Jackson Square, A Story of Jean Lafitte in the Sentinels of New Orleans World

Welcome back! If you click on the Jackson Square tab (or go to this link), you can scroll down or search for Roman numeral II for today’s installment. Enjoy!

Also, HAPPY RELEASE DAY to the paperback edition of River Road–now if you’re into matched sets, you can get one to go with Royal Street.

And…ROYAL STREET is now available (for a short time only) for $2.99 for the ebook. You can find it at Amazon; Barnes and Noble; the Apple iBookstore; KOBO; Sony Reader; or eBooks.com. Gifts! Just sayin’….

Thanks to Miki at Lecture toute une Aventure for the shout-out to the Sentinels series and links to the sale on Royal Street today.

Also around the blogosphere today, I’m wearing my Susannah hat over at Curling Up with a Good Book, talking about Storm Force and which scene in the book I’m most proud of.

And thanks to Sky Purington and Maghon at Happy Tails and Tales for the spotlight on the Sentinels series and Storm Force today, respectively.

FINALLY, the first early review of Elysian Fields is in, from RT Book Reviews, which gave it four stars (out of 4.5):

Mermen, pirates and wizards, oh my! For readers missing Sookie Stackhouse, this series may be right up your alley. The third in Johnson’s series brings more adventure and romance set in the resilient, and beautiful, recovering city of New Orleans. This is a book with a creative plot, a likable heroine and dastardly quirky characters bound to make for an enjoyable weekend of reading.

SUMMARY: The mer feud is settled, but that doesn’t mean New Orleans is safe. Now they are under attack from a copy-cat killer from 1918 known as the Axeman of New Orleans. Undead pirate Jean Lafitte knows that the attacks are anything but random, and a mysterious necromancer, using the resurrected Axeman, is targeting our favorite blonde wizard, DJ. Adding to the chaos, her partner, Jake Warin, is more and more troubled and her neighbor, Quince, is acting stranger than usual. DJ is beginning to think making a move to the Beyond as Jean Lafitte’s pirate wench might be just the ticket.

6 thoughts on “Jackson Square, A Story of Jean Lafitte in the Sentinels of New Orleans World

    • LOL. Yes, Le General is good and mad now. Jackson had an infamous temper! As did our friend Lafitte, although he was known to bide his time and think through his counterstrikes.

  1. Part II is great. Loved the orchestra scene! Congrats on the review from RT. I can’t wait to read Elysian Fields.

  2. Congrats on the release of the paperback and event morte for the excellent early review! it’s more than deserved

    (i didn’t forget our conversation from a few weeks ago so i did promote the sentinels a little today^^ ) now off to read