Allegiance Cover Reveal…And Vote for Your Fave Couple?

Dum-da-dum-dum….Before the couple voting begins below, I wanted to take a quick moment to share the new cover for Allegiance (Penton Legacy 4)! This is Cage’s book and will be released on June 10. I went way outside the box on this one, so I’m anxious to see what people think (bites nails and wonders how she’ll wait until June).

Unfortunately, this spiffy new blog template apparently does not believe in art any larger than postage-stamp sized, so here’s the best I can do…Click on the little Cage and you can see the big Cage–LOL.


Also, I’m at the Darkest Cravings blog today, answering some kind of unusual questions that made me really think about what constitutes adult fiction. You can enter there for the Lovely, Dark, and Deep tour prizes as well, including a $50 gift card to your retailer of choice.

Okay, for the Fictional Couple Poll, and a chance for an Amazon or Book Depo gift card.

Every Friday, I post a “Top Five” list on the Lady Scribes blog, but here and on my Facebook page is where I collect votes, so weigh in!

 In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to vote for wed blog art-not sliderour favorite fictional couple. This was also spurred by last week’s JK Rowling interview wherein she admitted that Hermione and Ron probably shouldn’t have been a couple. It always was an odd pairing; I think Hermione would be extremely bored in the long run.

There are some couples I love, though. And some couples I want to see.

Cat and Bones (Jeaniene Frost). Well, they’re perfect, aren’t they? I mean, what’s NOT to like about Bones? Sometimes I think Cat doesn’t deserve him, but hey, that’s what romantic heroes are all about. We want them for ourselves.

 Zsadist and Bella (JR Ward). Sigh. I mean, Rhage could’ve done better; Mary’s kind of a mouse. Don’t EVEN get me started on how my man V got cheated. Phury always kinda bored me. Butch could’ve done better too. But JR Ward so got it right with both Wrath and Beth and with Z and Bella. Z’s story is just so compelling, though, and his journey was so huge.

 Rachel and Trent (Kim Harrison….Stop groaning, Roger!) I’ve been waiting for Rach and Trent Kalamack to get their big bad selves together for twelve freaking books now. Do it already; you owe us for the whole Kisten debacle. Dooooo iiiiiit….

 Sookie and Quinn (Charlaine Harris). Was it just me, or did anyone else like that big old tiger? He got such a quick heave-ho, it made me want to growl and claw somebody’s eyes out. Soo-kay, I’m lookin’ at you.

 Mercy and Adam (Patricia Briggs). Perfect, perfect, perfect. Adam is macho and pigheaded, but smart enough to admit it, and Mercy is intelligent and knows exactly how to handle Adam. They’re great together.

So there’s my five faves. What about you? Tell me your No. 1 favorite fictional couple—either one of these, or one from another series or book—and I’ll pick one commenter for a $5 Amazon gift card (or equivalent from Book Depo if international). Help your favorite make the top 5 on Friday’s post!

50 thoughts on “Allegiance Cover Reveal…And Vote for Your Fave Couple?

  1. Yes on Sookie and Quinn!!!!
    I was so angry at Sookie for how she treated Quinn it took me ages to pick up the next book in the series even though it was already in my tbr pile.

    And one of my favorite couples: Lucivar and Marian from Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series.

    On the cover: looks good, it fits with the other covers

  2. Mercy and Adam get my vote.
    Love that cover! I like faces (and eyes) on covers, I’m tired of buff half-naked men, especially when that is not how the character looks or dresses. (Off soapbox now).

  3. only one couple? arf oki Mercy and Adam then but in my top 5 they are also Cat & Bones ( so steamy), Kate and Curran, and yes Rachel and Trent..; after all we suffered they must go ( and stay together)……and….Dj….Jean ( snif yes i can imagine Dj Stealing him from me truth is so hard sometimes but at least he wouldn’t let her get bored^^)

    and yes Hermione should never have been a couple with Ron….hermione alll housewife and no job while she needs to study and create things… i never believed in them

  4. Cat & Bones are my favorite couple, followed closely by Kate & Curran and Mercy & Adam.

  5. Hmm…how ’bout Anita and Jean Claude…and Micah…and Nathaniel…and the Wicked Truth…and Nicky…and…
    (Notice how I managed to skip Richard? And oh, oops, Asher isn’t on my list, either.)

    • Oh, I should’ve thought of that. I agree on Anita and Jean-Claude and Anita/Micah/Nathaniel. Sigh. I wanted to like Richard. I liked Richard for the longest time but he finally just wore me out.

  6. Wow! I love that cover!! To be honest, my fav couple always seems to be the couple in the book that I am currently reading.Currently Will and Randa are my fav couple **LOL**. I do have to say though, that I’m REALLY fond of Charlie and Reyes from Darynda Jone’s series! Reyes is most definitely a hottie. Thanks for the contest my friend!!

  7. I love Zsadist and Bella–they are so perfect for each other. But, my super swoon couple (to second Barb P is Charlie and Reyes from Darynda Jones’ First Grave series. Who knew a Christian gal would swoon over the Son of Satan….he’s D-Lish.

  8. I haven’t had the chance to read most of those books but I agree with Zsadist and Bella as well as Sookie & Quinn. I really enjoyed Quinn in the Stackhouse novels which is funny because I have always been a big fan of vampires when they are in style & when they are not.

    • I usually like the vamps too, and I was all about Team Eric. But for some reason I just really liked Quinn (maybe it was the purple eyes) and wanted to see him get a little more time.

  9. Love the new cover! Since there are so many great couples in paranormal romance, it is hard to pick just one. I vote for Ash and Tory from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.

    • Ah, there’s another series I haven’t read (shameful, I know). I read the first one and, while I liked it, the “head-hopping” shifting point of view drove me crazy. Not sure if that continued through the rest of the series or not. I do have a pile of them in my TBR mountain.

  10. Love the cover! Really like the color. Kate and Curran, Mercy and Adam, Elena and Raphael (Guild Hunters series), Hannah and Jonah (Drake Sisters series), Eve and Roarke (In Death series) are probably my top five couples. And I agree with Rachael and Trent!

    • I liked the colors on this one too. You wouldn’t believe how many times we went back and forth on the guy. Cage has shoulder-length hair in the book, but he wears it tied back a lot. So we went round and round–long hair/tied-back hair/adjust the eye shade. I think in my first newsletter (I’m shooting for early March), I will put some of the rejects. And lots of great couples there!

  11. Love the cover! I’ll have to go with Mercy and Adam or Clay and Elena from Kelley Armstrongs Women of the Otherworld series.

  12. Love the cover, can’t wait to read it.
    Hehe, you have all the couples I’d pick. And yes please Ms. Harrison let Rachel and Trent get some lovin time soon. I also was hoping Sookie and Quinn would end up together, he got the shaft to quickly. The only couple I’d add is Kate and Curran. Love them as well.

    • I re-read the first Hollows book not too long ago, and it was funny…I’d forgotten how truly awful Trent was in the first couple of books. He still has his cluelessly awful moments, but a bit of humanity shines through now and then.

    • I also like Anna and Charles. Funny, because before Alpha and Omega came out, I hadn’t much liked Charles from our brief exposure to him in the Mercy series, but once we shifted to his POV in the other series, I really like him. And Anna’s an awesome character.

  13. Ooohh, that is tough. Don’t think I can call it between Rachel and Trent and Mercy and Adam. Can I give it as a tie?

    • See, I thought I was the only person who really wanted to see Rachel and Trent finally get it together. I just have a feeling it’s not going to end up that way, but maybe I’m wrong.