I am pleased you have finally realized that both pleasure and business will come from a union between us.”
     His gaze rested on the perfect shape of her lips. Until they thinned into a most unattractive line.
     “A union?” Drusilla’s brows gathered in the stubborn look Jean had quite come to dislike, and she jerked her hand out of his grasp. “Exactly why do you think I’m here?”
Bah. Spurned again. What’s a pirate to do? Turns out, Jean has bigger problems on his plate than DJ’s affections. Stay tuned! 
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16 thoughts on “Cover Reveal and Scene Snippet for Jean Lafitte’s Jackson Square

  1. Thanks, guys! I really love the cover. I gave Kim the vaguest directions imaginable because I couldn’t visualize how to put Lafitte and Andrew Jackson in the same image–she did a brilliant job!

  2. Holy crap. Um, does DJ need, like, a whole shop’s worth of glasses? He’s gorgeous. Because if she doesn’t want him I do!! 🙂

    That is one gorgeous cover!!

    LOVE the excerpt!:)

  3. Congrats to the winners,

    oh teh snippet make me want to read it already^^ and the model for jean is so yummy … how can DJ resist i wonder