Meet the Axeman of New Orleans–the Elysian Fields Blitz Continues

Don’t worry…we’ll be back to regular programming by the end of the week :-)–the tour will continue but not as frantically, I promise. Thanks so much to all of you who are following the tour!

Remember there are three types of prize stop: Tier 1 is a book giveaway (I believe they’re limiting to U.S.; this one’s being done by the publisher, so apologies to my international readers). Tier 2 is signed book/swag or choice of $10 gift card or Book Depo order (international welcome). Tier 3 means a tour stop with the official tour-wide prizes of iPad2 (or Kindle 8.9-in HD if preferred) or, for international winners, US$250 shopping spree at Book Depo.

Today’s stops:

* Want to see what the real New Orleans Six Flags looks like? I’m at the fabulous author Jill Archer’s blog today, talking about this site of several key scenes in Elysian Fields, with some of my research photos. This is a Tier 3 post.

* I’m at Literary Escapism today, psychoanalyzing my characters. This is a Tier 2 post.

* I’m also visiting another terrific authors today, Cindy Carroll, where I’m on her blog talking about the Axeman of New Orleans. Like Six Flags, old Axel was real and scary enough without a lot of embellishment. (This post should go live about 10 a.m. EDT.) This is a Tier 2 post.

* Thanks to Toni at My Book Addiction for today’s review! This is a Tier 3 stop.

* Thanks to Mel at Book Passion for Life for today’s review!

* Thanks to ShelleyRae at Book’d Out for today’s review!

* And thanks to Gizmo’s Reviews for the review today.

* Finally, I’m at RT Book Reviews‘ blog, talking Southern paranormal. And yes, if you are planning to go to RT, looks like I’ll be doing a panel on this topic with Ilona Andrews and Jaye Wells and AJ Larrieu…so you need to go!

6 thoughts on “Meet the Axeman of New Orleans–the Elysian Fields Blitz Continues

  1. Have visited all sites for today. Many great reviews and comments. All seem to really like Elysian Fields and hate Rand. What fun this is. Thanks to all involved. Thanks Suzanne.

    • it’s great to see all these stops blossoming everywhere isn’t it? ( perhaps teh publisher will be already happy enough for book 6)

    • Yes it’s great. I remember the tour for Royal Street which was good. Then the tour for River Road which was better. Now the tour for Elysian Fields which is the best. Wait…that describes the books doesn’t it…