Weekly Poll: My Favorite Fictional Meal

Okay, foodies!

This week’s poll is about mealtime–fictional mealtime, that is. Think of some of your favorite books. Did they have great scenes set during a meal? I have a $5 Amazon GC (or Book Depo equivalent) for one participant today. Here are a few of my favorites. Vote for one of these, or suggest one of your own!

* From my own books, I do love the scene where DJ goes with Alex to his parents’ house for his mom’s birthday dinner, or the one where DJ’s pigging out on seafood and gets sick before she realizes she’s channeling Rene, but my favorite meal scene is still where DJ goes with Jean Lafitte back to 1850 New Orleans to eat at Antoine’s. Of course, the evening doesn’t end so well…

* How about in the Anita Blake series, where Anita and Jean Claude go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant? He can taste things she eats through their connection, and orders so much rich food she almost pops out of her dress.

* Well it’s sort of a meal scene….When Adam is badly hurt in wolf form and Mercy piles him in the back of Stefan’s van and takes him to Bran. She buys like two dozen hamburgers and feeds it to him so he won’t decide to eat her instead.

* What else? Weigh in! I’ll compile all the answers from here and from Facebook for Friday’s Lady Scribes column.

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40 thoughts on “Weekly Poll: My Favorite Fictional Meal

  1. Kim Harrison’s Hollows series had a coffee shop scene that was just great. Demons, witches, pixie and mayhem. I still go to my local coffee shop [Brewed Awakening] and order: Grande latte, 2X espresso, Italian blend, light froth, cinnamon & 1 shot of raspberry. Not a meal but a favorite scene.

  2. I enjoyed aNd googled each restaurant mentioned from Sid-mars to Antoine’s. I love that each place existed, that I can view it and virtually visit them. perhaps even go there! Outside of this series I liked the goofy research and “cooking” by Diane Bishop for her newly met Vampire friend Mathew in Discovery of Witches. The author, also a professor, writes a wine blog, so every one of the wines served is discussed with all those incomprehensible wine descriptions. (The vampire is wine collector.) I did read recently that the fruity, woody, chocolate, caramel etc descriptives of wine flavor tastes do exist, but just for a minority of the population. Pass the Asti, please.

    • I love that you looked up the restaurants! I’ve heard good things about Discovery of Witches. Of course I am a wine neanderthal (red, white) so maybe I’d learn something!

      • I think you would enjoy discovery, part two is out, final book out in mid-summer. Helps if you like an author who includes real places. (sound familiar). The book starts in the Bodlian Library at Oxford, with the sights and smells of an historic library. If I knew how to put authors together, I would have sent you Nalini Singh’s info..she was looking for a Cajun speaker to be sure she had correct phrasing. I assume you have some experience with that cajun research!
        She is another author with a similar literacy, historic facts and sweet stories on your level of writing talent.

  3. My favorite if from JR Ward’s “Lover Awakened.” Zadist heads into the dining room for first meal, but none of the other men (Butch, Wrath, Rhage) have eaten a thing. They’ve all got a serious case of the fidgets, drumming fingers, doing the tango under the table with their legs, because Bella has just gone into her needing period, and is sending off big waves of sex vapor to those poor males. The scene was LOL funny (chapter thirty, if you want to review), and remains my all-time favorite!

    • Oh, I love that scene too! There’s also a good one in the first book where Wrath invites Beth over for their first “date” dinner and it’s a disaster. Great scene, though, and their relationship takes a big step there.

  4. i loved the scene between Dj and Jean of course as well as the one between Adam and mercy but to give a little choice variation^^
    i love the time when Kate because she lost a bet is preparing a complete meal ( with raw steack but not only) for Curran and she even had to be in her undie to do that ( i can’t remember if she folowed that part of the bet) i really enjoyed to heras stresed ande as angry but trying to do her best…..for nothing because Curran got detained^^;;

    • Kate and Curren have added tension since there are deeper meanings to feeding or being fed among these shifters that Kate does no know exists. The authors are wonderful.

    • Ilona Andrews excels at writing pitch-perfect power struggles between Curran and Kate–they each get to win on occasion, and it really keeps the reader on the edge of her seat. I love the scene referenced by Miki. The book before that scene ended with Curran leaving Kate a note: “You owe me one naked dinner, but I’m not a complete beast, so you can wear a bra and panties if you so wish. The blue ones with the bow will do.” THAT’S how the book ended. LOL. Talk about a cliffhanger.

  5. I would say Rex Stout’s Too Many Cooks, which has a dinner competition of chefs serving world famous chefs as judges. The story has Nero Wolf, the gourmand and detective.

  6. Okay, you are probably going to think I’m weird but I like the scene in J R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood (can’t remember which book though) when the Lesser’s tick Rhage off and he turns into his dragon form and proceeds to eat the Lesser’s. Well, they deserved it!

  7. This isn’t really an eating scene, but there is a scene in Telempath, by Spider Robinson, that I love. Two characters are in a cave, thinking they are going to starve to death. They start talking about food, listing all the things they are going to miss eating. They go on and on, listing all kinds of food. Very hard to read without hitting the kitchen!

  8. There are a lot of good meal scenes in the JD Robb In Death series with Eve and Roarke. They have a lot of dinner parties and stuff.

    • How could you not have a great meal sitting across from Roarke? I need an Autochief that has all the wonderful meals prepared for you!

  9. In Dark Celebration,Raven wants a traditional Christmas dinner for all the humans, so each couple is cooking something for the meal. In one scene, the roast was so over cooked, that two of the men are tossing it like a football. Homemade bread is a disaster and mashed potatoes are flying all around. And in each scene, the Carpathian men don’t understand why their women who won’t be eating this meal are so upset. It is actually very funny.

    I love the scene were Anita is eating things she normally doesn’t like because Jean Claude wants to taste them again,

    Kate and Curran have several food scenes of interest. He offers her chicken soup and she doesn’t know the significance. She cooks a meal for him as the result of a lost bet and he doesn’t show up!

    DJ eating all the seafood is another great scene.

    • Another Christine Feehan vote! I need to give that series another try. I read the first one and loved the story but the head-hopping drove me nuts. Had the same problem with the Dark Hunter series from Sherrilyn Kenyon…which I also need to give another try. Sounds like a hilarious scene!

  10. Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series – Gin Blanco owns a restaurant and is a great cook and there are many scenes of meals she’s cooked and eaten with her friends and family. I always get so hungry reading those books.

    • Oh, I didn’t think of those. They’re fabulous! I always thought JK Rowling did a brilliant job of describing these dishes (often unusual ones) that sounded so amazing through Harry’s eyes, especially after he’d returned from an extended period of starvation with the Dursleys.

  11. One more series with meals..the Lydsay Sands Argeneau vampire series has the premise that vampires stop eating, often for hundreds of years but if the find a “life mate” they suddenly desire food again. Smoothies, burgers and such become blissful experiences.

    • You know, I have every one of those books and still haven’t had a chance to read them. I love the idea of the life mate being tied to the resumption of a desire for food!

  12. There is a scene in Chased by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon where Max and CeeCee are in the car driving. Max looked at CeeCee and she had the biggest organism without Max touching her. I love the conversation afterward when CeeCee finally got control of her senses.

  13. My favorites are the Christmas dinner preparation in Christine Feehan’s Dark Celebration and Diana Bishop cooking dinner for Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches.

  14. The first one that comes to mind is The Kitchen Table Outtake from Gabriel’s Rapture.
    She describes the meal… They began with black olive crostini and an arugula salad, followed by pasta with truffles and a side of fresh roasted porchetta. Their meal was a leisurely affair and when it was finished and they were sipping their wine, Julia’s eyes fixed on his.
    It gets really hot after that, lol.