Scene Snippet Sunday, and Weekly Winners!


Gonna be a short post today, as I’m fighting the flu. Didn’t even get out of bed after noon yesterday, so the fact that I’m sitting upright, the room isn’t spinning, I’m not shivering, I’m not tossing cookies, and I am typing….a good sign!

Lovely, Dark, and Deep released its fourth episode this past week, which means we’re at the halfway point. Things really start cranking in Episode Six, so stay tuned!

There’s a dog in the book named Tank, and Tank is of course, my boy that I rescued as a starving street stray almost 14 years ago. He’s Heinz 57, but mostly black chow chow and golden retriever, which means he has an odd mix of personality traits. With me, he acts like a goofy golden, dancing and playing. With everyone else he’s protective, aloof, and suspicious. Your best reaction from him is for him to ignore you; otherwise, you might see teeth, rising hackles, and mouth-foaming.

One of my favorite Tank stories: there was a guy in the neighborhood in New Orleans who used to walk back and forth in front of the house a lot, carrying a brown paper bag with a bottle of liquor in it. He was usually drunk. Tank would always bark and chase him across the length of the wrought iron fence, and the guy kept wanting to stop and pet him. A sober person would have realized that reaching through a fence to touch a snarling 70-pound dog was not wise. But apparently one night when I wasn’t out with Tank, he tried it. All I knew is that Tank came trotting inside carrying a single glove with the finger chewed out of it. The next morning, the guy stopped outside the fence and threw the other glove in. “He ate the other one right off my hand,” he said. “Might as well eat this one too.” That’s my boy. Here’s his fictional incarnation, who belongs to Gillian and hates Shane with a passion.

He propped up on his elbows and looked at where his feet would be if they hadn’t been covered by a light quilt and pinned by Tank the Hellhound and his mouthful of glistening white daggers.

“Uh, Gillian?” He wriggled his feet, hoping to make the beast uncomfortable enough that he’d move; instead, Tank snapped at Shane’s foot. If not for the quilt, he’d be minus a big toe.

Damn, but he didn’t want to start the day out having to ask for help with a stupid dog, for crying out loud. He was a former Marine, albeit a disgraced one, and besides that, he was doing Satan’s master a favor.

“Shoo,” he whispered to the dog, which responded with that lip-curling Elvis thing he did so well. “Scram. Get thee behind me.”

Tank rose on all fours, and Shane had to admit he was beaten. “Gillian!”

A rustle reached him from behind his head. “Wha? Huh?”

“Your dog is trying to eat me for breakfast.”

“Oh, that’s silly.” She yawned—at least he thought it was a yawn. He couldn’t turn to see her with his body pinned under a wooly mammoth.

“C’mon Tank, let’s go outside.” She shuffled toward the door, and Shane was treated to a hundred pounds of canine using his groin as a staging platform from which to dive toward the world outside.

Shane gritted his teeth and curled into a fetal position. He would not cry. 

Will Shane ever win Tank over? Don’t hold your breath 🙂

Now…did you win a book this week? If you see your name, you know the drill. Please email me at and give me the relevant info.

First, thanks to everyone who voted to put one of the Penton couples on Tracy Tappan’s Character Couch! The winning couple, although I suspect he will not see it as a win, is Will and Randa from Omega, who narrowly edged out Mirren and Glory. Aidan is so well-adjusted no one thought he needed therapy. I’ll keep you up to date as to when they’ll go on the couch so you can follow along. Thanks to Tracy for this fun opportunity!

The swag winner is Dawn Cavenee; actually, you won a choice of any of my books as well. Click on the books tab at the top for your options.

Winners of Tracy Tappan’s The Bloodline War are as follows (note, this is an ebook): Liz, Wanda C, Kai, Galena and Jolene.

Roger won the bayou print by Lily Parish. You’re gonna love it!

Miki won this week’s Reader’s Choice, and selected Dirty Magic.

Congrats, everyone. Back tomorrow with a new Reader’s Choice!

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5 thoughts on “Scene Snippet Sunday, and Weekly Winners!

  1. Thank you!!!!! I can’t way to discover Dirty magic thank!!and since i’m only recovering from the flu too i can understand all to well^^

    congrats Roger! i’m sure you will love it and it will inspire you i’m sure ( not that you need it;) )

    congrats to all winners!

    ^^ Tank is such a good boy and the man wasn’t set again him ( perhaps that will make him sober at least for a time^^)

  2. Loved your story about Tank and the excerpt from Lovely, Dark, and Deep! Hope you feel better soon.