Sneak Peek: Pirate’s Alley (and Weekly Winners!)

Happy Sunday!

It’s just another workday here, with three guest posts to write, this week’s blogs to do, a 64-page magazine to proofread within an inch of its life, and–oh yeah–a book to finish. Take out the weekly trash since we get pickup only once a week. Vacuum. Cook meals for week.

What a glamorous life. Not.

In other news, the blog tour for Chenoire ended on Friday; I’ll have the winners of that tour giveaway soon. AND the blog tour for LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP begins on Monday! Be sure to follow along; you can enter for the blog tour prizes at each stop along the way, and I’ll have bonus giveaways as well on spots with guest posts or interviews. Check in here each day for links.

[Remember that even if you hate the idea of serials, if you have a Kindle and go ahead and buy now to read later, you can still get it for $1.99. After episode eight releases on Feb. 18, the price will go up to $3.99 for Kindle. The print version will be out on May 13.]

BUT, I do have a little sneak peek for you today. Pirate’s Alley, Sentinels of New Orleans Book 4, will be out in November, according to Goodreads. It’s news to me, but that’s how I usually learn these things so it’s probably true.

And here we go!

The nausea-inducing odor of rotten eggs filled Eugenie’s living room. 

“Oh God, I’m gonna be sick.” My best friend raced down the hallway with a thunder of boot heels and her hand clapped over her mouth. Her face had turned sickly pale, with a greenish cast that clashed with her auburn hair.

Damn it. What was the point of being a hotshot wizard sentinel with mad elven fire skills if you couldn’t put those mad skills to good use? I’d spent the past five minutes contorted into the wizard version of a pretzel, trying to simultaneously press the starter switch and the gas release to ignite Eugenie’s propane log fireplace. To do it properly, I’d need the wingspan of a bald eagle and a healthy body. Thanks to a gunshot wound from an undead pirate, bruised ribs from an undead serial killer hired by elves, and short arms from my wizard family DNA, I had none of the above. 

Besides, who’d know if I cheated a little? 

Yep, I think Charlie’s about to make an appearance!

Now….did you win a book this week? If so, email me at with your pertinent info. And yep, I’m behind with mailings again. I seriously need someone local to help out with this since I’m currently working 85-90 hours a week.

BREANA M won the $5 Amazon GC for sharing a favorite comfort read; I’m compiling the answers from here and my survey on Facebook for a Friday column this week at Lady Scribes.

LAWONDER10 won Beneath the Surface by Miranda Rae Carter. This is for an ebook so I’ll need a preferred email address and format.

STEPH F won Heather McCollum’s Tangled Hearts (print or digital-your choice).

WANDA C won this week’s Readers Choice contest, and picked Burn for Me (Phoenix Fire #1) by Cynthia Eden. Choice of digital or print.

Remember that the Amber Belldene and Marsha A. Moore giveaways are part of the authors’ tours, so if you win those you’ll be notified via email by the tour organizer or the author.

See you tomorrow for a new Readers Choice contest!


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5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Pirate’s Alley (and Weekly Winners!)

  1. Speaking of Pirate’s Alley…. 🙂 I’ll be waiting for an email. Also, I have started three patrons on your series this week-score one for awesome librarians!

  2. The wingspan of a bald eagle, maybe Robin could help. Oh, wrong series, LOL. Charlie, haven’t seen him in awhile, will DJ ever get to know how to control? November is such a long way away. Love the sneak peak. Thanks.

  3. like Roger i think novemvber is so far away ( but that’s better than december^^) DJ want to make things easier…and thinking about charlie reallly? she want ti lit the fireplace or the saloon^^;;

    90h a week?! personnal assistant is becoming a must at that rythm please take care of yourself!