Most Memorable Port in a Storm (for the win)?

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This week, in honor of the horrific winter weather so many of us have been “enjoying,” I thought we could look at favorite weather scenes in the books we love. Could be a snowstorm, thunderstorm, hurricane, blizzard, tornado, heat wave, you name it.

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Here are some that come to mind for me:

–There’s a tremendous snowstorm in one of the Dresden novels, and Harry’s Blue Beetle gives out (surprise). But his brother Thomas comes to his rescue, tooling along through the snow in his big black Humvee. Harry makes merciless fun of it, but rides in it anyway. I can’t remember for sure, but it seems like the Humvee comes to a bad end.

–In Laura Kaye’s terrific North of Need, the first book in her Hearts of the Anemoi series, the heroine Megan is a widow suffering through another winter alone. But this time, snowed in at her mountain cabin with a mysterious man named Owen, she finally learns to open her heart again. The whole book is nature-driven and there are lots of memorable scenes. There’s one in an igloo. I’m just sayin’….

–Okay, NOT romantic, but in Stephen King’s The Shining, there is a great winter storm that traps the crazy writer Jack in the house with his wife and son. Redrum redrum.

–There’s a lot of fog in Lovely, Dark, and Deep, but from my books, the hurricane in Storm Force is most memorable to me as a writer. It was a really tense series of scenes that took place along the coast from Galveston to South Louisiana, ending in a cabin on a bayou in the Atchafalaya basin.

So there’s a few to get you started. What about you? Tell me a memorable scene from a favorite book that had to do with weather—either one of these, or one from another series or book—and I’ll pick one commenter for a $5 Amazon gift card (or equivalent from Book Depo if international).


22 thoughts on “Most Memorable Port in a Storm (for the win)?

  1. I think the first storm scene I remember reading was the storm in Dracula where the ship carrying Dracula and his coffins runs aground.

  2. In one of the Benjamin January books, by Barbara Hambly, Benjamin and Rose get caught in a hurricane in the Barataria Bay area (Wet Grave, maybe). They end up riding it out on a floating house. I’ve been through several hurricanes and this book really gets it right.

    • Sounds like one I need to read! There was also, speaking of floating houses, a great description of the great Galveston hurricane of 1900 in the book Isaac’s Storm. It was a nonfiction book, but read like a novel. Good stuff.

      • I think you’d really like the Benjamin January books, almost all of them are set in New Orleans. Excellent series (Hannibal is my favorite character).

  3. I’m going to mention Lucivar and Marian from Anne Bishop’s Black jewels series again 😉
    I love the novella The Prince of Ebon Rih, and especially when Lucivar and Marian get trapped inside because of a snowstorm.

      • You should. Bishop writes very beautiful. The original trilogy is a rather dark romance , but she wrote other books and novella’s in the series that contain lots of fluff.
        My favorite character (Lucivar) is not a leading character in the trilogy, but plays a very large role.

  4. winter stuff^^ the scene in north of need really had me swoon….
    in general the hurricane scene in Storm force was excellent to make us imagine what is look like

  5. There are two storm scenes that come to mind. The first is in Hidden Currents by Christine Feehan were a tsunami is created to get rid of the villain. The second is in Written in Red by Anne Bishop when the heroine is injured and the elementals create a terrible blizzard.

  6. One of my favorite Agatha Christie books, The Sittaford Mystery, features a blizzard. You just know they are trapped with at least one killer on the loose.

  7. The first book I could think of that is about the storm in the story is Storm of the Century by Stephen King. I could only think of horror instead of romantic. OK… Something is wrong with me.

  8. Loved North of Need. And I loved the scene in the Dresden book. I live outside Chicago and we get some crazy snow storms. We just had one in fact on Monday.

  9. The only thing I an remember now is the scene from The Shining (because you mentioned it. 😀 ) That scene was just mind blowing! Well, everything in that book is mind blowing..

  10. Jane Eyre comes to mind with the use of stormy/rainy/windy weather when Rochester declares his love to Jane.

  11. North of Need was amazing in the romantic way.. Storm Force had its romance but also you felt like you were there a lot more realistic with a little hot cabin fever.