Discovering Pinterest–and Announcing Weekly Winners

No new snippet this week. Sentinels 4 is in the early stages.

(At this point, I’m just hoping to post today, as Google is having some issues. Gmail is virtually nonfunctional (it’s been only semi-functional since they “improved” it), so Blogger might or might not work. We shall see.)

Have you gotten addicted to Pinterest yet? I’ve been playing around on it for a while, mostly pinning digital art and scrapbooking ideas, but I decided this weekend that I’d eventually put up Pinterest pages for each of my books. I started with a page for ABSOLUTION just because I happened to have some images close at hand I could use. But I’ll eventually get them all up. Can you think of things you’d like to see on my book pages? Or are you, as I did for a looooong time, avoiding Pinterest?

Not much else new from me today…the Evil Day Job has invaded my writing time, so I’ll be working on a story about tribology today. One might think tribology was an interesting anthropological field, but it’s actually the study of lubrication engineering. Uh huh. Fascinating, I know.

Now, we have two weeks’ worth of winners to announce since I was up to my neck in finishing up Penton 4–the animal now known as ALLEGIANCE–last weekend. Hopefully, the hoopla over the Veronica Roth book (seriously, the flame wars!) Allegiant will have died down by next summer.

If you see your name, please email me at THIS EMAIL, with your relevant information. Here goes….

GALENA won the box of mystery books from me, for commenting on Betty Bolte’s post. These are snail-mail books in a blend of genres, minimum three but might be more like five, depending on what will fit in my box!

MELISSA JM won a copy of J. Kathleen Cheney’s upcoming book THE GOLDEN CITY. The book releases on November 5, but let us know your preference of digital or print.

BOOKLADY won a copy of Veronica Roth’s DANCER OF THE NILE–choice of print or digital.

SUE S won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest and chose BLACK AND BLUE by Gena Showalter.

BONNIE won a digital copy of DRAGONSTONE by Paula Millhouse.

LIZ won a three-book mystery box from me for commenting on the guest post by Wendy Dikec. These will be print.

JESS1 won a digital copy of Nancy Gideon’s PRINCE OF SHADOWS.

DISCORD won a copy of Nicholas Kauffman’s DYING IS MY BUSINESS. Print or digital.

EVA won a choice of Tmonique Stephens’ Eternity or Everlasting. These are digital.

KELLY won last week’s Readers Choice and selected THE HEAVENS RISE by Christopher Rice, choice of print or digital.

Whew! And since I’ve finally crawled out of the writing cave for a few days, I’ll start catching up on sending out prizes this week 🙂

Back tomorrow with another Reader’s Choice!

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2 thoughts on “Discovering Pinterest–and Announcing Weekly Winners

  1. I really like Mirren’s Pinterest page. Looking forward to seeing any others you post. And thanks for all your giveaways!