High-Five Friday—What’s Your Comfort Read?

Today we’ll be talking comfort reads! What is that, you might ask? It’s a book that is like an old friend, something we pull off the shelf every few years to savor once again, maybe a book we can already quote entire passages from and yet it still gives us a warm, happy feeling to read it again.

comfort-art-web“Comfort reads” is the topic of the first episode of a new feature called “High-Five Friday” that I’ll be hosting at the Lady Scribes website every Friday, starting next week. My top answers from you guys and from some fellow authors will be compiled into a five-book “high-five” list. If everyone lists a different book, I’ll pick five at random to include in the column with an annotation of the others. I’ll also be giving away a small prize–you know, to make it worth your while 🙂

So between now and midnight on Saturday, Feb. 1, leave a comment here with this info:

Favorite Comfort Book Title; Author; One or two sentences as to why it’s your top comfort read. It can be an old book, a recent one (although it might be hard for a recent one to have withstood the test of time). Any genre, for any audience.

And good old random.org will pick one of you to win a $5 Amazon GC. You can get an extra entry by hitting one of the share buttons below for FB or Twitter.

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Thanks for sharing your comfort reads—look for winners and a new scene snippet on Sunday. Hint: the snippet might contain the words “elf spawn.”

Want to know some of my comfort reads? I’m blogging about them today over at Romance Magicians!



19 thoughts on “High-Five Friday—What’s Your Comfort Read?

  1. My favorite comfort read is “Fellowship of the Ring” by J.R.R. Tolkien. I was very ill in 1971 and couldn’t attend school so my father bought me the LOTR trilogy. Those books were a comfort during my illness and I read then every few years.

  2. The Sword of Winter by Marta Randall is one I revisit every few years. Also, Stardance and Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, both by Spider Robinson. I just love the writing style of both authors. Both authors write so you can easily visualise the scene and both write great dialog.

  3. My favorite comfort read is Smokey by Will James. I originally read it in 5th grade when I was home sick with pneumonia. I still have the same copy, covered with paint splatters from the time my Dad painted my bedroom and didn’t cover the top of my bookcase. I re-read it every few years since I still like horse stories.

  4. An Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair is about a woman with magic skills who wakes up 300 years into the future and finds that her last military action has turned her into a goddess. When she meets the admiral of the space station, she needs to keep her secrets, but help him save the station. It is delightful SFR! I highly recommend all her stories.

  5. I reread The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley a lot. I remember reading it in middle school for the first time, and it still remains a favorite. I like to recommend it as a gateway book for fantasy, because it’s technically YA, but the story and language are so entrancing that it reads more like a novel for older audiences.

  6. My favorite comfort read? Wow, um I’ve read so many books that I haven’t really thought about it, but I guess it would have to be…ok so it’s a little hard to choose just one. So any Brandon Sanderson book would be a comfort read to me. 😀

  7. I have so many comfort reads Suzanne! I love re-reading my favourite books, even though I feel guilty because of all the unread ones on my TBR mountain range.
    Laurell K. Hamilton – Merrry Gentry and Anita Blake series. Anne Bishop – Dark Jewels, all the books. And Anne Bishop – Written in Red. I have read it 6 times already, and it is not even out one whole year. Robin D. Owens – Celta series. C.L. Wilson – Tairen Soul series. Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts – Empire trilogy. Anne McCaffrey – Dragonriders of Pern. And of course Maggie Furey – The chronicles of Aurian/Artifacts of Power series.

    Yes, I read whole series again and again because they are awesome. Hmm I do gravitate towards fantasy / fantasy romance a lot I see.

  8. i think i will vote for moon called by Patricia Briggs…. when i was really down and i couldn’t even think of having the will to read with all teh troubles i was facing i found this book in the second hand bookshop… i even hesitate before buying it but i don’t regret it. that book gave me the want to read again but even more it showed me an heroine that was facing her troubles, being striong but staying compassionate it showed me i didn’t have to choose between the two

    ( the lord of the ring and bilbo teh hobbit are also on the list but moon called struck me more as confort)

    ps:^^ little women wouldn’t be a confort read at all for me^^ i’m still devastated by teh one who dies years after reading it^^;;

  9. The Hobbit has always been one of mine. I read that all the time ever since I was a little girl.

  10. My favorite comfort read is LONESOME DOVE by Larry McMurtry. Beautifully written epic with characters that are truly memorable. I wore out my first copy. On my second. Well deserving of the Pulitzer.

  11. Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey. I love that the heroine manages to overcome all the obstacles in her way to realize her dreams of becoming a harper. And there are dragons! Music & dragons are probably my 2 fav things in books.

  12. I love reading the Harry Potter books, Pride and Prejudice and The Hunger Games trilogy. Cant get enough of those books…