Sneak Preview–The Elysian Fields Virtual Tour–iPads, Books, Stories

First off, today, DJ is over at The Book Nympho, taking place in the Stomp vs. Romp Challenge. Hop over and see what she has to say about Elysian Fields, and vote for TEAM STOMP in the righthand column!

And….today is the last day to get the ebook of Royal Street at the $2.99 sale price. It’s at all the usual places!

Wow, is it almost August 13 already? Where did the summer go? (Oh yeah, it was buried beneath my rockpile of a day job.)

From August 10-September 10, I will be traipsing around the web and I hope you’ll join me. Each day, I’ll post the URLs for that day’s appearances, and what might make them interesting. Of course I picked those random dates without consulting a calendar so the first kickoff post will be on a Saturday. Duh.

There will be three tiers of posts.
–Tier 1 will be featuring book giveaways;
–Tier 2 will be featuring $10 gift cards;
–Tier 3, the largest, will feature the chance at the tour-wide prizes: a choice of iPad 2 or Kindle 8.9-inch HD (or US$250 gift card if preferred or winner is international).

And here’s the first week’s schedule as it looks right now, although I’ll post the URLs here each day and they might change somewhat. I also have some nebulous appearances scheduled that I probably won’t know the date for until they go live. Stay tuned!

Note that I will also continue to have my regular blog here each day, and have a big group of guest authors who’ll be visiting almost daily over the next couple of months and offering up giveaways galore. (And of course we’ll always have Reader’s Choice on Monday.)

Saturday, August 10
A flash-fiction short-short story, “Danger: Curves Ahead,” will be at Bittersweet Enchantments. (Tier 3)

Monday, August 12
* Post about finding the perfect setting for urban fantasy at Fantasy-Matters. Tier 1.
* Flash fiction, “This Masquerade,” at Badass Books. Tier 3.
* Flash fiction, “Shop Like a Baratarian,” at Happy Tails and Tales. Tier 3.
* Review at Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path. Tier 2.

Tuesday, August 13
* Post at the Romance Magicians Blog about release day ups and downs. Tier 2.
* Interview at My Bookish Ways. Tier 1.
* Post TBA at Buffy’s Ramblings. Tier 3.
* Review at Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust. Tier 3.

Wednesday, August 14
* Post about the inspiration for my magical worldbuilding at Coffee Time Romance. Tier 1.
* Post at Paranormal Unbound. Tier 2.
* Flash fiction at What the Cat Read. Tier 3.
* Review at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy. Tier 3.

Thursday, August 15
* Post about Six Flags New Orleans at Jill Archer’s blog. Tier 3.
* “Meet the Villain” post at Cindy Carroll’s blog. Tier 2.
* Review at Paranormal Romantic Suspense Reviews. Tier 1.
* Post at Literary Escapism. Tier 2.
* Review at My Book Addiction. Tier 3.

Friday, August 16
* “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” post at Paranormal Haven. Tier 2.
* “A Day in the (Boring) Life of Me” post at Long and Short Reviews. Tier 1.
* Interview at Jeanz Book Read n Review. Tier 3.

Whew! This book launch business is nuts! I’ll post the flash-fiction link for tomorrow as soon as I have it (probably early tomorrow a.m.).

7 thoughts on “Sneak Preview–The Elysian Fields Virtual Tour–iPads, Books, Stories

    • ^^ will need to keep in mind which tier 3 i en,tered in the form and which i didn’t yet since we can only enter once per day but some day they are several tier 3

  1. I’ll be checking out the posts each day, I know I always learn something new about the characters, books and the author process with each post.

  2. Sometimes I think you are more busy promoting your books, doing booktours and stuff, than writing a new book. I really have no idea how you fit it all in your life, especially with a full time day job as well.