Deadly Destinations: New Orleans

Today, I’m simply a traffic cop, directing you to the special event being held jointly by Dark Faerie Talesand All Things Urban Fantasy. It’s called Deadly Destinations, and all month you’re seeing guests posts and TONS of prizes. Their tagline is “62 authors; 62 giveaways; 62 hot releases!”
I’m up today at DarkFaerie Tales, or rather Jean Lafitte is…with a little help from DJ? They’re talking about some of the most deadly destinations in New Orleans these days, and there are giveaways. So head on over!
And…can’t get enough of our mouthy little golden eagle-shifter named Robin? She’s tossing out her opinions on the rest of her Omega Force team today at ParanormalRomance Fan for Life. And…there might be a giveaway there, too. My apologies to the folks at this blog and the ones below, as today was supposed to be the release day for Storm Force, which actually came out about two or three weeks ago. The publisher changed the date three times,  and the tour had already been set up!
So also special thanks to Cover Reveals and to Maghon at Happy Tails and Tales for spotlighting Storm Force today. We need to rally the troops behind SF so I can write Robin’s story!
Check back tomorrow, when I’ll be reviewing my favorite book of 2013 so far (and sharing a copy, of course)!

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