Elysian Fields, Weekly W*nners, and DJ’s New Dog

Haven’t done this in a while, so today I’m continuing my trip through the Style Sheet for Elysian Fields, book three of the Sentinels of New Orleans series. And…I just got an unexpected box of UK copies of the River Road paperback, so read on to win one. (And there are a couple of folks I owe one of these to, so I can finally send it!) All you have to do is help DJ name her new dog. Read on for details!

Here’s how the Style Sheet works. In the process of getting a book published, authors go through a number of stages. Copyedits are when an editor with an eagle-eye for detail has combed through the manuscript, made grammatical and house-style changes, asked questions, or made notes when something needs clarifying. They also create a Style Sheet that makes notes of unusual words or spellings, or proper nouns, as they occur in the book.

So…I thought it would be fun to go through the Style Sheet for Elysian Fields, which might give some clues as to things you’ll see in there, as well as some background on the series in general….Today, we tackle the letters G-H-I (you can find the As hereBs hereCs hereDs here, Es here and Fs here).

Galadriel…The elf queen from Lord of the Rings. No, no. Galadriel herself doesn’t appear in the book, but DJ’s about up to her neck in elves at one point and feels the need to change the security password for her house. This is her idea of a joke 🙂

Gandalf…The wizard from Lord of the Rings. No, no. Gandalf himself doesn’t appear in the book, but this is the name DJ gave her dog in Royal Street. It’s also her, ahem, “pet” name for Alex. Gandalf makes two appearances in Elysian Fields, but on neither occasion is he pink. If you’ve read River Road, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

Gator Bait…Sometimes could refer to DJ, but in this case it refers to a ride at the deserted ghost of Six Flags New Orleans. 

Grand Terre, Old Barataria…Grand Terre is one of two barrier islands due south of New Orleans that blocks off part of the entrance to Barataria Bay. This was Jean Lafitte’s kingdom in his human life, and the Beyond version of Grand Terre is his kingdom in his undead life. He lives there, as he did in real life, when he’s not prowling the streets of modern New Orleans. It’s stuck in the year 1815, and, yes, we get a look at Jean’s home in this book.

Green Gator, The….Jake Warin’s bar in the French Quarter. The Gator is located at the corner of Bourbon and St. Louis streets. In reality, it’s the home of the Bourbon Street Blues Company club.

Historic New Orleans Collection…A treasure trove of a museum. Among its interesting holdings are quite a few original documents written by, about, or signed by our favorite undead pirate. And how cool is that? It’s located at 533 Royal Street and one can take tours or actually go there and do research.

Hotel Monteleone…One of the city’s finest old hotels, located at 214 Royal Street. Its Eudora Welty Suite, of course, is Jean Lafitte’s home in modern

New Orleans, where he’s registered as John Lafayette. The hotel was begun by a Sicilian immigrant named Antonio Monteleone, a cobbler by trade. He bought two adjoining buildings in 1886 and the Hotel Monteleone was born. It is still owned by members of the Monteleone family and is considered one of New Orleans’ most haunted buildings. On the first floor is the revolving Carousel Bar. This is a photo of the lobby with the giant clock, where the first scene of River Road takes place.

Interspecies Council…A council being set up by the wizards’ Elders to give representation to other pretes in the maintenance of the borders. Will set laws governing the behavior of different species with relation to humans. The breakdown of the council is very much in flux right now as different groups vie for greater representation–or to wrest control of the borders from the wizards altogether. This issue is not going to get resolved for a while, and gets more complicated by the end of Elysian Fields.

Ittoqqortoormiit…One of the world’s most isolated spots, located in Greenland, population 469. This does not include the secret institution run by the Council of Elders, where wizards with mental problems are confined…or those who are considered too dangerous or uncontrolled as to live among humans. Hmm….wonder how that might fit into our story?
If you’d like to win a copy of the new River Road paperback (UK or US edition), just tell me what DJ should name her new dog, a terrier that is a gift from Jean Lafitte. I’ll give you credit for the name in book four of the series!

Now…did you win a book this week? You know the drill. If you see your name, please email me at suzannej3523 at gmail dot com with your mailing info. I’m (very slowly) getting caught up with mailings, but will be at RWA Nationals next week so bear with me.

KIRSTEN LAMBERTON won the FB “like” giveaway of a $10 gift card to  her online retailer of choice. 

VAN PHAM won the Delilah Devlin giveaway and chose the first book in her UF series, Shattered Souls.

MICHELLE W won the “any book” giveaway and chose my book Storm Force (which is, yes, a full book).

CYP/Yet Peng won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest, and chose Shadow on the Mark. 

Congrats, everyone! New Reader’s Choice coming up tomorrow.

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22 thoughts on “Elysian Fields, Weekly W*nners, and DJ’s New Dog

  1. I’m not taking part in the contest, I’m here to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the giveaway!! Hehe I can’t cant wait to read Shadow of the Mark! 😀

    Oh but if DJ’s picking a new name for her dog, and thinking along the lines of wizard, why not name him Harry Potter? Haha it’s kinda cute. 😉

  2. I think Bordeaux would be a good name for the terrier – and it’s Jean Lafitte’s birth place! 🙂

    • Bordeaux would be good; I’m sure Jean will have taught it commands in French before he gives it to DJ….Ah, yes. Bordeaux was one of two or three places Jean claims to have been born, although either Bordeaux or Port-au-Prince seem the most likely options (if in Port-au-Prince, it was because his parents had left Bordeaux three or four years before he was born).

  3. Bandit

    ^^ i can imagine Jean having named it that wait just to make DJ smiles ^^ ( i had thought on pirate too since it could be a reminder of himself and yes jean could use the opportunity to jump on DJ bed with all innocence in his eyes ” but you asked me to chérie”

    or Trésor ^^

    thank you a lot for the giveaway!!

    • also possible “Chenapan” ( or a variant is “sacripant” those are name you can imagine a granny tell a child that misbehave ” petit chenapant!”….when they use that termn there is familiar connotation with it, some tendress behing ( a little like yes it’s bad but it made her smile too so she reprimand him but not harsly at all) ^^ if the dog did something to Jean’s pant for example i could see him shouting that

      oki i will go back think about other ones^^ ( and yes perhaps some female too since we don’t know^^)

  4. Since you didn’t state the sex of the dog, I’m going to suggest you name HER “Kefa” after the Egyptian Goddess of Time. I can think of all kinds of story possibilities with a dog with that name. Thanks so much for your wonderful giveaways. michelle_willms@yahoo.com

    • Ha–I used to have a dog named “Keitha”…long story, and not nearly as exotic. The Egyptian Goddess of Time could be very, very interesting. Hmmm…

  5. Love the Jolly Roger suggestion. Since the terrier is coming for Jean, I thought maybe a famous pirate place would fit. Tortuga the terrier could create his/her own legacy!

    • Tortuga is a great name–LOL. Jean might want to name it San Domingue since that’s where he grew up. He once claimed to have had a terrier as a child; wish I knew what kind it was. This one has to be Irish, though, because I’ve lived with one for the past 15 years. Terror!

    • Merlin would be a great name since she does have a wizard theme going with Gandalf and her Harry Potter Gryffindor PJs. 🙂

      I think DJ needs several dogs. I’m getting such good names!