Truth and Accuracy with Jacqueline Patricks and W*n a Book

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There’s an interview up at Victoria’s Gossip blog, wherein I name three of my all-time favorite books (although tomorrow my answers might be different!). This is a Tier 3 stop with a chance to win the iPad.

At Urban Fantasy Land, I’m talking about how I took the urban fantasy tropes in the Sentinels series and went about making them, in the words of New Orleans chef and broadcaster Frank Davis, “Naturally N’Awlins.” Enter to win a copy of Elysian Fields from Tor Books on this one. 

And if you want to hear about my bat episode in excruciating detail, I forgot to post yesterday’s link to the Lady Scribes blog. Yeah, NOW, I can laugh about it. (Well, except for the “inconclusive” rabies test.)

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Now. Today, please help me welcome author Jacqueline Patricks to Preternatura.  Jacqueline is the author of Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj #1), which was published in October 2012, and Captain Lewis’ Broken Dreams, which will be published on August 31.

Jacqueline started writing fiction when she was 15, and like most aspiring writers, says her work was “terrible, immature, cliched drivel.” (Ah, but we don’t realize that when we’re 15!). She went to college for her creative writing degree and got used to the typical reject letters. Eventually, she needed annoying things like food, clothing and rent, so she got a real job and ended up finishing her degree in paramedicine. Since then, she’s gained almost twenty years of experience as a paramedic and spent time in the army. Then a wonderful thing happened. She woke up one morning with the fire to write fiction again. She was back.  You can learn more about Jacqueline by visiting her website or by visiting her on Facebook. She’s also giving away a copy of Captain Lewis’ Broken Dreams to one commenter.
ABOUT DREAMS OF THE QUEEN:  The obsessed and slightly unstable Dr. Cass Baros does the improbable; she creates a wormhole. She’s convinced it will take her to the world that has haunted her dreams since adolescence. Meanwhile, she becomes more suspicious of her fiancé and co-project leader, Dr. Julian Saunders. Her boss, Dr. Janson, also has an agenda, which includes adding an Army contingent to her scientific team. Captain Lewis seems intelligent, but an Army grunt is still a grunt, right? Once through the wormhole, they make first contact with the brajj, and Cass meets Jeamon, the man from her dreams who calls her queen. They’re drawn to one another but both are uncertain of the other, and she’s engaged. Unable to return home, the team must struggle to survive as they deal with an increasingly irrational Cass and jealous Julian while and unraveling the millennia old secrets of the alien world. Passion and love, genius and madness, jealousy and danger enough to cause the death of worlds await Cass and her team through the wormhole… 
ABOUT CAPTAIN LEWIS’ BROKEN DREAMS:  Before he trained for Dr. Cass Baros’ mission…Before he entered the wormhole leading to an alien world…Before he unraveled the mystery of the brajj and Master…Captain Jason Lewis had a girlfriend, A serious relationship with tequila, And was married to the Army. Captain Lewis’ Broken Dreams is a quick jaunt through a favorite character’s perspective on life, love and commitment. This story adds dimension to a strong man’s sexiness and inner angst. Captain Lewis is THE guy all of us ladies would love to take home. He’s THE guy all the other guys want to be. He’s just too busy saving the world to realize it. An adult short story featuring Captain Lewis. It gives a glimpse into his mind before the events in Dreams of the Queen while adding a touch of foreshadowing. Also, we meet Lewis’ girlfriend for the first time and revisit Lt. Sam Brown. (To be released on Aug. 31: Preorder .)

And now, let’s hear from Jacqueline…
Truth and Accuracy: What’s the difference? 
They’re the same right?  Wrong; well at least not in my opinion. I’ve written professional medical reports for over 15 years and I’ve learned that truth and accuracy can differ widely. Why does it matter?  It matters because while a statement or description may be true or based in truth it may not be very accurate to the specific item or event.
Truth is defined as: “conformity to knowledge, fact, actuality or logic” and accuracy is defined as:  “exactness, correctness.”  They sound very similar but can be viewed as widely different when details are important.  Example: The sky is blue. Is this a true statement? Yes, it is true. One can ask any random person and they would agree that the sky is blue. It is a universally known truth.  Is this an accurate statement? Perhaps, it depends on current weather conditions, time of day, physical location and many other variables. 
So what, right? Close enough, why does it matter? It matters because all real human communication relies on statements to be both truthful and accurate. One can say the sky is blue but that statement is simple, limited, and is unable to fully describe the richness of an evening sunset.  As a paramedic if I were to document that a person is “sick” what useful information can I garner from that true statement?  How do I give a medical report to the Emergency Dept staff saying something that simple?  Or worse, how do I explain myself to a judge should the worst case scenario occur?
Simple true statements are not useful when dealing with the complexities of the real world. So how does this impact an artist? Think about your shop and item descriptions. Are they true or accurate?  The virtual shop depends upon accuracy to create sales. Accuracy in the photos and especially in the descriptions will assist in making one’s products tempting. Later, once the difference becomes clearer; think about how the differences between truth and accuracy can change your life, hopefully for the better.
Thanks, Jacqueline–an important lesson to remember! We’re usually all about the fiction here, but for today, what’s your favorite (or a recent read) nonfiction (which we hope is both true and accurate)? I’m currently reading about the role of psychiatrists in the British military at the time of World War II. (Hm, yes. I think that means Penton 4 is in the words for my alter-ego Susannah!) How about you?  
Leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win!

32 thoughts on “Truth and Accuracy with Jacqueline Patricks and W*n a Book

  1. The only nonfiction I have read recently is medical literature and that just is no fun! Interesting discussion on truth and accuracy.

  2. I recently read “The Girls of Atomic City” about the women workers at Oak Ridge TN during WWII. Also, “The Radioactive Boy Scout” about a young man who tried to build a nuclear reactor in his parent’s shed! Very scary when you read how close he came. Not to mention the danger to everyone around!

  3. A favourite non fiction…. i really can’t think of any sorry and i haven’t read any recently ( will read some on jean lafitte when the library get them but that’s all)

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  4. The last non fiction I read was Lost Girls by Robert Kolker its about a serial killer still at large in Long Island. My best lives near the area all this has happened in and had sent me the book. It was a very emotional read.

  5. Last nonfiction book I read was Cat Sense by John Bradshaw. It covers the history of cats when they are domesticized. It turns out that Cypress was the first country that domesticized cats not the Egyptian as we all thought.

    For the book also covers the controversy of cats vs. nature and neutering them to the point of extinction (especially on island, where the cat population explodes and now to a small existence).

    This is quite an interesting book to read.

  6. In the nonfiction genre I enjoy reading biographies of historical figures, such as Catherine the Great, Abigail Adams, and Queen Elizabeth.

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