Free Read — Jackson Square: A Story of Jean Lafitte

Welcome to the world of the Sentinels of New Orleans, where this week I’m offering up a new novelette called Jackson Square, featuring everyone’s favorite undead pirate, Jean Lafitte. If you’re new to the Sentinels world, there are no real spoilers here, so read freely.

A couple of news bits:
–Thanks to Jen for letting me know that ROYAL STREET is currently available for Kindle for $2.99. I’d thought it wasn’t going on sale until July, and it might be that Amazon jumped the gun and that Barnes and Noble will be coming up behind. But it’s there, and it’s cheap. You can send ebooks as gifts, you know, right? Lol.

–Tomorrow, RIVER ROAD will be out in paperback, so if you’ve been waiting for a matched set to go with your trade copy of Royal Street, here ya go!

–I’m doing an audio interview today at the “Kindle Love Stories” podcast, talking about Omega. There might be talk of granny panties. Not sure what time this goes live (it will be Episode #7), but it was a fun interview!

Now….drumroll….Part one of JACKSON SQUARE can be found on its own page by clicking the tab above. Hope you enjoy it…comments welcomed!


14 thoughts on “Free Read — Jackson Square: A Story of Jean Lafitte

  1. Thank you!!!!!! Gonna wait until I go home from work to jump in šŸ™‚ Just wanted to say how excited I am!!!

  2. I was so impatient that i got up early ( you told us it was posted in the morning^^;;)i forgot the time difference^^;;; but it was really worth the wait
    thank you a lot for this fabulous week

  3. I listened to the “Kindle Love Stories” podcast. The book club girls really liked Omega and their chat of the story is great. Full Butt Friday in honor of Randa is hilarious.

    • Hi Aurian–The last section will go up on Friday, and then the whole story will stay up over the weekend. So, yes, you can wait and read it all in one sitting!