Andouille in Atlanta…How’d That Happen?

Another busy RWA kind of day, and the last full day here in Atlanta.

Last night, I met two of the editors from Tor Books for dinner, along with author Jenna Black and Claire Ashgrove. Jenna has a new YA book, Replica, which came out this week via Tor, and Claire writes the Curse of the Templars series, also for Tor.

We ate at a place called JCT Kitchen, with “modern” Southern cuisine, so I had shrimp and grits, which is fine stuff, and their version had andouille in it, a coarse smoked pork sausage I know from Louisiana, specifically LaPlace. LaPlace is west of New Orleans and bills itself as the “Andouille Capital of the World.” Anyway, it was tasty in its simple white bowl, as you can see.

I had some work to catch up on, so I stayed in this morning before heading next door to the Hyatt to have lunch with my new editor at Montlake. We talked about (mumbles)…and then about (mumbles)….and finally, about (mumbles)…. Yeah, stuff I’m not at liberty to say at this point. I only had a salad, but my editor had…shrimp and grits…and it had andouille in it. Say huh?

Finally, I went to the Tor Spotlight to hear what all they’re publishing this year and what they’re looking for in terms of new stuff.

Tonight, I’m skipping the RITA awards ceremony. Yeah, yeah. I know it’s like the Academy Awards for romance authors, and several of my Montlake pals are nominated. But I’m meeting brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, etc. for dinner. Family time.

I’ll be curious to see if I can find andouille on the menu!

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One thought on “Andouille in Atlanta…How’d That Happen?

  1. ^^ in french cuisine it would be andouillette but i don’t think i have eatne any yet ( not really interested either)

    Family time is important so as long as you don’t miss a prize you win, it’s oki^^

    sad work still came in the planning but at least you had some fun and you will tell us about teh different “mumbles” when you have permission to do so we are not worried ( just even more curious now but still we are patient)